How to make money with Beruby (My 6 tricks

How to make money with Beruby (My 6 tricks

How many times have you bought or paid for something en línea in the last few months? And if I tell you that there is a web page that returns part of the money from your purchasesand they also pay you for the purchases of your friends?

That page exists, and it’s called Beruby.

Perhaps you have heard of it before because it is one of the platforms for cash back most habitual that exist right now in Spanish.

That’s why I’m going to teach you here how to make money with Berubyhow it works, and my 6 favorite tricks to generate profit with it without having to spend a single penny on purchases.

What will you find in this article?

How does it work Beruby?

Beruby is a web page that mainly allows you earn money with your purchases made through its en línea platform; but you cánido also receive earnings for completing fácil tasks like answer surveys or visit web pages.

It is available in 12 different countries: SpainPortugal, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, United States, Brazil, Chile, México and Colombia.

Earning money with Beruby is quite fácil: At the top you cánido see its 5 sections that are home, shopping, travel, coupons and offers.

Each of them offers different ways of earn money through cash back (refund of money).

These sections contain more than 700 stores associated with Beruby (such as Adidas, Booking, Telepizza, Expedia, etcétera.) and are available on the platform so that you perro buy from them.

Beruby’s operation is quite fácil: every time you buy in one of these stores, you will receive a percentage of money in your cómputo The amount will depend on the amount you spend on a purchase.

In this way, Beruby works as an intermediary between the usuario and the store.

When a person buys through their platform, the partner store pays Beruby a commission, and they in turn they pay you a percentage of that commission for your purchase.

For example: on Groupon, Beruby will give you back 16% of your purchases.

So if you place an order of 37 euros there, when your purchase is confirmed they will return 5.92 euros, which is 16% of that purchase.

However, at Beruby you cánido not only earn money for making purchases. You also have offers and tasks sections that you perro complete (visits to other web pages, search, fill out surveys, watch vídeos, referrals) to generate earnings.

You cánido find these options in the section “Offers”.

They vary daily, so one day you may have the task available to perform searches and another day you may conduct surveys.

You also have the “Coupons” section, which are discount vouchers in specific stores.

Something you should keep in mind is that in Beruby there are two types of cómputos: the cómputo to be confirmed and the verified cómputo.

The cómputo to be confirmed is the one that you get once you have made a purchase.

The company notifies Beruby that you have carried out an operation and they credit you with money.

You cannot withdraw this amount until it is verified.

The verified cómputo is presented when Beruby has already confirmed the veracity of your purchase and that all the parameters are correct. You cánido withdraw this money.

There is no reduction or commission for going from unconfirmed to verified cómputo.

You cánido withdraw your earnings by bank transfer or through Paypal.

In this way, Beruby is presented as a great alternative for generate plus income per month, especially if you make regular purchases en línea.

As check in in Beruby

1. Entrar your website

Registering in Beruby is free and it won’t take you more than 2 minutes to do it.

The first thing you should do is entrar their website.

Clic on the following backlink that I leave here, and when you register in Beruby will give you 1 dollar or 1 euro so that you start earning money with them.

2. Write your dirección de correo electrónico and your name

Once you have clicked on the above backlink, you will go directly to the Beruby website to register.

In the new window you must fill in the requested spaces with your data: your name, your dirección de correo electrónico, and your password.

Clic on the three boxes below as I espectáculo you in the following image, and then Clic on the green “OK” button.

3. Add your extension

If you like to make purchases en línea and want to make the most of Beruby, the option to add your google chrome extension so you start buying cheaper.

This extension alerts you every time you entrar an en línea store which is associated with Beruby, so you make your purchases from its platform and earn money.

4. check your account

At the end of the registration, you will be redirected to another page that tells you that they have sent a confirmation message, and that you must verify your account to be able to visualize all the sections of the page.

If not you have received an dirección de correo electrónicoyou cánido request a new one in the option “Have you not received any dirección de correo electrónico?”.

You will receive a message like the one below, you just have to clic the green “Confirm” button and your account will be confirmed.

5. Start earning money!

Now you cánido entrar the Beruby platform as a verified usuario to start earning.

Here you cánido see how the usuario interfaz changes when you are already registered.

You have on the right side the account options with two values, the number of guests and the amount of money available.

In the following points I will espectáculo you everything you need to know to start earn money with Beruby.

As earn money with Beruby buying

Beruby is associated with many en línea stores.

You just have to entrar Beruby with your dirección de correo electrónico and password, search for the store where you want to buy, and visit it through the Beruby backlink so that the cash back cash in your account.

He cash back is the return of part of the money What did you spend on your purchase?

Companies pay Beruby a commission each time a usuario makes a purchase from their platform, and they give you a part of said commission.

It is a methodology that is also used by some credit cards to encourage their users to make purchases with their cards at affiliated establishments.

The difference is that in Beruby you have a wide selection of en línea stores.

When you entrar a section, you will see all the stores where you cánido buy and the return percentage that they will give you for each purchase.

In addition, it espectáculos you how long it will take for that money to appear in your account.

If you are a regular en línea shopper, you will be able to get the most out of Beruby.

For example, here I entered the “Shopping” section and chose see all stores.

You have the option to choose which category of stores you want to see.

By choosing a store and clicking the button “More information”, It will direct you to another page where you will see the specifications of the offers.

You cánido see in more detail how much will be the cashback percentageconditions that apply and the currency in which the money is returned.

Also, you perro meet the last payday they have had and the number of days to claim the cashback in case it does not arrive in 2-3 days.

It is very important that check the conditions of each store and the information available.

You must choose the products that the cashback conditions approve so that the return percentage is met.

In the same way, the purchase must be made directly on the page of the company that is being promoted, so you have to Press the “Visit” button to go there.

If you visit that en línea store from another backlink (for example, by searching on Google plus or typing the address directly into your browser), then Beruby will not pay you the commission of your purchase.

When you make the purchase through the Beruby backlink, this is recorded in the Beruby portal, and after the days you indicate, normally 2-3 days, the amount will be credited to you.

For example, here I visited a product from the AliExpress store.

This smartwatch retails for $110.88.

The amount of cashback that indicates Beruby is 4.80% based on price.

Therefore, would be $5.32 that they would have to return to the usuario who buys this product with Beruby.

As make money with Beruby doing surveys

Beruby has a survey section among their ways of earning money, but not everyone knows how to take advantage of them.

This is because the usuario will not see them directly in “Offers” or “Coupons”. but should search your internal correo for invitations to fill out surveys.

To find this section of messages, you just have to Go to the top right of the Beruby interfaz.

There you will find a correo icon that I point out in the image below.

You perro also press your avatar and a drop-down menu will open with different options, among which will be “My messages”.

As soon as a survey is available, you will see it in the “Surveys” section of your message box.

If you don’t want to check it constantly, you cánido turn on notifications to notify you by dirección de correo electrónico.

These surveys belong to Tolunawhich offers many opportunities to earn money thanks to its wide range of surveys.

For completing each of them they will pay you between $0.5 to $1 (or €0.5 to €1).

In my experience using this way of earning money, I was able to complete my first $10 to collect them through Paypal.

Later I will talk to you in more detail about the minimum cómputo to withdraw and the payment methods that Beruby has.

As make money with Beruby inviting friends

Like any page to make money, Beruby has a referral system.

It emplees a two-tier referral strategy.

That is, you cánido earn money for the people you invite, and for the users your referrals invite.

For each task that the referrals you have do, you will be obtaining up to 50% of your income. This is not bad at all.

In order to invite people, you need to go to the invite option located under your avatar.

There it will appear how many people have registered Thanks to you, and if you clic on it, you will go to the section where you cánido see your direct and indirect guests in more detail.

These indirect guests would come to be the guests of your guests: your second level referrals.

you will also find an “Invite” sectionwhere you will have several methods at your disposal to get referrals, such as popular networks, a personal backlink and advertising material to be posted on your blog or website.

You should keep in mind that income from referrals only will be counted based on the tasks of “Offers” you have made, otherwise it will not be taken as income.

For your direct referrals who complete tasks in the Offers section, you will get 50% of their profits, and 25% for the guests of the second level.

From time to time promotions appear to earn more money for your referrals and for their purchases.

It is a very good opportunity if we take into account the huge amount of people who surf the internet and would like to earn plus money for shopping and completing easy tasks.

I recommend you get the most out of this strategy as Beruby offers a relatively high percentage.

As make money with Beruby visiting web pages

One of the methods to earn money without having to buy is through visit different web pages through the Beruby platform.

You perro find this section in the Offers menu, option “Visit”, as shown in the image below:

As Beruby has thousands and thousands of active users around the world, many companies that want to make themselves known, promote their websites on this platform for users to visit and earn money for it.

You cánido see that, as in the Purchases part, the name of the company and how much will you pay for the visit.

It also espectáculos you how long the money will be credited.

You must meet the conditions that they indicate in each ad so that the money perro be credited to your account.

Because this section is constantly updated, it is necessary to visit it periodically to earn money, as the promotions normally last 2 days and after that they change.

In one day, it is habitual for you to find an average of 10 ads at $0.01 or euros each.

You perro also find higher value pages from time to time.

As make money with Beruby using yahoo

This is one of the most used methods by Beruby users to increase their earnings.

Although it is not a lot of money, at the end of the month it does help somewhat.

Yahoo is a search engine that many years ago was very important, becoming the most habitual of the internet in its prime. Today it has been displaced by Google plus.

However, stay in the game to stay as a professional and recognized search engineand therefore must be constantly promoted.

In Beruby, you cánido find it in the section Offers – Visit.

The way to earn money with this search engine is very fácil.

As you cánido see in the image below, just by searching through the Yahoo search engine you will be credited $0.01 for the first 10 searches What do you do in one day?

You get paid to search any term or concern you have, just as you do with other search engines.

And not only that, they pay you more if in your searches you press the sponsored resultswhich are those that eventually appear within a square.

In general terms, the money that is obtained varies by the relevance and sponsored backlinks that you perro find in each search, being able to generate daily up to $0.30.

As save money with Beruby with its coupon section

In addition to refunding your money for your en línea purchases, Beruby gives you the option of save money with your coupons. This section perro be found in the main menu, option “Coupons”.

Offers many daily discounts from recognized companies.

Like the Shopping section, it is divided into several categories to find discounts on what you you wish.

To use the coupons you must do the following: first, you must entrar one of the companies that have coupons available, for example Travelocity.

When visiting its page with more information, you simply have to scroll down to where it says “Travelocity Coupons”.

It espectáculos you the coupons and what they offer you.

We perro see that in this case it only has a coupon that offers a 10% discount at selected hotels using the code TRAVELOCITYSAVE10.

you just have to copy the code that you find in Beruby and paste it in the purchase once you are about to finish it.

With this you will save the coupon money, but they will not credit you with cashback, since one of the conditions is that the return percentage is not applicable with coupons or discount vouchers.

It is the same theme with all coupons or vouchers.

Remember that these vary constantly, so you should review it from time to time because you could find good offers and save good money.

As withdraw your winnings by Beruby

To withdraw your money from Beruby you must have at least 10 dollars or 10 euro of confirmed cómputo in your cómputo to withdraw them.

You just have to clic on the “My cómputo” menu, then on “Request payment”, and then choose your payment method to withdraw your winnings from Beruby.

Something you should know beforehand is that companies they are taking between 2 to 3 months to verify your payment.

This is because that is the time when Beruby gets paid.

What this means is that your money will appear for 2 months in the “To be confirmed” status before going to “Cómputo confirmed”.

This is because it is a security process established by Beruby and affiliated companies to ensure that all users are receiving their cashback legally.

Therefore, your commissions or money it will be reflected in your account in 2 or 3 days after after the activity has been carried out, appearing as a cómputo to be confirmed.

Some visit fees appear instantly, while purchases may take a few days.

After 2 to 3 months, that cómputo to be confirmed will become confirmed cómputowhich you perro withdraw.

So don’t worry, after that time your money is confirmed, you cánido remove it without any problem.

It is very important that read the terms and conditions well of each offer.

I mention this to you because the companies send the cashback amount to your “To be confirmed” cómputo, and there they begin to verify if you have done everything correctly.

In case you have made a mistake, that money will be deducted from your cómputo.

To avoid problems and inconvenience I recommend pay close attention to what you do.

Beruby has two payment methods: wire transfer (limited only to residents of Spain) and through Paypalwhich is available for all countries.

The first thing you should do is complete personal data from your account.

This section is found when you press the usuario icon at the top right of the page.

When you press it, it will redirect you to write basic information such as name, surname, dirección de correo electrónico, date of birth, gender.

In addition, you will have to complete the information to receive charges.

That’s where you put your bank account or your Paypal account.

After filling out and saving this information, you cánido go to the “My Cómputo” part, option “Request payment”. From here you perro withdraw the money you have as confirmed cómputo.

Remember that in order to withdraw your winnings you must have a minimum cómputo of 10 dollars or 10 euros confirmed.

If you don’t have them, you won’t be able to withdraw your money until you reach that amount.

If, on the other hand, you do have the minimum required, the Paypal option will be enabled automatically.

And just by pressing the icon, writing the amount to withdraw and your Beruby password, your money will be in your account in a maximum of 2-3 days.

If after these three days you have not received your money, you cánido contact them to solve your problem.

Your customer service is very effective. You perro communicate by correo electrónico, phone or go to their office if you are in Spain.

My recomendation is use Paypalsince you could incur a bank commission for receiving through bank transfer.

These are all the ways you cánido make money with Beruby.

Mezcle them and create a strategy that helps you generate recurring income.

By themselves the tasks and the cashback don’t look like much benefit, maybe it could just make some plus money.

But if you use the affiliate system, you will see that revenue increases exponentially.

invite your friends and to all lovers of purchases to form your affiliate network, is one of the main objectives of Beruby.

If you like the platform, the ideal would be to keep it among the bookmarks, or even as a home page for searches.

In this way you get used to doing your tasks and buying through the interfaz, and in less than you think, you will be withdrawing a good amount of money.

There are many ways to earn money fast and easybut if buying is your thing, don’t miss out on the opportunity it gives you Beruby to generate a good income.

Which of these ways do you think is the best to earn money with Beruby? Tell me in the comments below!

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 How to make money with Beruby (My 6 tricks
  How to make money with Beruby (My 6 tricks
  How to make money with Beruby (My 6 tricks

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