How to Make Money with PropellerAds – $100

How to Make Money with PropellerAds – $100

How to Earn Money with PropellerAds. propellerads It is a very good alternative to Google plus Adsense if you have good traffic, since many people who monetize your blog They are always looking for new monetization options.

What is PropellerAds and how does it work?

Propeller Ads is a advertising network Operating since 2011 and offering a variety of ad formats for both desktop and mobile, it is a very good alternative to Google plus Adsense.

In order to place advertisements In your Propellerads blog you just have to entrar its official page and register, once registered you add your website and you perro place the ads on your website.

Propeller Ads Ad Formats

  • Native Banner
  • Push Notifications
  • Onclick (Popunder)
  • interstitial
  • Direct backlink (Direct ads)

Unfortunately, the Banner format is only available for websites that have more than 10,000 unique visits, so if your blog is new or you don’t have that amount of daily visits, you won’t be able to use this type of advertising format, which is the most recommended.

Propeller Ads Main Features

  • Assessment: Good
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, ePayments, Payoneer, Skrill EUR and Webmoney Z
  • Paydays: weekly and monthly
  • Withdrawal Minimum: $5 dollar
  • Language: Spanish, English, Italian, French, Portuguese and others
  • Referral system: Yes, 5% of your referrals
  • It works for all countries: Yeah

PropellerAds Paid (Proof of Payment)

At the moment Propeller Ads is paying to all its users, when you receive my pay I myself will upload my proof of paymentthey take about three days to make the payment after you request it.

Before requesting your payment you have to verify your account, you have to send them an correo electrónico with a photo of your personal identity from both sides, if you do not verify your account you may have problems withdrawing your money.

How to Earn Money with PropellerAds

To earn money with this advertising network, all you have to have is a blog that receives many visits, you cánido create a blog and position it, remember that the key to earning money is visits.

Propellerads vs. Adsense

We all know that the best company to monetize a blog is google plus adsensebut if we have a blog and we want to monetize it with one of these two companies, we must take into account some important points.

He minimum payment of Google plus Adsense is $100 dollars however the withdrawal minimum of Propeller Ads is only $5 dollars, another point is that Google plus does not accept all types of websites, but Propeller does.

I think these are the two most important points to know, we have already evaluated which one we want to work with and which one gives us the best benefits.

Propellerads Scam or is it Real

Many people think that Google plus Adsense is the only company that exists to monetize a blog, in reality there are many but when we talk about the safest and the ones that pay the most, it takes first place.

Sometimes the lack of information leads us to think that, but I confirm that Propeller Ads is not scam and it is 100% real, you cánido work with this platform safely and without fear since it is not Propeller Ads, it is not scam.

Propellerads Reviews

The good thing about the company is that we cánido easily reach the minimum withdrawal and we perro verify with our own experience that the platform does pay and that we cánido earn money with our blog.

If you have any questions about how to make money with Propeller Ads, I espectáculo you in the vídeo how to create your account, add your blog and how to place the ad code, it is a company that I recommend and that you cánido start working with today.

Propellerads Vídeo Tutorial

Sign up for Propeller Ads

Alternatives to PropellerAds

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 How to Make Money with PropellerAds – $100
  How to Make Money with PropellerAds – $100
  How to Make Money with PropellerAds – $100

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