How to make money with Patreon

How to make money with Patreon

Patreon is a web platform specialized in the crowdfunding formatwhich allows, through a monthly subscription, fanes to support the work of content creators.

This is usually a fairly low payment, although there are also other payment models where, for example, followers pay for the creation of new content.

If you are interested in this platform and you are wondering how to earn money with Patreon you should know that monthly contributions perro guarantee stable income as long as the community of followers is large enough.

If you want to receive support through paid subscriptions, then Patreon is right for you.

How Patreon works to earn money

If you are a content creator who wants generate income with Patreon, the first thing you should do is equipo up your page on the site where subscribers cánido register to pay and learn about the terms offered.

Another way to earn money with this website is through sponsors committed to work with the content creator.

In addition, Patreon offers you the option to create well-known funding goals.

In this way, if you are a creator you perro establish a fixed sum of money above which, you perro offer additional content of whatever you genera, for example:

  • Podcast episodes.
  • Songs.
  • designs.
  • Questions and answers with followers.
  • Recommendations.

Content creators don’t have to stick to just one business model, they perro also mezcle the different forms of monetization as they wish.

In this way, each Patreon usuario perro choose, based on his tastes, how much the content that is available to him is worth.

Who is recommended to use Patreon?

Content creators when they are starting have the same problem as many independent workers, and it is that they will not always have enough work.

Platforms like Patreon cánido help enormously by offering a whole system with tools to monetize.

It is for this reason that this platform is recommended for any artist or content creator who cánido offer a quality product and have an established community of followers or habitual promotion channels.

Therefore, if you are one of these, then take advantage of the Patreon platform just like people from areas such as:

  • Graphic design.
  • Comedy.
  • Podcast.
  • Music.
  • Gaming.
  • Make-up.
  • Showbiz.
  • Cinema.
  • Fashion.
  • Photography.
  • Illustration.
  • Literature.

How to make money on Patreon

There are different ways to earn money on Patreon, in this list we have compiled all the possible ones:

  1. monthly subscriptions: Sponsors pay a monthly amount in support of the creator and their content.
  2. Membership levels– Creators offer different membership levels, each with different benefits for backers.
  3. exclusive content: Creators offer exclusive content such as vídeos, photos, articles, podcasts, and other content only to their patrons.
  4. early access– Backers get early access to content before it’s released publicly.
  5. merchandise discounts– Backers cánido receive exclusive discounts on creator merchandise and merchandise.
  6. exclusive events– Sponsors cánido be invited to exclusive events, such as virtual meetups, live streams, or workshops.
  7. one-time donations– Backers perro make additional one-time donations to support the creator.
  8. custom commissions– Backers may have the option to commission custom commissions from the creator, such as drawings, paintings, or other creations.
  9. Affiliate and referral backlinks– Creators cánido earn commissions by promoting affiliate products or services, or by using referral backlinks.
  10. corporate sponsors: Creators perro partner with brands or companies that want to support their work and promote their products or services.

Payments on Patreon: how much do you earn and how do you pay?

It is difficult to establish a definitive answer to the question of how much you cánido earn on Patreon, since the income largely depend on the type of content being produced, the size and engagement of the audience, and the price of membership levels.

However, to give you an iniciativa of ​​the income ranges some creators have experienced on the platform, here are some examples.

  • He musician Peter Hollenswho started using Patreon in 2013, has earned more than $30,000 per month through the platform, thanks to its large seguidor base and the offer of exclusive rewards, such as behind-the-scenes vídeos and exclusive song downloads.
  • the illustrator Amanda Palmer has won over $100,000 per month on Patreon.

    Palmer has been a usuario of the platform since 2015 and has established membership levels ranging from $1 to $1,000 per month, with rewards ranging from early access to new songs to private Q&A sessions with her.

  • The podcast «Chapo Trap House» is one of the most destacable examples of Patreon success in the podcasting space.

    The espectáculo has reached over 30,000 followers on the platform and has earned revenue of over $140,000 per month.

    In return, they offer their entusiastas exclusive access to plus episodes, merchandise, and live streams.

  • The media artist Amanda LeeAlso known as “Miss Muffcake,” she offers art tutorials and advice on her creative process to her followers on Patreon.

    With over 5,000 followers on the platform, Amanda has earned an income of over $9000 per month through the offer of membership levels ranging from $1 to $50 per month.

How Patreon pays

In order to make it easier for everyone to pay for subscriptions, Patreon has different payment methods both sponsors and users.

So that they perro easily pay content creators.

Here are the methods you perro use to subscribe:

  • Credit card.
  • PayPal.
  • Apple Pay.
  • Bank Accounts.

How much does Patreon pay

Patreon payments are subject to a commission system which depends on three plans, these are:

  1. Lite plan: You pay 5% of your monthly income to the platform.

    For example, if you have $1,000 would be $50. This price covers your Patreon page and all the communication tools you perro use.

    You are also eligible for Patreon workshops.

  2. Pro plan: You pay 8% to Patreon, but you will get fadditional anointings like fast customer support, analytics, and promotional tools.
  3. Premium plan: Patreon will get the 12% of your monthly earnings.

    In exchange, you will have a partner managermerchandising options and equipment accounts.

When does Patreon pay

The days to request the payment is the first of every month and it will be from that day that Patreon processes the payments.

Regarding your income and how long it will take to reach your account, this process consists of between 1 and 5 business days.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Patreon

Patreon’s digital platform offers a variety of benefits which includes everyone, not just creators.

This is why earning money with Patreon has a series of advantages, of which the main ones are:


  • The platform cánido provide a stable source of income, only if you keep constantly updating.
  • It offers the perfect interfaz to have a close contact with the followers.
  • Patreon allows you to have the space to create your community of loyal fanes.
  • Thanks to the income from the content, the creator has the security of guaranteeing that his work has continuity.
  • It is the best solution for receive money from your users periodically.
  • Rewards may vary according to the Patreon plan you have chosen.
  • Contains a wide variety of content for users to choose.
  • The cost is not too highmaking it easy for users to afford.
  • The creators cánido have various payment options with different prices.


It seems that everything is beneficial for you and you perro build a community of followers loyal to your content to earn money, but are there any disadvantages? Yes there is, we mention some points below:

  • If you have sponsors who pay, or have already paid in advance, then you must deliver content without errors or changes.
  • you must have one large community to make it profitable.
  • You must have a external promotion channel and offer free content, which means more effort and work.
  • Due to discussions about data protection and other regulations, not always 100% sure use it permanently.
  • If Patreon is your main source of income, they depend on regulations that are allowed in the US.
  • Subscribers perro stop paying if your exclusive content stops mattering to them, causing revenue to drop.

What is needed to open a Patreon?

To get started on Patreon you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Sign up: go to Patreon website and clic the “Create” button in the top right corner of the page.

    Entrar your correo electrónico address and create a password for your account.

  2. Create your Patreon page: Once you’re logged in, you’ll be prompted to create your Patreon page.

    This will include information about you, your content, and the different membership levels you will offer to your sponsors.

  3. Equipo your membership levels: Choose the different membership levels that you will offer to your sponsors, as well as the benefits associated with each level.
  4. Personalize your page: Customize the appearance of your Patreon page with your logotipo, banner, and other graphics.
  5. Promote your page: Share your Patreon page on your popular networks and with your followers to attract sponsors and increase your seguidor base.
  6. Offer exclusive content: As you attract sponsors, be sure to offer exclusive content to keep your sponsors engaged and motivated to support you.
  7. Manage your page: Use Patreon’s tools to manage your patrons, billing and payments, as well as track your Page’s performance.

Patreon opinions: is it worth it to earn money?

Patreon is considered one of the best alternatives to onlyfans, and this consideration has been earned for something.

The answer of whether it is worth it or not, depends heavily on the creator and their seguidor base.

For some creators, Patreon perro be a significant source of income, while for others, it may not be as effective.

It is important to note that not all creators will find success on Patreon.

To be effective, creators must have a strong base of engaged followers and be willing to offer exclusive content or additional perks for their backers.

Besides, It is important to note that Patreon takes a commission from backers’ paymentswhich perro affect the total amount of revenue a creator receives.

Another aspecto to consider is that the creators they must put in the time and effort to manage their Patreon page and deliver high-quality content to their sponsors.

If the creator cánido’t keep a regular posting schedule or doesn’t deliver high-quality content, they may have a hard time keeping their sponsors.

Frequently asked questions about making money with Patreon

Some of the most frequent questions answered below:

What types of content perro I offer on Patreon to earn money?

You cánido offer different types of content on Patreon, such as vídeos, music, podcasts, comics, illustrations, photos, stories, games and more.

The important thing is that it is exclusive or additional content that only your patrons cánido access through your Patreon page.

How do I promote my Patreon account to attract patrons?

You perro promote your Patreon account through your popular networks, website, blog, YouTube channel and other means of communication.

Create attractive content and espectáculo your followers the exclusive benefits that you will offer to your sponsors.

What commission does Patreon charge for sponsor payments?

Patreon charges a commission from 5% to 12% for each payment from sponsors, depending on the membership plan you choose and other factors such as payment processing and tax administration.

What are the best practices to keep my sponsors engaged and motivated to support me?

Offers exclusive benefits, create content regularly, respond to comments from your sponsors and maintain close communication with them.

You cánido also offer special incentives and promotions for long-term backers.

Cánido I use Patreon to monetize my podcast, blog, or YouTube channel?

Yes, you perro use Patreon to monetize your podcast, blog or YouTube channel, as long as you offer exclusive or additional content to your sponsors.

Perro I withdraw my earnings from Patreon at any time and how are payments made?

Yeah, you perro withdraw your earnings from Patreon at any time.

Payments are made through bank transfers or PayPal, depending on your choice and the country in which you are.

How cánido I prevent copyright or intellectual property infringement in my Patreon content?

Be sure to create and publish only content that is original or with the explicit permission of the owner of copyright.

You cánido also use en línea services that help detect afín content on the web and ensure that you are not infringing on the copyrights of others.

What happens if my sponsors cancel their payments?

If a sponsor cancels your payment, will no longer have access to the exclusive benefits you offered on Patreon for that membership level.

There may also be a decrease in your Patreon income, but you cánido always work on attracting new backers to replace those that have cancelled.

Cánido I use Patreon as my only source of income or do I have to mezcle it with other ways to earn money?

While Patreon cánido be a significant source of income, is not always a guarantee of financial stability.

Therefore, it is advisable to mezcle Patreon, for example you cánido make money with other popular networks.

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 How to make money with Patreon
  How to make money with Patreon
  How to make money with Patreon

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