How to make money with YouTube: 7 Strategies

How to make money with YouTube: 7 Strategies

How to earn money with YouTube? YouTube has become one of the best sources of passive income today, since unlike weblogs it is much easier to create content for this platform, especially now that you cánido monetize the Shorts and earn money with YouTube Reels.

How to earn money with YouTube?

Creating your YouTube channel is very easy and it’s also free, its potential is enormous and you’ll realize that later, but before you start you should ask yourself the following questions that will define the success of your channel:

  • Do I really want to make money with YouTube?
  • What do I have to give or teach others?
  • Am I passionate about what I do?
  • Am I willing to give 100% and be patient?

make money on youtube It’s easy as long as your answers have been “YES” to the four questions, because if you have nothing to give, you don’t like what you do and you’re not willing to give everything for what you supposedly like, then don’t expect to be successful. in Youtube.

If you look at the great YouTubers as “PlayGerman, Hi I am German, Luisito Communicates, Plug televisión, the child kingdom, Yuya, Vegeta 777, fernanfloo, badabun, the rubius, romuald fons, runbenguoamong others, you will see that they all have something in common, and it is the passion for what they do, it’s that fácil.

How much money perro you earn on YouTube

If we talk about how much you perro earn with the YouTube advertising The answer is highly variable, since everything will depend on the origin of the visits as well as the theme of the channel, if most of the visits come from the United States, if the channel is in English or Spanish, if the theme is from finance or entertainment, among others.

Taking all these factors into account, you perro earn an average of $50, $200, $300 or $500 per 100,000 views, this is to give you an iniciativa, that’s why it’s good to give the channel seriousness because advertisers choose channels of this type to advertise .

Popular Blade is a tool that you perro use to get an estimate of how much a YouTuber earns.

In this vídeo I espectáculo you how much you cánido earn on YouTube with a channel that has few visits.

Ways to make money on YouTube

Google plus Adsense advertising is not the only way to earn money with your channel, there are also other ways to earn income, let’s see 5 alternative ways to earn money with our YouTube channel.

  1. Income with affiliate marketing.
  2. Sponsorship of your YouTube channel.
  3. Crowdfunding on YouTube (Patreon).
  4. YouTube Memberships (Join Button).
  5. Sell ​​your own products and services.
  6. Monetization of your YouTube channel (Google plus Adsense).
  7. YouTube Shorts.

1 – Income with affiliate marketing

When we talk about “affiliate marketing» we refer to the commission for the sale of a product, companies such as AliExpress just to cite an example, we get paid to sell their products, our channel cánido be a powerful medium to promote those products.

There are companies that pay from 3% to 40% commission per sale, in the sale of a single product you perro earn up to $300 dollars, which is not bad, just imagine if you have one of those products and make 2 or 3 sales per month, and this is added to the advertising of the channel, you will see that it is worth it.

There are many companies that pay you to promote their services, you just have to make a list of each of them and work with those that are related to the theme of your channel and that’s it, it’s that easy.

2 – Sponsorship of your YouTube channel

This is the way in which you cánido take advantage of your channel, only not all the themes apply here, you have to have a serious and authoritative channel to get sponsors who want to work with you.

3 – Crowdfunding on YouTube (Patreon)

Patreon It is a highly recommended alternative that you perro use without problems, it is a platform where users support the content creator, you cánido entrar the page of Patreon and register.

You should know that when you register you perro choose two options to access the platform:

As creators: these are the authors and creators of content (of all kinds).As patrons: these are the entusiastas who follow the creators and want to support them.

Through the Patreon platform, entusiastas cánido have privileged access to the content that creators provide for their disposal, to which only they have access, all this in exchange for a payment for every certain time (monthly) made through Patreon. .

The good thing is that you perro establish access levels, this is if you want to equipo different privileges for those who collaborate with different amounts.

4 – YouTube Memberships (Join Button)

YouTube has implemented a new monetization button that allows its content creators a different or alternative way to monetize their channel or earn income through followers.

5 – Sell your own products and services

If you are a lawyer or you work in real estate, you cánido offer your services through YouTube, this is a direct way to get passive income on the internet, you perro also prepare some kind of course on what you know and sell it.

The good thing is that you cánido implement all these methods at the same time to monetize your channel, the only limit is equipo by you, now you cánido see the potential that YouTube has and how much money cánido be earned with it.

6 – Monetize your YouTube channel (Google plus Adsense).

That depends, if you start to earn money with Google plus Adsense you have to be over 18 years old, that’s the first thing, second you have to meet the requirements that YouTube has to monetize the channel which are the following:

  • Have 1,000 Subscribers
  • Have 4,000 hours of viewing in the last 12 months

This is the number of subscribers you need to start making money with YouTube and the number of viewing hours. If you do not meet these requirements, you cannot monetize your youtube channel.

But if you work with affiliates and the other ways mentioned, there is no starting point to define the income that perro be generated with your channel.

In this vídeo I espectáculo you a trick to get 1,000 followers fast on YouTube.

7 – Earn money with YouTube Shorts

Now you perro make money with youtube shorts and thus monetize your YouTube Reels, from February 1 of this year 2023 you cánido monetize your short vídeos and earn money.

Recommendations to earn money with YouTube

No business starts generating money overnight, do not be fooled by those who sell you dreams on the internet promising that you will get rich overnight. It doesn’t matter if you are from México, Colombia, Argentina, Spain, Peru, Chile either USAYouTube is available for all countries.

Remember that the phrase “passive income” It does not orinan that you do not have to make an effort or do anything to earn money, at first you must work very hard and above all be persevering and consistent, many fail because of this, because they get discouraged and stop.

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 How to make money with YouTube: 7 Strategies
  How to make money with YouTube: 7 Strategies
  How to make money with YouTube: 7 Strategies

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