How to make money writing stories

How to make money writing stories

Would you love to get paid to write from home? This publication It’s a great place to start if you want to make some plus money from home by trying a new side hustle as a trabajo independiente writer.

Even better, you don’t have to be a professional trabajo independiente writer to apply to the sites listed in this articulo.

Have you ever imagined yourself as a published author writing the next blockbuster, how about a travel writer? If you loves write, this could be the perfect place for you.

Ways to earn money writing en línea?

Have you always thought that one day you would love to write a book? Well, how about a story or a poem? If that’s you, why not try writing for one of these sites and earn money at the same time? (Snap interested In Becoming a Professional Trabajo independiente Writer, find out how to start your own writing website.

It’s like an en línea CV to showcase your best work and attract potential clients.)

  • ThePeople’sFriend has kindly provided a consejo sheet on every type of piece they seek, from short stories to paperback novels.

    How much you’ll get paid to write for them depends on how long you’ve been writing for ThePeople’sFriend.

    New writers start at £80 but go up to £110 after 6 successful submissions.

    It costs £150 for each installment in a series.

    Paperback novels and “long reads”: £300.

    Poems – £15 per poem.

  • OneStory searches for literary fiction and accepts and pays for stories between 3,000 and 8,000 words.

    Payment: $500

  • Zizzle will pay you to write fiction that appeals to children ages 11 through adults.

    The story must be between 500 and 1,200 words long.

    Payment: $100 for each piece of flash fiction accepted.

  • The Arcanist will pay you to write micro stories.

    Payment: $10 per 100 words.

  • Craft publishes new and republished fiction, critical craft pieces, interviews, book annotations, and much more.

    Payment: They pay their authors $100 for original flash fiction and $200 for original short fiction.

  • TheSun Magazine seeks to pay writers for works of nonfiction, fiction, and poetry.

    Pay: Nonfiction – $300 to $2,000 Fiction – $300 to $2,000 Poetry – $100 to $250

make money writing stories

Asimov’s Science Fiction

Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine publishes science fiction stories.

They usually pay for stories that have between 1,000 and 20,000 words.

While poetry should not exceed 40 lines.

Pay: 8-10 cents per word for stories up to 7,500 words and 8 cents for each word over 7,500.

They pay $1 per line of poetry.

It is always a good iniciativa to turn to wattpad if you are looking for a good story and earn money with it.

Pays: $100–$300 for prose, $25–$250 for short stories, As a writer, you get a different kind of exhilaration and satisfaction when you connect with your readers through your stories.

With WattpadPaidStories, you perro get monetary support from your readers.

This feature allows your audience to espectáculo their support by paying to unlock parts as they advance or by purchasing access to the entire story.

For now, WattpadPaidStories is exclusive by invite only.

Wattpad’s editorial team curates destacable stories from a variety of genres.

They seek great commitment and creativity to make sure that the stories featured on this espectáculo are loved by viewers.


  • Storytelling – The ability to hook readers with your story and keep them motivated.
  • Quality: how you construct your sentences to convey your voice and storytelling.
  • Originality: your story must stand out for its unique and different concept.
  • Personality: Whether a writer cánido meet the demands of the espectáculo.
  • Market – With limited spaces available, there should be diversity among the content.
  • Community: You should have established your presence in the community.

The Wattpad team identifies the content they want to add to the espectáculo and contacts the writer.

Once the selected writer is on board, there are tons of resources to help writers improve their craft.

There are also coaches who guide the writer on this journey.

This feature was created to push original stories towards publishing and entertainment.

The entertainment industry is always looking for new and compelling stories and wattpad is a great resource for this type of content.

Wattpad’s team of editorial experts are looking for unique voices and great stories.

They look at things like vocabulary used, word usage, and sentence structure to determine if certain stories they possess afín traits to major stories in different genres.

This helps them find new stories with great potential for televisión, largo, publishing, and digital media partners.

Whether you want to write the next big blockbuster or become a published author, Wattpad Studio cánido help you connect with publishers and filmmakers.

Consistently articulo your story on Wattpad.

Help gain readership and exposure as you explore opportunities to have your work published or adapted.

As your following increases, so do your chances of being discovered by literary agents who cánido help you get job offers. publication off the shelf.

make money writing stories

Are you a passionate writer who wants to share your thoughts and stories with the whole world? Are you completely captivated by the words and cánido get lost in the world of literary fiction? If he answered yes, then you might want to know how to make money on Wattpad.

Words connect the writer with his readers.

Writers and readers alike want a platform that cánido help bring the two together.

Wattpad is designed for this purpose.

This free aplicación is a gigantic storytelling platform that allows writers to share their stories and readers to discover great reads.

If you haven’t heard of this platform yet, it’s time to know her better.

make money writing articles

there are many platforms in which your articles perro see the light, just look for a page or news channel if you are somewhat further academic or opinion, but if what you are looking for are articles on various topics, fiver may be your solution.

platforms to write

  • wattpad
  • quaara
  • uwork
  • fiver
  • Fb
  • craigslist

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 How to make money writing stories
  How to make money writing stories
  How to make money writing stories

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