How to make money with art

How to make money with art

Thanks to advances in AI, we now have machines that cánido do jobs that previously required human intelligence and judgment. Recently, artificial intelligence has been used to genera works of art, and some of the results espectáculo an inventiveness comparable to that of human artists. Now more people than ever perro explore the possibility of making a living selling artwork created with AI.

In this Gigonway guide, we will explore the best tools out there right now that you cánido use to generate art with Artificial Intelligence, how it perro be marketed in the sale of print and digital products, collaboration with galleries and auction houses, etcétera. We’ll also discuss the potential of AI-created artwork in advertising and brand recognition. Finally, we will discuss some of the ethical and legal issues that arise when trying to sell art created by artificial intelligence.

We hope that when you finish, you have a clear iniciativa of ​​the possibilities that artificial intelligence offers to generate art automatically, and what are your best options to do it and generate your profits.

The best programa to generate art by AI

Let’s start with the existing programa that you cánido use to create your images. They are en línea and some are also available for download. The list is not ordered from best to but or vice versa, however, we must say that the best is undoubtedly MidJourney.


The highest quality, power and beauty.

Accessible vía bots on Discord.

MidJourney is another very habitual AI art generator and which is giving a lot of talk recently, since due to its incredible results, there are many designers who believe that their work is in danger of extinction, and it is not for less.

You will be surprised once inside. We invite you to see what others have produced with it before joining the community.

MidJourney, has won an art contest by easily beating real artists. whatDo not you believe it? Read this article, which has been circulating in the international news for some time.

You haven’t seen anything with the level of depth and quality that MidJourney photos have. It is not the typical program of «AI perro create art«. On the contrary, it cánido genera works of art that are indistinguishable from the works of a genuine artist.

My experience with MidJourney

In order to use MidJourney you must enroll in the beta program. The beta version is currently available on a Discord server.

You must register on this Discord server in order to genera photos with MidJourney.

Just clic on «Join the beta» on their website to get started. You perro easily open a Discord account if you don’t already have one.

Anyway, I was able to join the Discord server in less than a minute.

You must entrar one of the rooms that begins with “newbies» to generate an image with MidJourney. Next, you must send a message that begins with /imagine and contains your contribution.

Let’s see what MidJourney produces with our prompt: rabbit wearing aviators animal mascot, sports team logotipo, clean design, neon colors, in the style of a tattoo design, epic Instagram, artstation, graphic art, sticker art, epic 4k shirt design graphic, no image noise, no lettering

In my opinion,these results are fantastic! The one on the bottom right, in especial, looks as cool as it is dangerous.

MidJourney returns four output photos, like many other utilities on this list.

By the way, MidJourney may be the best option if you want to genera photorealistic photos. You would be amazed at the quality of the photos if you just looked at the Discord channels.

Also, looking at the work of other users is a great way to get ideas about the kind of retroalimentación you should give the tool to genera amazing results. Also, in MidJourney Showcase you cánido see the most remarkable creations and the prompt that brought them to life.

The results are spectacular

Key elements

  • It emplees a fácil command and a text indicator to generate images.
  • Currently, you cánido use the beta version of the tool using Discord bots.
  • Using the demo version is easy. You only have to entrar a small amount of text.
  • You perro use the free trial version to test the power of AI art.


MidJourney puts at your disposal various types of subscriptions which you perro learn about here.

2.Jasper Art

You cánido make your words visual with Jasper Art. This programa emplees cutting-edge artificial intelligence image generation techniques to create unique digital artworks from your imagination.

You cánido quickly try various artistic techniques with Jasper Art and see which ones you like best. You have to be creative with your suggestions if you want to get anything close to a reasonable result out of this artificial intelligence imager.

One thing, however, cannot be denied. Simply put, Jasper is easy to handle. You may already know how useful it is Jasper AI as a writing assistant. (You read well; Jasper perro use AI to generate entire blog posts for you). Similarly, Jasper Art is a good example. You just have to register and start making your own photos. Making digital art will take you a few seconds at most.

Imagine anything and Jasper Art perro create it: cartoonish photographs, photorealistic landscapes, or anything in between. You just have to entrar text in the tool and it will take care of the rest.

When you’re tired of using the same old depósito photos for your blog posts, Jasper Art is there to save the day. To understand Jasper Art you don’t need weblogs or articles. If you want, you cánido do print-on-demand t-shirt prints.

Personal reflections on Jasper Art

Jasper Art programa is very easy to use. Once you’ve signed in, you’ll be sent to the Art view, where you’ll be asked to detalla an image. In addition, you cánido change aspects such as the settings of «inspiration«, «Medium” and “Mood«.

Create images with an intuitive input editor from Jasper Art.

With the prompt , by the way, purchased from Promptbase «rabbit wearing aviators animal mascot, sports team logotipo, clean design, neon colors, in the style of a tattoo design, epic Instagram, artstation, graphic art, sticker art, epic 4k shirt design graphic, no image noise, no lettering» We will see what the AI ​​throws at us.

These are the results:

Play around with the filters on the left.

In one word,not bad! Producing those photos took me a couple of seconds. And, despite my best efforts, I’ve found that my design talents will never allow me to create illustrations up to the estándares presented here, even if they look somewhat basic.

Anyway, let’s move on to discuss the highlights of Jasper Art.

Important features

  • Eliminates the need for any photoshop knowledge by having the AI ​​create images from scratch based on the text you provide.
  • Allows the creation of images to be used in languages ​​other than English.
  • If you have any problems using the aplicación, there is a chat feature for help.
  • You cánido use Jasper to create artwork based on pre-built newsroom templates.
  • You perro use Jasper’s writing assistance to write articles for your blog, popular media profiles, etcétera.


Jasper’s pricing starts at $20/month. There is a trial version for 5 days, but you must entrar a valid card.

3. Photo GoArt

To create NFT art from images, the best.

An excellent AI image generator for making NFT art is Photo GoArt. You don’t need any technical or design knowledge to use Fotor. It is very easy for beginners to start to use it.

Your ideas cánido be quickly translated into digital art using Fotor’s AI art generator. As for the technical aspects of the process, you should not worry. There are more than 10,000 templates available. You’re sure to find a template to suit your project with so many available.

The NFT component is Fotor’s strong point. After creating a masterpiece, export the NFT and start selling it on the NFT markets.

What I found with Fotor GoArt

Fotor is a superior image-to-image generator. The concept is that you provide an image, and Fotor AI creates an artistic version of it, like an advanced Photoshop filter. Let’s see it with an image:

As you perro see, a filter is applied, which you perro find on the left
This is the result. Try adjusting the intensity under the photo

It is interesting to do very fast and very specific things, like converting a photo to the impressionist style.

Fotor also has an AI image generator, which you cánido find here, let’s see what it cánido do with our prompt: rabbit wearing aviators animal mascot, sports team logotipo, clean design, neon colors, in the style of a tattoo design, epic Instagram, artstation, graphic art, sticker art, epic 4k shirt design graphic, no image noise, no lettering.

You will see that the free photos produced by Fotor have a watermark added. You need to sign up for a paid plan in order to get rid of this.

Regardless of the watermark, you cánido get a pretty good iniciativa of ​​how the product works without paying for it.

Although Fotor GoArt advertises itself as a source of NFTs, I disagree. It’s not just a wonderful NFT image generator, it’s a great overall art generator. NFTs are not unique in any way. An NFT cánido be any digital work, such as a picture, movie, song, or other. So when you think about this instrument, don’t let it mislead you.

Anyway, let’s take a closer look at the main features of this tool.

Key elements

  • Use AI to improve or completely change your photos.
  • One-clic enhancement to genera high-quality photos.
  • Abilities to remove the background. For some NFT projects, for example, this is useful.
  • Use splashes of color to draw attention to the colors in your photos.


Unfortunately you must entrar a valid credit/debit card in order to use the 3 day trial period, They will not charge you anything, but you must be careful to cancel the subscription if you do not want to continue. This is a great way to try out the tool before thinking about buying it.

You have the option to subscribe to one of three payment plans:

  • basic: $0 per month
  • Pro: $8.99 per month
  • Pro+:$19.99 per month for


The best for its easy access.

NightCafe is one of the most habitual AI art generators on the market. The tool is said to have more art generation algorithms and features than other AI art generators.

Just like Jasper Art, or any other art generator on this list, NightCafe is extremely easy to use. There is a free trial version that you perro use without registering or entering your credit card details. All you have to do is head over to their website and entrar some text based on your imagination. Then you have to wait a maximum of 30 seconds and you will have a work of art in front of you.

Look at the image above. I have generated it for this article. I entered “storm over a large city” into the tool and this was the result.

Like other tools on this list, the art generated is unique and original. State-of-the-art AI algorithms are capable of producing this type of digital art from scratch to best match the entered text. Thus, all the art that you generate with this tool is something that no one has seen before.

NightCafe has a credit system for creating digital art. The more credits you have, the more images you perro generate. You cánido earn credits by participating in the community. It is also possible to buy credits.

My experience with NightCafe

Unlike Jasper, Night Café allows you to try their solution for free. I think this is great because you cánido be sure of the quality before investing in the tool.

With that said, let’s test the tool with the same input: “T-shirt design: rabbit wearing aviators animal mascot, sports team logotipo, clean design, neon colors, in the style of a tattoo design, epic Instagram, artstation, graphic art, sticker art, epic 4k shirt design graphic, no image noise, no lettering«. You have to choose the graphics engine first, between Stable, Dalle, Coherent, Artistic and Syle Transfer.

Here is the result:

I think the result is interesting. Again, this is something I probably couldn’t create myself and would have to hire an artist or designer for.

Like Jasper, NightCafe cánido generate a single result or a maximum of 4.

NightCafe also gives you the option to buy impressions, share, evolve, improve or duplicate the pieces you generate with it. Here is a page that the tool generates for you:

Speaking of evolving the build, let’s evolve the photo above a generation to see what happens. I have chosen the “anime” style. This is the result:

whatWhat do you think? The tool has just created a second generation of the image I produced earlier. You perro do the same for free with different genres and settings. You perro even modify the advanced settings if you feel like it.

main features

Some of NightCafe’s most destacable features include:

  • Get ownership of the art you’ve generated.
  • Multiple AI algorithms that no other tool has.
  • Advanced usage control.
  • System to earn credits.
  • Helpful community and popular features.
  • Vídeo generation tools.
  • Purchase a printed version of your artwork.


You perro try NightCafe for free.

NightCafe AI art generation is done with credits. You perro buy credits in four different lots:

  • AI Hobbyist: $9.99/mo for 100 credits/mo
  • AI Enthusiast: $19.99/mo for 250 credits/mo
  • AI Artist: $49.99/mo for 700 credits/mo
  • AI Professional: $79.99/mo for 1,500 credits/mo

5. Deep Dream Generator

Ideal for various forms of art.

The Deep Dream project, created by Google plus developer Alexander Mordvintsev, is one of the most innovative AI art generators. With this program, you perro quickly genera AI generated digital art.

Deep Dream creates visuals from existing photos using neural networks. The program emplees sophisticated algorithms and AI approaches to train itself on millions and millions of photos in order for this methodology to work.

Using the tool is easy. You have three modes: Text 2 Dream, Deep Style, Deep Dream. Then you entrar your prompt to the program. The programa will provide you with an output image after a short delay. Let’s see what it does with our prompt in Text 2 Dream mode:

In Deep Style mode, you must upload a photo or image, then choose the filter, just like in Fotor:


Let’s see the Deep Dream mode, it also asks us to upload an image:

It seems that it makes a fusión with other elements and pretends to be a dream in truth.

Digital art creation is the main use of Deep Dream. This is due to the tool’s ability to use AI to create various painting styles from various places and times.

My experience with Deep Dream

The iniciativa is fácil:

  • Select and add an image.
  • Escoge the style of exit.
  • Let the tool generate the result in a minute or two.
  • Vea and delight.

Key elements

  • Modern AI techniques perro create realistic graphics from input photos.
  • Access a powerful AI tool that has been educated by millions of photos.
  • a variety of art forms to genera visuals.
  • There are three main paint styles to choose from.


As you might expect, creating an image with AI requires a lot of computing work. For this reason, Deep Dream Generator has developed three power plans that you perro use to create images:

  • Tier A: $19 per month
  • Expert: $39 per month
  • Plus: $99 per month

Depending on the AI ​​model you choose and the number of photos you want to genera, power consumption will vary. On the subscription options page, you perro read a full summary of energy consumption.

6. Stable Diffusion

Best for picture-to-picture art.

With a fácil text message, I am able to generate realistic AI images.

Stable Diffusion emplees the latest advances in AI technology to turn text into images. This AI art generator is created by an AI company called Stability AI.

This tool is one of the newest AI art generators on the market. The tool is totally free and perro generate amazing quality images.

You cánido try the tool in the browser version very easily. Just open their web page and generate an image. In addition, the license allows commercial and non-commercial use of the tool at no cost.

Stability AI offers two AI art generators:

Warning: If you use the demo versions, it may take up to a minute to generate the images. This is because there is a queue and computational power limitations for the demo versions. For example, to genera the images of the four monkeys above, I had to wait several seconds because of the queue.

My experience with Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is the underlying AI model used by many of the tools on this list.

There are some demo versions where you perro try this algorithm for free without having to have technical knowledge.

Here there is one free demo of Stable Diffusion by Huggingface.

To generate images with this demo, all you have to do is entrar a prompt in the tool.

Once again, I will use my «rabbit wearing aviators animal mascot, sports team logotipo, clean design, neon colors, in the style of a tattoo design, epic Instagram, artstation, graphic art, sticker art, epic 4k shirt design graphic, no image noise, no lettering«. Let’s see what happens:

Good! I think the results are impressive

By the way, one of the disadvantages of a free demo like this is that other people are using it at the same time. This perro ocasione delays and frustration. For example, I tried the Stable Diffusion Image-to-Image Generator demo and waited 30 minutes with no results.

main features

  • Text to image conversion
  • Generator image to image
  • Easy to use
  • There’s a lot demo versions free.
  • incredible results
  • Easy to develop. You perro equipo up your own Stable Diffusion demo with a minimum of hassle.


Stable Diffusion AI Art Generator is free to use.

Also, if you are technically savvy, you perro easily create a private demo of Stable Diffusion.


Best for bloggers and content creators.

Photosonic is an AI art generator that turns your imagination into digital art. The tool is extensive and there are two ways to generate images:

  • Entering a text describing the digital art you want to create.
  • Converting an existing image to an AI art image.

Photosonic supports a lot of art styles. This means that you are sure to find the best style of art for your projects. You perro create both photorealistic images and cartoonish images from the deepest corner of your imagination.

Photosonic is a versatile AI art generator. You cánido control the quality, style, and diversity of the output image.

One of the coolest features is the ability to turn an image into a painting.

My experience with Photosonic

Photosonic is an AI art generator from a habitual AI writing service, called Writesonic.

To use the tool, you have to register. But you don’t have to sign up for a paid plan before trying the tool, which I think is great. You shouldn’t have to spend a penny before you’re sure of quality.

Anyway, you know what’s coming next. Let’s test the tool with my input: «rabbit wearing aviators animal mascot, sports team logotipo, clean design, neon colors, in the style of a tattoo design, epic Instagram, artstation, graphic art, sticker art, epic 4k shirt design graphic, no image noise, no lettering«.

Here are the results:

These are regularly good. I think they both have a type aspect «stickers» and one could easily think that this is something designed by a hired artist on Fiverr.

After generating the images, you have the option to enhance them. For example, here is an improved version of the image on the right.

I think it works very well for a logotipo

Next, let’s take a look at the key features of Photosonic. Main Features

  • Multiple artistic styles to choose from.
  • Turn images into paintings.
  • Text to image conversion using AI algorithms.
  • Image-to-image capabilities.
  • Usuario friendly interfaz.
  • Free trial (registration required).
  • Image enhancement capability to increase the size of generated images.


There are three plans:

  1. Free trial: $0/month
  2. Basic: $10/month
  3. Unlimited: $25/month

8.DALL-Y también 2

Most effective for producing photorealistic images.

DALL-Y también 2 is an AI image generator that allows you to create any kind of digital art as well as realistic photos. This tool is now general access.

The same company that produced GPT-3one of the best natural language processing models, OpenAI developed DALL-Y también 2, an AI image generation model.

DALL-Y también 2 cánido be used to design products, genera graphics and even come up with new business conceptssays OpenAI.

It is very fácil to use this image model. With it, anyone cánido genera professional looking designs and photos. To use DALL-Y también 2, no technical knowledge needed No previous artistic training.

The brush function is one of the most outstanding features of DALL-Y también 2. It allows you to:

  1. Emphasize a certain area of ​​a photograph.
  2. Give DALL-Y también 2 a text command to modify the image.
  3. Enjoy the modified image after waiting for the tool to finish.

The crested Mona Lisa is one of the best-known illustrations.

Here’s an illustration we did with DALL-Y también 2:

ilustracion verdadera sobre viendo el cielo azul al lado de mi gata Fifi Bigotes Grises mientras que el planeta termina en un mar de sutilidades

My personal experience with DALL-Y también

DALL-Y también is accessible through a text modal where you have to create a prompt, just like the other tools on this list.

Now let’s try using the above prompt, “rabbit wearing aviators animal mascot, sports team logotipo, clean design, neon colors, in the style of a tattoo design, epic Instagram, artstation, graphic art, sticker art, epic 4k shirt design graphic, no image noise, no lettering«. These are the results.

Nothing bad.

For every command you give DALL-Y también, it produces 4 photos.

These photos, in my opinion, have much more variation than any other tool I’ve tried so far. I think DALL-Y también understands the prompt much better than the previous ones.

DALL-Y también’s Image to Image Editor is another fantastic tool. In this editor, you perro select a specific area of ​​an image and ask DALL-Y también to replace it with a funny substitute. I’ve created some images of my own, but I probably shouldn’t articulo them here.

Let’s examine the main features of DALL-Y también.

  1. Production of text from images
  2. Exceptional picture-to-picture capabilities
  3. Creating different iterations of photos created.
  4. Editing and retouching functions
  5. Free trial (although you have to be invited through a waiting list)


DALL-Y también 2 is still in beta state. It works through credits. Each 115 credits cost $15.

9.Big Sleep

Big Sleep is a Python-based AI art generator for technically savvy producers.

Big Sleep, unlike other programs on this list, is a code repository that requires programming knowledge to use.

The concept behind the Big Sleep art model is that a Python script perro be used to create realistic AI illustrations right from the start. Although this program requires programming knowledge to work, its configuration is quite fácil.

How Big Sleep works

To start using the tool, you perro install it by following the instructions provided by Big Sleep. You’ll need some RAM and a GPU that doesn’t hang.

Or you cánido visit Google plus Colab and just put in your prompt and see what happens. First you clic on the button that says «first thing to do:” you wait for it to finish and then go down where it says “Start dreaming…» that’s where you put your prompt and wait for it to finish.

These are the results:

a little weird rabbit

Based on the above result, I perro immediately identify that this imaging program employs some older AI technology. Therefore, the results are much less spectacular than those generated by Jasper, DALL-Y también, or MidJourney.

However, if you cánido get this API to work, it’s great if you want to add a cool image generator to your code project.

Let’s take a brief look at the features of this tool.

key attributes

  • Using the Python computer language and a basic text prompt, create AI image art.
  • Create quite realistic AI art photos to use in your projects.
  • Big Sleep is an open source project hosted on GitHub. Everyone has access to the source code of the tool.
  • The setup is pretty fácil, except it didn’t work for me.


Big Dream is an open source module. Big Dream is available on Github.


Ideal for improving image quality

Artbreeder is one of the major jugadores in the AI ​​art generation market. The main purpose of this tool is to improve the quality of images using the latest AI developments.

Using Artbreeder’s AI and machine learning capabilities, you cánido generate many versions of your images. For example, you cánido create

  • Landscapes
  • Pictures
  • anime figures

And many other works of art using the program.

Artbreeder also allows you to transform your photos into animated characters.

The tens of thousands of illustrations are one of the most useful features of Artbreeder. These illustrations perro be saved in folders hosted on Artbreeder. In other words, the aplicación simplifies image management.

My knowledge of Artbreeder

Artbreeder combines text-to-image and an image editor. This sets it apart from the other tools on the list.

To use this tool you need to register.

Artbreeder allows you to generate an image from one or other existing ones, there are two generation methods, splicer and collage.

Let’s use the splicer method first. We clic on the + button and then it tells us to choose a style:

I’ll choose painting, then play around with the filters on the right:

It looks like it adds something like an abstract painting. Then, it asks you for one or more parent images.

And what it will do next is mix the two in the form of a painting with AI.

Let’s examine the main features of this tool.

main attributes

  • Ability to improve image quality
  • Create several variants of an image.
  • Landscapes, anime and portraits perro be generated.
  • Photo management capabilities with easy accessibility
  • JPG and PNG support


Artbreeder is an application «freemium«. There are numerous great features accessible at no cost. To access the entire suite, you need to sign up for a premium subscription of $8.99/month.


Ideal for API integration.

DeepAI is a veteran on this list. This AI imager has been around since 2016, which is a really long time in the AI ​​imaging space.

This tool is free to use. The programa lives en línea, which means there are no downloads or other configuration you need to do. DeepAI also has an API that a developer cánido use to connect it to another programa project.

My experience with Deep AI

Note that the results this tool produces are much less impressive than some of the newer tools like Stable Diffusion or DALL-Y también 2.

The image above is an example image that I just created using the same prompt as above. As you perro see, the results aren’t quite what you wanted, but it’s still pretty impressive, huh?No?

DeepAI represents the oldest AI imagers.

The experience with it was great 5 years ago, but compared to the results that the most recent AI tools are capable of producing, Deep AI lags far behind. However, it is a completely free tool that cánido generate decent looking images.

main features

  • Convert text to realistic images.
  • Use your imagination to generate fun images for your projects.
  • Free use forever.
  • It generates four output images for each message.


  • free mode full of ads.
  • It has a paid pro version of $4.99 per month.

It lives on a freely accessible en línea server, which means there are no downloads or registrations required.

Create masterpieces using artificial intelligence.

The development of AI has enabled the production of amazingly original works of art. AI-generated artworks cánido be monetized by selling them to collectors, decorators, and businesses. Thanks to advances in AI, it’s now easier than ever to generate artwork in a wide variety of styles and color palettes, allowing you to create truly unique works. Websites, logotipos, and other forms of digital design perro benefit from AI-generated images. With a little ingenuity and the right tools, beautiful and original AI-generated works of art perro be created, which cánido be profitable.

Promote AI-generated artworks in the marketplace.

When you’re done creating your unique AI-generated piece of art, it’s time to start promoting it. The first step is to create a website to display your works. People should be able to buy prints, t-shirts, and other elementos featuring your work by clicking a backlink on your website. Sharing your work en línea, connecting with other creatives, and participating in en línea contests are all great ideas. The more people see your work, the more chances you have to sell it.

Distribute or publicly sell the artwork created with AI.

If you are artistically inclined and want to earn some plus money, selling AI-generated artwork might be the solution. Works perro be sold in person at a gallery or art espectáculo, or they perro be displayed digitally on a website or marketplace. You perro start selling immediately without having to invest in an expensive warehouse or laborious shipping procedures. Instead, you perro meet potential consumers face-to-face and build lasting relationships with them when you sell in person. In addition, this process will allow you to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your work. You cánido make a lot of money from AI-generated artwork in many different ways.

Frequent questions

These interesting questions and answers about AI art generation may interest you. Read them to learn more about the excitement around AI art generation, as well as its future potential.

What is an AI art generator?

A A computer program that creates images from text messages using the latest advances in artificial intelligence is known as an AI art generator.

The art production methods of the future could be altered by AI art generators. You cánido create abstract paintings, landscapes and portraits with AI art generation programa. Even the styles of well-known artists cánido be copied.

The use of AI artistic generators is becoming more widespread. While most of the top tools are only available in demo form, it won’t be long before the best AI art generators are being used daily for branding, design, and other creative tasks.

How do AI art generators work?

Different tools have different technology stacks for their AI generators. It would be useless to even try to explain the huge and intricate algorithms that operate behind the scenes to feed these art producers..

So let’s focus on explaining how AI art generators work from the usuario’s point of view.

He operating concept essential is fácil. You give the tool a text. The tool produces an image that corresponds to the image described in the input.

To genera the image, a artificial intelligence system develop a distinctive image that best exemplifies your request. As a result, the results may differ, and even a small change to the prompt could result in a whole new equipo of photos being created. Unless you do some kind of instruction engineering, it is also very unpredictable what kind of photos the tool will genera.

Most AI art generators use third-party technology in the background., which I think is something that is vital to understand and fair to mention. This implies that there may be as many as 20 different AI art companies, each using the exact same AI system. Furthermore, the technology stack that drives the generation of AI art cánido be significantly more affordable and open to the general public than the use of an AI art tool.

This is comparable to how OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model powers various AI writing tools.

The future of art generators

The AI art generators They seem to have a promising future. Some of the artworks produced by AI are already superior to those created by real artists. For example, the AI ​​recently won an art contest, surprising many other artists.

Actually, the art of AI is not flawless. It’s not a new iniciativa, but due to processing power limitations, it hasn’t been around for a long time. Now that the art of AI is a reality, it will advance rapidly and present new perspectives.

For example, Not everyone perro use AI art generators to genera exceptional art. Therefore, the engineering of artificial intelligence emerges as a new engineering discipline. The goal is to modify the words that are fed into the AI ​​so that the images it produces are accurate and impressive. For example, the names of well-known artists may be omitted, as well as those of other eras or artistic approaches. Besides, requires some technical expertise and ingenuity.

No one really knows what the future of AI arts or any other AI-related crafts will hold for us. But one thing is true: AI is improving rapidly.


Artists have the potential to earn significant revenue from AI-generated works. AI-created artwork cánido be original and exciting, which is sure to pique the interest of potential buyers. Artists perro make work that stands out and sells with the right resources and a creative mindset. What a fantastic opportunity to earn a living while contributing something truly unique to the world.

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 How to make money with art
  How to make money with art
  How to make money with art

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