How to make money without money? Ideas with 0

How to make money without money? Ideas with 0

It is possible that at this moment you find yourself with the need to earn a lot of money. Many people in this same situation invest money to generate more income, but what happens when you don’t have any money in your bank account? In this case you should not worry, because there are practical alternatives to make money.

In this article you will learn how to make money without money depending on the circumstances and the types of jobs you want to do. Go ahead, you will have many options to choose from.

How to make money without money to invest?

Although making money without money is possible, you should know that it is not as easy as many indicate, because you will have to contribute time, effort and your energy to achieve that financial freedom that you want so much.

From now on we will espectáculo you some options that you have at your disposal to make money without money to invest:

Create an y también-commerce business

Creating an y también-commerce business is based on being able to sell whatever, either having a product of your own or promoting articles and products of companies. you cánido sell in Amazon, on Shopify or on any of the platforms that work to sell.

Create websites or sales funnels

If you want a service business you perro create websites and sales funnels for earn money without quitting your job. You should know that this type of work requires a lot of creativity. You may need to offer low-cost services initially to get positive reviews.

Once you have generated some money by any of these means, do not try to spend it all at once, rather you perro save this money to create an investment fund for another bigger and more profitable business.

How to make money without money or work?

If you cánido’t get a job, it’s habitual for you to look for alternative options to make money. This is usually more necessary when you have family. In this sense The Internet has become the most suitable means to achieve this. Here are some recommendations to make money:

Sell ​​digital courses

Most successful entrepreneurs teach through en línea courses and earn money for it. To achieve this you do not have to be an expert, all you need is to be a few steps ahead of your audience, for this you must do in-depth research on a specific topic.

If you have little or no money, it is not advisable to use platforms, because you are only going to make you lose. The best in this case is cBuild your course on your own platform and promote digital webinars.

start your blog

You don’t need to be a professional to start a blog. However, you do need to know everything about this topic. You should know that it is likely that it will take a long time for you to achieve a large audience and therefore large profits, but little by little it will become a great form of income. The best thing is that you won’t have to work much.

How to Make Money Without Money Developing Surveys?

In recent years, new ways have appeared to earn money without money, from the comfort of home and best of all, many alternatives are easy to handle. Surveys have become a good option to earn money.

You should know that the surveys come from the areas of science and market research. These are used to let researchers and companies know your opinion about certain products and services.

In this type of work you will be askedquestions that you perro answer with a clic or by entering a text. The answers will be anonymous for the evaluation. The money earned from the surveys will be paid through a digital wallet.

You perro take surveys on different platforms, including Myiyo, ClixSense, GlobalTestMarket, Toluna, Ipsos, and MySurvey.

How to make money without money en línea?

The En línea medium has undoubtedly become the number one option for people to earn money without having money. Whether through PC, mobile or any other device, everyone has access to platforms that allow them to generate money from the comfort of their home.

Among the en línea work options you perro choose from are the following:

Graphic design

You perro offer graphic designer services on various platforms. There you will find people interested in paying for this type of work. If you don’t know anything about graphic design, don’t worry, in YouTube and Pinterest you cánido find many courses that will teach you to master this art.


If you consider yourself good at writing and you are interested in earning money for writing about different topics, writing is your ideal option to earn money en línea. Although this type of work is not easy, if it reports a lot of profits in an economic sense, It allows you to become independent and you will also have the opportunity to expand your knowledge.

How to Make Money without Money As a Community Manager?

A community manager is someone who gives voice to the brand in popular networks and that is in charge of interacting with the users. Therefore, it is responsible for achieving a good digital reputation.

Being a community manager allows you to earn money working from home. You cánido be hired by companies and perform tasks remotely. For this it is important to know how to manage en línea communities of companies.

You must have certain skills, which you cánido acquire by taking a course for community managers. If you do not give your clients the expected results, you will end up losing them, hence the importance of prepare yourself as best as possible.

How to make money without money in RRSS?

Popular networks are an excellent business opportunity due to the large number of users who participate in them. Many people think that the only option to earn money through these means is to be an influencer, but the reality is that there are many ways to generate income through popular media. Next we will indicate what they are:

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very fácil way to earn money en línea. This is basically a partnership between a company and a person (affiliate). The latter will have to perform the work of Promote the products so that they cánido be sold as soon as possible.

Promote your own products

If you have knowledge and experience in a specific topic, you perro create your own products to sell. Popular networks will be an excellent alternative to promote them. You perro also create a ebook or vídeo course and sell it to your audience.

How to make money without money with sales?

Sales have always been the first alternative that many people apply to earn money without money. To achieve this you cánido take advantage of different options that you have at your fingertips:

Sell ​​products on second-hand platforms

If you have clothes, books, shoes, furniture or any unused object, you cánido sell them. Sell ​​your clothes on Chicfy. You perro put your books on sale at Iberlibro or Amazon. You cánido too take advantage of platforms such as Vibbo, Wallapop or Milanuncios.

List your apartment on Airbnb or Wimdu

Hosting platforms allow Earn money through homesharing. For this you perro use the time that you will not be at home or if you have a free room to rent.

Sell ​​your photos en línea:

If you have many in your photo gallery professional looking photos, you cánido make a profit by selling them. For this you will use websites such as Twenty20, Fotolia, Shutterstock, DepositPhotos, Alamy and EyeEM.

How to make money without money as a freelancer?

Many people who want to earn money are recommended to work as a freelancer, but what is this type of work about? A trabajo independiente is a self-employed worker, his main activity is provide en línea services in exchange for financial remuneration.

To take the first steps in this world, we will espectáculo you which are the best En línea platforms to work as freelancing:

  • Freelancer: Its system allows you to register any type of job profile, with scores and exams to accredit the exposed capacities.

  • Cloud: Here you perro find different trabajo independiente jobs from creating web pages to translating texts in any language.

  • Fiverr: here you perro offer yourself to do any type of work, including: recording a vídeo, creating a song, writing a text, making a logotipo, etcétera.

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 How to make money without money?  Ideas with 0
  How to make money without money?  Ideas with 0
  How to make money without money?  Ideas with 0

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