How to make money selling underwear

How to make money selling underwear

You want earn some plus money by Internet? There are many ways to get a little plus income on the web, and some of them may seem implausible to you. Among those ways, there is one that may surprise you a bit. It is usually taken as a typical Japanese “curiosity”, and even as a fácil rumor, but now has spread to many countries generating good profits.

We are talking about the sale of used underwear, something that may sound strange but is in increasing demand. Would you dare to try it? Well, next we will explain a little about how to make money selling used underwear, and on which platforms to do it. So get ready to find out what all this is about in the following lines.

Perro you make money if you sell your used underwear?

Despite what it may seem to you, the answer is that yes if you cánidoBut what is all this about? The answer is fácil. As it sounds, the business consists of sell used underwear through portals and exclusive platforms on the Internet.

And pay attention to this key point: when we talk about used we are not referring to old clothes that you no longer use and want to resell Buyers pay for underwear that has been worn by the seller, without having washed or treated no way. It’s put it on, wear it, take it off and paquete it to send it to your buyer.

A peculiarity of this business is that the tastes in this market are very varied. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, if you have a magazine body or not, much less your age (although you must be of legal ageAs minimum). Anyone cánido dedicate themselves to this business, with a little initiative, creativity and audacity to offer their garments.

What used clothes cánido be sold?

Surely you are wondering what exactly is being sold, and the answer is of everything. The demand is quite varied, and includes:

  • Panties (white and/or cotton are those of Greater demand) panties, cheeky panties, thongs or afín.
  • Brassier or brassieres.
  • Boxer shorts.
  • Socks.
  • Tights.
  • Bodysuits or nightgowns.
  • Swimsuits.
  • All kinds of footwear (sports, heels, sandals, etcétera.).

Depending on each customer, the condition of these garments may be new (purchased solely for this purpose) or an “old” garment, of habitual or daily use. You should also know that according to each buyer, there may be demands As for the conditions once used. These requirements may include the presence of certain body fluids and substances in the garments.

And this does not stop there. Used sex toys, and even for elementos like masks, bandages or small clothing used as an intimate towel are in demand.

5 platforms and aplicaciones to sell your used underwear

Selling used underwear does not have regulations or legislation to back it up, moving into certain gray areas. Even so, there are platforms dedicated to this business that offer guarantees regarding anonymity, payments and delivery of products. Here we will mention the most habitual:

pantyhose is promoted as the biggest fetish community In Spanish language. Register is totally free and anonymous, and it only takes a few seconds to create your own profile. To sell you only need your used underwear, a few sample photos and that’s it.

this platform requires a paid subscription, but once inside, you have a portal to sell a wide variety of elementos. Used intimate clothing, footwear, toys, and all kinds of garments perro be offered for sale. Promote different means of payment such as Paypal, Verse, HalCash or Bizum.

We continue the list with secretpantiesanother platform that has free registration and, like the previous ones, does not charge any commission for the sale of used clothing. In SecretPanties They are not only limited to the purchase/sale of intimate apparelbeing able to sell intimate products and offer photos or vídeos.

another portal with a large number of elementos on offer. Dedicated to women’s intimate clothing, they offer a secure registration and guarantee anonymity of the vendors. have international shipping service, so it doesn’t matter where in the world you are. In addition, they have a VIP membership for vendorswhich gives them better sales opportunities.

We close our list with desforaUnlike the previous ones, offers the payment management. This makes the process easier avoid wasting time while you agree a payment method with the buyer. Of course, they charge 15% commission in salesand additionally you cánido pay a small fee to gain visibility.

Additionally, in specific forums of pages like Reddit and 4Chan you perro Offer your used clothes. But be careful, since here there will be no type of copia de seguridad or intermediaries to ensure a clean transaction.

How much perro you earn selling used underwear?

Well, as in the vast majority of businesses of this type, the level of income cánido vary. Your earnings depend on item type you put up for sale, and how capable you feel of meet the demands more “especial” and extravagant. It will be equally influential if you are a personality with some fame in popular networks and media, which greatly increases the demand and the sale price.

But to give you a better iniciativa, the value of a used underwear is around prices ranging from €15 to €65with an average price of €30 per article. This generates income that perro reach €100 per week on average, and even reach not inconsiderable €300 per week. As you cánido see, the sale of used underwear is posible and cánido give you good plus dividends. Would you dare?

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 How to make money selling underwear
  How to make money selling underwear
  How to make money selling underwear

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