How to make money with drones: 7 ways to

How to make money with drones: 7 ways to

have you ever wondered how to make money with drones? Well, here and today I am going to present you several ways that we have to earn money with drones.

If you have come this far, it is possibly because you have a drone and you want to take advantage of it.

Well, you have come to the right place, here we are going to espectáculo you how to make money with drones.

Although it seems that there are not many ways to take advantage of our devices, there are.

Only by adding imagination to the thing will you be able to get a plus a month or if you want and you are good at it, you cánido dedicate yourself to it professionally.

In case you didn’t know, and to get your mouth started, tell you that the world market for civil use last year moved 6,000 million dollars.

It is estimated that its use may be already generating business opportunities for a value of more than 127,000 million dollars.

I’m sure you’ve already seen many flying drones And not just in recreational mode.

It is habitual, its use is already widespread in agriculture, audiovisual or geomatics.

Little by little its use is spreading in other areas such as security or logistics.

What are drones?

Drones are vehicles that are controlled by remote control, which use the turning force of their motors attached to the propellers to rise.

They may receive the name of quadcopters, sexacopters or octacoptersdepending on whether they have 4,6 or 8 propellers.

Although we may think that drones are something new and that they emerged recently, but it is not true.

The first models cánido be traced back to the 20s, yes, with very different design and control possibilities, surely we would never have thought of it when we see flying drones.

Technology has made materials increasingly lighter, as well as the miniaturization of components.

All this means that we have many features in such small devices.

How to fly a drone?

The correct question would be, is it necessary to have some kind of title to fly a dorne? Well, if it’s a recreational drone, and especially if it weighs less than 250 grams, no.

If you want to be a professional drone pilot, having your own drone to be able to carry out any of the jobs that I expose here, yes, it is necessary.

The first step is to have the appropriate training to be able to fly drones.

You must choose an official course approved by the State Aviation Safety Agency.

This course will allow us to obtain the Official Civil Aviation Certificate, which is an essential requirement to be able to fly a drone professionally.

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This official AESA certificate will allow you to fly RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems), also known as drones up to 25 kg.

Depending on their weight (5 kg, 25 kg, 150 kg) there are different types of drones, for which different licenses are required.

In these courses we will have to pass a theoretical training and a practical training.

Regardless of the weight of the drone, whether it is used recreationally or professionally, the drone must have an identification plate.

This identification plate must bear the name of the manufacturer, the model and the serial number.

It must also bear the name and phone or correo electrónico of the pilotin case of loss or accident, contact him.

What jobs perro be done with a drone?

And here we come to the heart of the matter, how to make money with drones.

Drones are becoming habitual and frecuente in our lives, and the market is growing a lot, thanks to the rapid innovation in the technology of these devices.

People buy drones, learn to fly them, just by putting “drone vídeos“Hundreds of vídeos will appear on YouTube.

Most of these vídeos, like the vídeos Drones Rafa Ocon They are recreational drones, but they perro be used in many more fields than the recreational one.

Here I present a summary with some fácil but quite interesting ways to earn money flying drones.

keep this in mind

You must know the legislation on drones in your country.

For some of the options that I present here (if not all), you will have to have a pilot’s license and follow the laws of your country.

Agriculture and Livestock

The forest industry, agriculture and livestock they are a good way to earn money with your drone.

Current drones have advanced technology and large cameras that we perro use on farms to monitor the harvest, the heads of cattle, the spread of fertilizers, etcétera.

The possibilities in agriculture are endless and only end in the farmer’s imagination.

Or the drone pilot.

For example, some of the tasks to be carried out within this field are based on obtaining data through the technology provided by drones.

Regarding livestock, say that drones perro be used as the typical “shepherd dogs”, that is, to be able to control cattle through these devices.

This cánido provide the farmer or extensive livestock companies with accurate control of the position of their animals.

You perro work with extensive livestock companies, veterinary companies, insurance companies and companies dedicated to research and development of drone technology.

Cleaning and vertical works

Another campo where the use of drones is possible (even recommended) is in the cleaning and rope access campo.

In high-rise infrastructures, they cánido avoid dangerous and expensive jobs, providing safety and agility.

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sports coverage

Rent your drone to cover sports events It’s a good iniciativa, since sporting events of any level are present throughout the world.

The only thing that would have to be done is to contact the organizers of sporting events locally and offer them your services.

Who wouldn’t want to record their habitual career in their town or city? This option, like other types of sporting events, could be an option for make money with your drone.

Coverage for weddings, baptisms and communions

Immortalizing a beautiful family moment is something we all want.

Currently all self-respecting photographic studios must have an aerial photography department, and what better than with a drone.

People are more than willing to pay a little more to cover their event with a drone to get some inolvidable photos to savor later with their family and friends.

Also, you always look better if you hire a drone pilot to take your pictures.

Vigilance and security

In the field of security and surveillance, the use of drones cánido be a good way to have everything under control.

Currently, drones piloted by the state security forces and bodies are already being seen monitoring traffic, or in the times of confinement by Covid-19, monitoring that people were inside their homes.

The flying drones They cánido also be very useful for private surveillance, to monitor the perimeter of industrial buildings, land, etcétera.

Their zoom, thermal and audiovisual cameras cánido help a lot in this regard.


Parcel companies want to exploit the iniciativa of ​​delivering packages with the help of drones.

Amazon is one of the pioneering companies in the use of drones for package delivery.

In 2016 it made its first air delivery to the home of a UK resident under the service “Prime Air“.

However, the delivery of parcels with drones imposes new challenges such as government restrictions and regulations and the fact that drones cannot travel more than a certain kilometers from their operator (this distance varies depending on the country).

It surely will not happen a long time in which deliveries in the same city or in remote rural areas (farms, mountains) perro be delivered with one of these devices.

Make vídeos and upload them to popular networks

If you don’t want to buy a more professional drone, but you are good at taking pictures and you live in a cool place with great landscapes, you perro make money on Internet with your drone.

You simply have to go out and fly your drone in landscapes that you think are beautiful and that people may be interested in.

Then with those vídeos you cánido make a YouTube channel or upload them to instagram.

If you have a large following on popular networks, you cánido monetize these vídeos through advertising.

How to make money with drones?: final conclusions

As you perro see, there are many new jobs that cánido be done with drones.

If you like this world or you have a drone, you perro get money from it, as well as enjoy flying it.

If, in addition, you are lucky enough to have beautiful landscapes in your town, all the better.

If, on the contrary, you don’t have a job and you need a new profession, being a drone pilot is a profession with a future, surely in a few years many more pilots will be needed than at present, so it perro become a good professional output.

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 How to make money with drones: 7 ways to
  How to make money with drones: 7 ways to
  How to make money with drones: 7 ways to

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