How to MAKE MONEY watching ADVERTISEMENTS on the Internet

How to MAKE MONEY watching ADVERTISEMENTS on the Internet

From the very beginning, the Internet has been filled with advertisements. It is true that many of us have managed not to see this type of annoying advertising. However, it is important to note that there are now numerous PTC pages, that is, pay per clic where you earn money for viewing ads just a few seconds.

Of course, we will be very honest with you, you are not going to get a full salary, but it will still be a good way to earn plus money. But there are some facts that you should know, first of all, these pages tend to disappear, so do not leave your money on the platform for a long time, withdraw it as soon as you collect the minimum amount.

How to earn money en línea by watching advertising in 2023?

To earn money watching advertising you need to have several very fácil requirements. First of all, Internet access, a virtual wallet; the most used on these platforms is PayPal, and time. As for the latter, it really is disposition, since the ads do not remain on the platforms for a long time, so you must be maleable and adapt to the moment in which the advertising appears.

You earn money watching ads if you watch the ads for a few seconds. That is, if you entrar a platform, register, you will see a panel with some ads in different colors (it is the format used by most of these pages) when you clic on it, you must wait for the advertising to load. Then you close it and go to the next ad. In general, at the bottom of the page will appear the money that you are crediting for each clic. In this fácil way you earn money. No special knowledge is required.

Why do some companies pay to see ads?

This type of way to generate income for free causes some skepticism, that is, the question that is commonly asked is: why do companies pay to see advertising? Well, we will explain an irrefutable truth: The Internet is maintained at the expense of advertisements.

Every time a company espectáculos its ad, it gains ground, for this reason, it strives to make its seal available in all fields. On these platforms on which their ads are presented, it generates high income for the businessman. So, he has the ability to pay those who look at his advertising; So be it for a few seconds.

List of pages that pay to see ads

As we have told you before, there are many PTC platforms, for this reason, it may seem difficult to list them in a few words. However, we are going to gather the pages with the highest recognition, in which your payments are fully verified by millions of users, let’s get started.

→ Neobux

It has been recognized since 2008, and is currently still active providing daily payments through different virtual wallets, which are Skrill, NETELLERand the last one added was airtm; which has also been gaining ground in even underdeveloped countries. (You perro also withdraw by PayPal vía Tipalti, by check or bank transfer) Therefore, Neoubux works as an excellent platform to generate plus money almost anywhere in the world.

An interesting fact that is worth noting is that it is necessary to be active every month. If you go 30 days without logging in then your account will be closed. Apart from seeing ads you cánido carry out tasks, surveys, it also has a very interesting referral system.

→ Scarlet Clicks

On this platform you will be able to see paid advertisers. But apart from advertising, you cánido earn money by doing other activities within the platform. The payment for each advertisement varies according to the advertiser, however, its cost depends on the duration of the advertisement (the longer the better). But the payment is about $0.01 for each clic, approximately.

This platform that holds the title of veteran (born in 2009) emplees several forms of payments, among which are: Skrill, Solidtrustpay, Neteller, Payeer, AirTM and Bitcoin. But, we do not want to deceive you, it requires a lot of dedication and of course it will be plus money. For each 1000 clicks, you earn $1.5. To be able to cash out you need a minimum of $2 accumulated. If you want you perro register right now.

→ Cashback deals

This platform deserves a place on this list, because in addition to the tasks and surveys available to it, it has an advertising section. But something that makes it really attractive is the plus that it gives you for be a new usuario, nothing more than €7.50.

It has several gift cards. Agregado, 10 highly interactive ways to earn free money. (You need to be of legal age to register on this platform). You perro install the application on your mobile and in this way be more up to date with the ads that cánido arrive in your dirección de correo electrónico (with your permission), or in the banner tray. The design of the platform is very entertaining and interactive, it is an excellent platform to earn easy money.

→ sumclicks

We finish with this platform. In it you will be able to see ads daily, but this works somewhat differently, that is, the ads will reach your inboxyou must open them and as the name indicates “add clicks”.

To make your first withdrawal, it is necessary to have a minimum of €10. It is a platform originally from Spain, and with a great track record that has paid off without fail. It has a 10-level referral system which will allow you to increase your earnings. Of course, you will not earn a fortune, but it will serve as an plus, and without you realizing it, you will add more and more money, very easily.

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 How to MAKE MONEY watching ADVERTISEMENTS on the Internet
  How to MAKE MONEY watching ADVERTISEMENTS on the Internet
  How to MAKE MONEY watching ADVERTISEMENTS on the Internet

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