How to make money testing products

How to make money testing products

Did you know that it is possible make money testing products? It is a not too well-known alternative to get an plus income every month.

It is a fairly fácil job, since you will only have to try the products or services that the brands send you.

In return, they will demand that you give your opinion….

And they will even pay you for it!

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  • This opinion must be expressed through a blog, on popular networks, on YouTube, or on a specific platform.

    Although there are many platforms that offer you different ways of earn money for testing productsThe truth is that not all of them work.

    In this article you have a list of the most recommended platforms:

    Discover how to earn money trying new products: pages that really work


    Ipsos I-say

    It is an interesting alternative for those who still do not know how to make money testing products.

    This entity has garnered an important reputation in recent years, accumulating a long series of positive opinions.

    We will only have to follow these steps to start:

    1. We register on the web, either with our correo electrónico, or by logging in directly with our Fb account.
    2. We start filling out surveys and we will get points.
    3. Some of the surveys have invitations so that we cánido test the product.

      Keep in mind that the greater the number of points, the easier it will be for us to participate in the draw to be able to test products.


    toluna is another reference for earn money testing products from home.

    It is a website that specializes in Internet surveys, but it is also possible to earn income by testing articles.

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  • This page is available both for Spaniards and for inhabitants of Latin America.

    Regarding the method of payment, we perro either choose to receive the payment through Amazon, or in the form of gift cards for Amazon.

    Of course, the availability of each type of payment may be restricted based on the place where we radica.


    youzz is another page that “testers” should know to make money testing elementos.

    The site is made up of a total of 4 levels; As we level up, it will be easier for us to improve our chances of being caught in a campaign.

    The objective will be to earn points, and we will do this by completing the profile, answering surveys and giving good reports on each product tested.

    We cánido also use the referral system to earn points.


    kuvut is another of the options that are presented to us to earn money for testing products.

    It is a site that works through campaigns that we perro sign up for, although this does not guarantee that we will be one of the coveted ones.

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  • One of the big problems with Kuvut is that the number of products is limited: therefore, if we want to increase our chances of success, we will have no choice but to add many points.

    Points cánido be obtained in different ways, such as by participating in the mini-games that we will find on the platform.


    Finally, we have UserTesting.

    It does not allow us make money testing elementos exactly, but if services; specifically, we will test websites.

    Compared to what they pay us on other pages, here they will give us $10 for each review we make of each website, and best of all, it will take an average of 20 minutes.

    If we do things right, we cánido pull ourselves around $30 The time.

    Now, the way to review it is through a vídeo of our screen and describing the experience with a microphone.

    Try these platforms and you will see how to make money testing products without even leaving home.

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     How to make money testing products
  How to make money testing products
  How to make money testing products

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