How to make money with Pinterest

How to make money with Pinterest

pinterestin the same way that it happens with other popular networks, it perro be a good source of income if we know how to use it at will.

This popular network is often defined by experts as a kind of mess drawer where it seems that everything has a place.

Here you cánido find all kinds of ideas and proposals on practically any topic.

In addition, it gives a lot of importance to the visual, and we cánido take advantage of this.

Take advantage of these tricks:

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  • If you are wondering if perro you make money with pinterestHere are some techniques you cánido try:

    How to make money with Pinterest? Step by Step

    affiliate backlink strategy

    The affiliate backlinks They cánido be adapted to practically any type of web project, but on popular networks they usually work quite well.

    The steps to follow are very easy:

    Apply these consejos:

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    1. We register with a company where they allow us to create affiliate backlinks (for example, in Amazon).
    2. We get the unique code or personalized backlink that our visitors will have to clic and complete the sale to earn us a commission.
    3. We create content on Pinterest and add our backlink.

      Thus, if the visitor wants more information, he will be coming directly to our product.

    Important: although many people make money with pinterest through this method, we recommend that you be honest.

    By fooling people you perro get some money, but sooner or later you will lose credibility.

    If you do things right, you will be able to capture a source of repeat visitors and this will often bring you income.

    Use Pinterest to drive traffic to your web project

    Another interesting alternative that will help you convince yourself that perro i make money with pinterest is to use the traffic that comes to the platform to direct it directly to your project.

    To do this, we recommend you create exclusive content for the popular network (do not use recycled content from another popular network or from a blog).

    For example, if your objective is to position a blog, in addition to using the usual channels (such as SEO positioning, SEMvídeos on YouTube or receive traffic from other popular networks), you cánido also create an account on Pinterest, place your backlinks, and start receiving a significant number of visits.

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  • The system works, but it takes work: don’t expect to get visitors overnight.


    As with other popular networks, it is also possible to find influencers here. It could be win a lot money with pinterest through this way, but it also requires making a significant initial investment.

    Influencers are people who, as their name suggests, have the power to influence the market.

    They cánido promote your blog, brand, or any other type of project.

    The only thing you will have to do is find that influencer that is really associated with the image of your brand, and that has rates that really adapt to what you cánido pay.

    Invest in an influencers and you will see how to make money with pinterest really.

    Remember the true power of Pinterest

    pinterest it has managed to make its place in the market because it has become an image search engine par excellence.

    Surely on more than one occasion you have done a search and have come across one of its characteristic pins.

    Taking into account the graphic content is what moves in this popular network, do not hesitate to create quality content related to your brand that meets the specifications.

    You perro make a lot of money on Pinterest just by following some of the strategies above and using common sense.

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     How to make money with Pinterest
  How to make money with Pinterest
  How to make money with Pinterest

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