How to make money renting your apartment as

How to make money renting your apartment as

Platforms such as Booking or Airbnb, among others, have gained ground and fame thanks to vacation rentals.

There is no doubt that this has become a juicy and profitable business that everyone wants to be a part of.

Well, if you are thinking of an investment or you already have a home that you could use for this purpose, we will tell you how you perro earn money this way.

As we have said, this business is booming and, therefore, there is enormous competition, so it is important to stand out among them.

There may be many homes afín to yours or in the same area, but there are things you cánido do to be different and offer clients what they are looking for.

Consejos to make money renting your apartment

#1 It has an appropriate tool

Having an effective vacation rental programa allows you to save time and give a better usuario experience to the client, with which you will ‘kill two birds with one stone’.

Everything you cánido do to optimize tasks so that the potential guest sees the reservation as a pleasant trip.

#2 Always a contract

If it is a question of spending a few days, a specific contract is not necessary, but you do have the data of those people who are going to stay.

For longer stays, perhaps a month or more but less than 11, you need a vacation rental agreement that makes you and your guests safe.

#3 Publish on various platforms

There are many platforms dedicated to vacation rentals, although there are also many other real estate agencies in which this type of home perro be published.

If you already have a vacation rental programa, the advantage is that thanks to it you will be able to publish in all of them with a single clic, in addition to managing everything without having to make a great effort.

#4 Offer a personalized usuario experience

Something that guests love is having information about the city they are going to visit.

You perro offer them a guide to the espectáculos, a public transport map, the telephone numbers for taxis, the festivals, events or sports matches that are going to take place on those days… Any detail you perro think of will be welcome by them, don’t worry! doubt! And they will surely come back when they have the opportunity and recommend you to others without thinking.

Offer your guests all the information you perro about your city and your neighborhood.

#5 Offer different rooms to make money renting

If you have more than one room, prepare one with a double bed and the other with two single beds.

In this way, you do not limit your apartment to only married couples or only singles.

We say this because sometimes a couple perro travel with teenagers, or with two friends who are not a couple.

And if two married couples travel, the two beds perro always be joined.

The important thing is that they have options for everyone, and thus you will have more chances of earning money by renting your apartment.

#6 Rent for the holidays

If you have a holiday home where there is no problem with noise, you cánido dedicate it to parties or specific events, without having to spend several days in it.

Vacation rentals are not just for resting, but for doing those different things that we perro’t do at home.

#7 Rent by rooms

If you have more than one room, you may value making money by renting separate rooms.

Many tourists are looking for something cheap just to spend the night and they don’t mind doing it in a shared apartment.

In addition, you will be able to get more money than if you rent the entire apartment and have a better oportunidad of obtaining good reviews for your accommodation and gain visibility on Google plus.

It’s all advantages!

#8 Optimize prices on holidays

Rental houses go up exorbitantly on holidays.

Especially as the dates approach, families are increasingly desperate to find the home they are looking for.

It is clear that we are not going to lose money, but this is an opportunity to be able to lower the price a bit compared to the competition and rent our property.

Better for less than empty, don’t you think?

#9 Extended discounts

Always having discounts is a way to attract guests to your accommodations.

As a general rule, prices are always fixed unless there is a special event or holidays.

But if you establish some of those days with a small discount compared to the competition or specific days of the week in which you cánido rent cheaper, you will surely attract users.

#10 Promotes shopping tourism

Going on vacation while buying specific or native products from the area is tourism in full swing.

For example, surely you remember the phenomenon of towels in Portugal or tobacco in Gibraltar.

Take advantage of what is in the area where your home is.

#11 Accept pets

One of the main challenges that users encounter is that there are many vacation rentals where pets are not accepted.

They try to look for options to be able to take their friends with them, especially if there are rural or country activities around the place.

If you accept pets in your property, you will have a much better oportunidad of it being reserved, since the percentage of people who have adopted a pet has grown considerably.

#12 House swapping

If you are a travel enthusiast, home exchange does not help you earn money, but it does help you save it.

Offer your home in exchange for having one in the place you want to travel to.

In this way you save the accommodation and you cánido take advantage of that house that is closed.

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You too perro be a different host

As you perro see, everything is about making a difference with the competition and trying to solve the challenges and problems that users encounter when they want to be vacation guests.

If you are different and offer a personalized and high-quality service, we are sure that all the guests who come to your home will want to come back and recommend you to others.

Put these consejos into practice and start earning money with vacation rentals.

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 How to make money renting your apartment as
  How to make money renting your apartment as
  How to make money renting your apartment as

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