How to make money with ChatGPT: 15 ways

How to make money with ChatGPT: 15 ways

ChatGPT is a high-quality language model developed by OpenAI, which has become a very habitual tool for those looking for quick and accurate answers to their questions.

But did you know that you perro also earn money with ChatGPT? In this article, we will explain how you perro do it.

15 best ways to earn money with ChatGPT

An updated list with all the most common methods to generate income:


Content Writing Services

The first way is to offer content writing services.

Marketing teams are always looking for writers who perro deliver high quality content quickly.

If you have writing skills, you perro earn good money through content writing.

ChatGPT perro help you speed up the typing process so you perro take on more work.

You perro use tools like WriteSonic, which mezcle the power of ChatGPT with AI images and personalized prompts.

You could say that it is an “all in one”.

Perro start charging between $0.05 and $0.5 per word for basic content, depending on your experience.

You perro also charge more if you include SEO in your content writing package.



Another way to earn money is through copywriting.

If you don’t enjoy writing long content like blog posts and eBooks, but you love write captivating posts, advertisements and viral publicaciones de Twitter, using the different popular networks, then copywriting is for you.

With ChatGPT you cánido earn more money for fewer words.

If you have a knack for using emotions but aren’t sure how to play with words, ChatGPT cánido help.

The price of basic copywriting (advertising, popular media content, sales page content) ranges from $50 to $500, and around $1000 for website content writing.


Correo electrónico Marketing Services

He 64.1% of small businesses use correo electrónico marketing, since it is the third marketing medium with the highest return on investment.

However, many businesses struggle to convert correo electrónico visitors into sales.

If you have skills in writing compelling subject lines and dirección de correo electrónico content, you cánido help them improve their conversion rate.

The most common types of dirección de correo electrónico marketing They include newsletters, retention and promotional correos electrónicos.

Are you new to this? Don’t worry.

You perro take advantage of ChatGPT technology to help you in the entire dirección de correo electrónico marketing process and earn more money.

The average price for newsletters cánido start from $50 a month for small correo electrónico lists and go up to $200 a month for larger correo electrónico lists.

You cánido charge more for promotional and transactional correos electrónicos.


Editing and paraphrasing services

The demand for publishers is on the rise with the constant production of content.

It is important to ensure that the content is accurate, clear and easy to read.

This is where publishers come in.

Much of this content is also being reused.

For example, a artículo cánido be repurposed in a Twitter thread, a LinkedIn articulo, and an Instagram carousel.

To reuse content effectively, paraphrasing skills are essential.

Pricing for basic editing services cánido range from $0.01 to $0.03 per word, and paraphrasing perro range from $0.01 to $0.10 per word.


Sell unique digital artwork

Who doesn’t love having a unique and customizable illustration in their living room? The illustrations do not end there.

The companies use them in their brand design, people print them on their coffee mugst-shirts and much more.

You cánido monetize your illustrations in several ways, such as:

  • Sell ​​them on print-on-demand sites like Printify and RedBubble.
  • Sell ​​them on marketplaces like Creative Market, GraphicRiver, and Envato Elements.
  • Sell ​​them on Etsy as wall hanging prints.


Write and sell comics

In the same way that you cánido create illustrations, you perro do it with comics.

You would have to mezcle ChatGPT with some AI that makes images, for example MidJourney.

They’ve done it before and it’s for saleand you perro do it.

When it’s ready you cánido sell it on platforms like Amazon and Gumroad.


Create coloring or painting books

Coloring and painting books, mostly habitual for children, have taken on an adult trend in recent years.

They are used as stress relievers after a long day at work..

Among all of them, the mandala books coloring pages are very well received.

You perro create them using tools like ChatGPT and MidJourney, or complejo turístico to all-in-one tools like WriteSonic.

Once you have created them, you cánido sell these books on platforms such as Amazon, Gumroad, Etsy, Sellfy, among others.


Become a teacher and tutor en línea

Teachers and teachers have a lot to do besides teach.

They have to review assignments, score tests, create lesson plans and curriculum materials.

You perro ease the workload a bit by helping them with administrative tasks and earn some money.

Even if you’re not a subject matter or lesson planning expert, technologies like ChatGPT perro help you master these tasks in no time.


Create a cooking recipe blog

This is one of the easiest ways to earn money with ChatGPT.

You need to create a website and start writing about recipes.

Don’t you know about cooking? Do not have recipes worthy of sharing on the blog?

Only ask ChatGPT.

It is that fácil! But since ChatGPT is only updated with information up to 2021, it might give you old recipes.

You perro use ChatSonic, which has directly connected data from Google plus, with more up-to-date recipes.


Book reviews

Do you love to read? Are you a bookworm who eats, breathes and lives by books?

Even if you are a seasonal reader, the book reviews are a great way to earn money with ChatGPT.

You just need to choose a book, read it and write a short review.

Use ChatGPT to refine the review and articulo it on your book blog.

But, if it’s too much work to read each book to make a summary or review, you cánido directly ask ChatGPT to do it for you.

Create a book blog and increase the number of visitors to earn money with Google plus AdSense.

Repurpose your book review into a Youtube vídeo or on Instagram with 30-second vídeos and build an audience.

You perro monetize your vídeos over time and also earn brand sponsorships.


Write music lyrics

Have you ever listened to the lyrics of a song and realized the depth of emotions? If you cánido write afín letters and make money with them, don’t think twice!

To start, just entrar your ideas and thoughts in ChatGPT and wait for it to generate song lyric suggestions.

You perro editar and adjust the lyrics of the song according to your preferences and style.

Once you’ve written your lyrics, you cánido search for musicians, producers or artists interested in collaborating with you to create a complete song.

Another option is to sell the lyrics through websites that specialize in selling song lyrics.

Remember that even though AI perro help you write song lyrics, you still need to have creative and lyrical skills to create lyrics that resonate with audiences and musicians.

AI is a powerful tool, but you still need to put your own personal touch to stand out.

Some sites to sell your lyrics They are: Songbay, LyricFind, Songtradr or Music Xray.


Create scripts for Youtube vídeos

There are 51 million YouTube channels created, which means that there are 51 million opportunities to write vídeo scripts.

Many established YouTube channels they choose to hire freelancers to write the scripts for their vídeos.

You perro write scripts for YouTube vídeos using ChatGPT.

In most cases, YouTubers provide you with a general iniciativa to help you develop a detailed script.

To take advantage of it, you perro make money on fiverr offering your script creation services.


Create aplicaciones and tools

you perro use the ChatGPT API for building aplicaciones and tools that perro help users in different tasks, such as automatic text generation, language translation, mathematical problem solving, paraphrasing, text summary, word count, among others.

You perro sell these aplicaciones and tools en línea and generate income.


Create customer service chatbots

You cánido use ChatGPT to create customer support chatbots that perro respond to customer questions and help them in their buying process.

You cánido offer these services to companies and charge for them.


Create Short Stories on Kindle Vella

Amazon allows you to sell very short stories on its “Kindle Vella” platform, for this, the AI ​​of ChatGPT.

In the following vídeo, Romuald Fons explains step by step how to do it:

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 How to make money with ChatGPT: 15 ways
  How to make money with ChatGPT: 15 ways
  How to make money with ChatGPT: 15 ways

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