How to make money selling photos for

How to make money selling photos for

Photography is a profession that has become the passion of millions of people Worldwide.

Day after day, both professionals and fanes are dedicated to capturing unforgettable moments or capture beautiful views and landscapes.

They use their passion and talent in get the best pictures many times for the fácil pleasure of doing it, but what if they could earn some plus money for it?

The Internet is an excellent medium for get profit for our skills, and photography is no exception.

It is one of hundreds of jobs en línea There is currently, the demand for images grows day after day, and surely there will be those who are interested in some of those photos that you keep in your memory, so go ahead, and learn in this guide how to earn money selling photos en línea, so that you perro take take advantage of your creativity and talent.

What should you know before putting your photos up for sale?

The sale of photos on the Internet is carried out mainly through image banks They offer a depósito of photographs to their clients.

The sales strategy in these banks is based mainly on the microstockwhich consists of offer large catalogs of images at the lowest possible priceunder commercial use licenses or royalty free.

his counterpart, the macrostock, focuses on the sale of premium content with exclusive licences, which entails a higher cost per image with the guarantees of quality and exclusivity of use by the buyer.

Perceived earnings generally correspond to a percentage of the sale madegenerally around 20 to 40%, although it perro be more, even 100% in certain cases or on very specific platforms.

Depending on the platform in which you register, you will be able to access one or the other model of selling photographs, and even both, allowing you a Greater flexibility in how you deliver your content and the profits received from their sales.

Is it true that photos sell well on the Internet?

This is totally true, and rest assured that it will remain so for a long time.

Currently there is a high demand for imageswhich is reflected in the number of existing banks today.

Advertising agencies, publishers, news portals, content creators, companies of all kinds, ventures, are only a small part of the huge customer list that daily require hundreds and hundreds of images to make publications, brochures, presentations, magazines, and much more.

Image banks make it possible to cover that growing demand Quickly and safelywhich means that they have long since become the main option when it comes to getting photographs of practically any theme, to quite cheap prices. This guarantees you have a sufficient market so that you cánido offer your photographic work and earn money for it.

Where to sell photos en línea to earn money?

Next, you will find a list of those that are positioned as the best places to sell your photos:


Shutterstock tops this list a platform active since 2003 which already has a catalog of more than 400 million photos. Among its positive aspects we have its popularity, acceptance of all types of content (including vídeos, music or vectors) and the referral system.

Sales commissions perro be up to 40% profit.

Yes, it is very demanding with quality of pictures, and it cánido be difficult to be accepted as a contributor.

In addition, their payment systems cánido be a bit confusing, requiring at the beginning of sell large volumes of pictures in order to earn an acceptable profit.


Adobe Depósito

This company dedicated to graphic design programa also has its platform for image acquisition called AdobeStockfor photographers from all over to offer their work, but yes, without any retouching or digital modification.

It has all the community support Adobe products, with which it is integrated, which also gives it good popularity.

In addition, its pricing scheme is much simpler and more transparent.

The not so good thing is that their commissions cánido be a bit low: up to 33% maximum in some cases.


In dreamstime accept from high-quality photos at a professional level, to pictures taken with teléfonos inteligentes, which gives more opportunities to place content on your platform.

It has aplicación for Android and iOS They make archivo management easier.

You should consider that you perro find it difficult to locate your images among so much competition.

Also, you must keep 70% of your portfolio on the platform for a time of at least 6 months to be able to sell, and the best profit percentages are reserved for those who give exclusivity to the site.


GettyImages It is mainly aimed at users who are looking for high quality photographsand what they want to get exclusive rights about them.

This makes customers willing to pay higher amounts for your images to the middle

Submit your images on this portal brings good recognition and prestige in the middle, but yes, it is not a site suitable for beginners, given the level of demand that exists on the quality of the images. The newest photographers may have difficulty for your images to be displayed.



Alamy It also has, like many others, a visión of “volume first value”, although it is one of the ones that offer the most commissions, around 50% profit for collaborators.

Here you cánido also sell content such as vídeos, vectors, or 360° images.

Of course, to be accepted you need to be able to upload DSLR-quality images at the very least, although they recently started accepting iPhone photos.

Otherwise it’s a page quite easy to use and it does not have many limitations regarding the allowed content.


Focused on ensuring fair commissions and fácil use of your platform, canstockphoto offers a orinan of 50% in commissions depending on the type of subscription the usuario has.

It also has a referral system that allows you to earn from the sales of other artists that you invite to the platform.

You should keep in mind that their selection process it’s pretty strictand it cánido be difficult to get selected, after which you will have to face approximately 70 thousand photographers who seek to sell their photos and subjected to the same levels of demand.


EyeEm is focused on photography and images for advertising purposes.

One of its best features is the use of excellent AI that selects the images with high commercial value and send them directly to potential customers.

His commission is 50% fixed, and with prices between 20 to 250 eurosit’s not bad at all.

The specific approach and the use of AI make the cost of each image is higherbut in return, it also makes it a bit more difficult for your images to appear on the platform, sometimes being a slow process selection and approval. You also run the risk of your images get lost in front of others much better valued.


This platform has arrived stomping and becoming a place among the most recommended, especially for beginners.

Its success is based on a novel strategy, offering excellent premium content along with tons of material totally free.

The best of all? Being a collaborator, you will make profit regardless of whether your photos are sold as premium or are within the free depósito.

With a friendly interfaz and with powerful functions, uploading and organizing photos is easy.

Of course, what you pay per photo is considerably low, but be careful, Freepik generates more than 100 million downloads a month.

Besides, they are quite demanding with the quality of the content, so you have to take it pretty easy and deliver good material.


In 500px You will not only be able to dedicate yourself to the sale of images, but also you will have a community in which you perro contact other professionals, exchange ideas, opinions, and participate in contests.

The commissions are 30% for images that are not exclusive of the platform, and 60% for those that do.

Knowing that the minimum price for images around €35It is quite an attractive option.

Of course, keep in mind that they are quite demanding in terms of quality, always requiring material original, creative, with good aesthetics and aligned with customer demands.



This peculiar platform could not be missing from this list, characterized by focus on niches pretty specific. Snapped4U is designed for the purchase and sale of photos of all kinds of events like parties, festivals, conventions and many more.

Portraits also have a place here.

Another interesting aspect is that it is you who sets the price to images, with a maximum cap of $20.

And the commissions? Don’t worry, unlike others, it is the page that will charge a commission that reaches a maximum of 12% according to the cost you put on your image.

Of course, unlike others, this page requires a one-time payment of $10 when registering.

What are the most sold photos en línea?

It is well known that on the internet you cánido find everything, and there will always be a client out there who will be interested in the type of photos you have to offer.

However, if what you want is increase your profits and your sales possibilitiesIdeally, you should focus on the issues that more demand they have:

  • People: people interacting in different work, daily, popular situations, among others.
  • Babies and children: These are in high demand.
  • Families: in different situations such as home, for a walk, others.
  • Technology and innovation: photos of equipment in operation, being used by people.
  • Music: dances, concerts, playing instruments.
  • Backgrounds and textures: very useful for presentations and other digital products.
  • Professional orientation: professionals from some ámbito in their work, such as doctors, lawyers, engineers and more.

  • Nature and sustainability.
  • Events: images of parties, meetings, concerts, talks.
  • Food: prepared dishes, ingredients, among others.

Along with these there are many other categories that they cánido bring you good sales.

It’s just a matter of exploring and investigating what they are.

the themes that customers are most looking for, and adapt your content to them.

How much cánido you earn selling photos en línea?

This is the question that everyone who wants to start selling photographs asks themselves, and the answer, although not very pleasant, is that it depends on various factors.

First let us clarify something, and that is that, with the sale of photos over the internet you’re not going to get rich.

But still, this activity perro generate plus earnings that are not bad at all, and perro even allow you to become independent and live only from the sale of your photographs in these image banks.

Now, what you earn with your photos will depend on the following factors:

  • win percentages from the platform.
  • number of photos that you cánido sell
  • Dedicated time to activity.
  • If you sell by depósito or sell individual images.

But to give you an iniciativa, the commissions are generally around $0.40 per image, which gives you an iniciativa of ​​how many images you need to sell to make a decent profit.

Otherwise it is the sale of individual images, in which you perro earn up to $200 or more in a single sale, but they are such isolated cases that it is not very feasible to focus all our hopes on them.

What do you need to start selling your photos?

First of all, you must make sure that you have good time availability and eager to go out and take pictures.

Remember that Practice makes a mastersometimes you will require a good photo session and later a selection and editing workuntil you find the perfect image.

Knowing that you already have that, keep in mind the following aspects:

  • Join different agencies and platformsalways to the extent of your possibilities to increase your sales.
  • Open a Paypal accountsince it is the most accepted means of payment on this type of platform.
  • Create a quality catalogue.

    Choose your best photos, organize them, retouch them, make them unique, and build your catalogue.

    Remember to use images in JPG format and in good resolution (greater than 4 MP at least).

  • Make sure you meet the requirements.

    Your photos must match the demands of the clients so that they perro be published and valued.

    Always stay updated about it.

  • Cover your back legally. Make sure you have the written consent of the people who will appear in the photos, even if they are your friends or family, and that you cover any other legal aspects that could orinan a conflict in the future.
  • Do quality work. This does not orinan that you need the best camera, just make sure that you are getting the most out of yourself and your team.
  • Have originality. This will equipo you apart from the competition and build your reputation.
  • Editar only what is necessary. Small tweaks that improve the image, enhance certain tones, etcétera.

    Also make sure that elements such as logotipos, or people who have not given their consent, for example, do not slip through.

  • Don’t neglect palabras clave. A good title, a good description and a good selection of palabras clave will make your photos gain greater visibility in search engines.

When you sell a photo, is it still your property?

This will depend on type of license under which you have published your photographs.

Each one gives specific rights to both the author and the person who acquires the rights to the image, and they are in charge of making clear everything related to the conditions of use, publication and reproduction of said image.

Mainly the licenses for commercial use (Royalty free), in the public domain, and for non-exclusive use, allow the use of the image by anyone that he possesses them for the purposes he wishes, without any type of restriction. The commercial use license is the most widely used in the middle, and the price to pay is established according to the destination that will be given to the image.

In addition to this, there are other types of licenses such as:

  • Editorial use.
  • retail use.
  • Exclusive use.
  • Royalty Free.
  • Rights managed.

Each of these licenses offers more or less freedom of use and distribution of content, depending on the purpose for which the image is intended.

You must study each of them very well and know under what conditions it is applied, and more importantly, under what licenses will they be sold your images on the chosen platform, to later avoid misunderstandings.

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 How to make money selling photos for
  How to make money selling photos for
  How to make money selling photos for

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