How to MAKE MONEY Playing Vídeo Games

How to MAKE MONEY Playing Vídeo Games

The vídeo game Whether alone or in a group, they are an excellent activity to develop logical and strategy skills.

Some games perro be addictive, because they represent a great challenge to pass them.

Now, after beating a level, what will you do? It is true that the satisfaction of having overcome a great challenge is extraordinary, but what if we told you that… You perro earn money by playing!

This is not a dream, it is a reality, remember that we are in the 21st century and technological advances, changes in customs and a young public have brought new professionsamong them: The Gamer: Next, we will explain everything you need to know so that you perro take advantage of your skills.

Why IF it is possible to win real money playing for free in 2023?

Vídeo games represent a level of difficulty worthy of a smart and cunning person.

These are some of the ways in which you cánido take advantage of your gamer skills.

  • You cánido earn money by selling your skills through guides in which you reveal some secrets of the levels.
  • You cánido also participate in tournaments, you cánido become an Influencer and reveal some tricks while your followers watch you play, etcétera.
  • Another option is to make a virtual life, “work” in the game, and take that money to real life.

You may wonder, regarding this last option Where does the money come from to pay to play?

Well, these pages that make en línea games or applications available to you, earn money for advertising, so that, when you entrar, you are already earning a profit, for this reason, they have enough capital to pay you for playing.

It’s one of the ways the Internet stays afloat, so this way of making money en línea shouldn’t surprise you.

There are several ways to earn real money playing.

It is true, this activity will require a lot of time on your part, but if you see it as work, then you will be able to dedicate yourself fully to this and your relatives will not judge you for the time you spend in front of the computer.

Best pages to earn money playing on the computer

Some pages offer you a range of options to start training in the world of vídeo games.

It is true that, with so many options, it perro be difficult to escoge between one and the other.

However, we will present you the best pages to make money from the computer.


This page hosts a very interactive vídeo game in which you perro make money for free, but to be able to collect you need a virtual wallet, in this case PayPal.

What is the vídeo game about? It’s about building a great city with military army fortifications and an anti-enemy structure.

There you cánido earn virtual gold, which you perro later exchange for real money.

Although the language of the page is in English, the truth is that the game is very intuitive.

You perro take a look at:


In this habitual vídeo game, Linden Dollars is used, which is the “local currency”, each 247 linden represents 1 US$.

If you want to go all-in and save yourself a life of poverty in this community, it’s best to start with “primordial,” ie make a real money payment that will soon be converted into community money.

With that income you cánido acquire goods.

You must also double your wealth by working or doing any activity as if it were real life.

Earned money cánido be redeemed.

If you wish, you perro register on the page and see the number of ways you have at your disposal to earn money in this virtual world:


This strategic vídeo game moves to a fictional and futuristic world in which the planet earth is no longer habitable, so humans have gone to the red planet, “Tuesday” there they must be cunning to earn a living.

The confrontation with other jugadores is common.

In that world, “Martian dollars” are handled.

When you start the game you are awarded 5000 (Martian) dollars.

But you need to gather 300,000 to be able to exchange them for $20 reais.

You cánido dedicate yourself to various trades, the iniciativa is to try to make the greatest amount of income.

The page is in English, but it is very easy to play, there are forums in Spanish:

Market Glory

This game is very fun, it is about political and military strategy.

You cánido perform various activities in order to generate income.

It is available in Europe, and it has been working without any problem for almost a decade now.

Just as in real life you perro work for yourself, work for someone, equipo up your company, buy goods, even be a politician and manage the laws of the city. But, of course, to achieve your goals you need to have money.

In this virtual world you perro start from the bottom and save as much as you perro to start making everything a winner or make a real investment, in order to have money to start off on the right foot in this new world.

But there is an interesting fact, be very careful with what you save, you may think that your avatar does not need to eat, for example; and the truth is that this energy is necessary for combat, work and your productivity.

You need to collect a certain amount of the city’s currency to exchange it for real money.

(When you collect a minimum of €20 you cánido make the exchange).

You need to have a virtual wallet, there are two that are accepted on this page: Neteller and Skrill.

It is important to note that you cánido play it en línea without having to install it on your computer.

You perro go to their website:

My Profit Land

This game is afín to the previous one, in fact, it is about the same owners, so its operation is very afín.

You perro carry out a wide variety of commercial activities.

An interesting aspect is that as you “grow” in this city you will have more options to develop yourself and therefore earn free money.

You must collect what corresponds to €20 to be able to make your first withdrawal.

One advantage it has compared to Market Glory is that it gives you more options to collect your earnings, ie you perro open a PayPal, QIWI, Skrill or Neteller account.

This is their website:

Best aplicaciones to earn money playing on Android or iOS

Apart from the pages already mentioned, you perro also earn money with applications on your mobile. Although obviously you need to have a good storage space, the truth is that they are very comfortable, since you perro play literally at all times no matter where you are.

big time

With this application you perro play anywhere you are.

All you need is a mobile device, be it Android or iOS.

To get started, you must entrar Google plus Play or Aplicación Store.

You should search for “Big Time”.

After installing it, you must register with your Fb account or your dirección de correo electrónico.

Then you perro start playing.

In this game, you earn tiques which you cánido win by trying the mini-games, invite friends, participated in the offers and tasks section, etcétera.

Tiques; which is the virtual money that you generate with this application on your mobile, it perro be redeemed in raffles, or you cánido save it in the “safe” to later exchange it for money that will go to your PayPal.

It is important to note that you need $10 to make your first withdrawal.

Now, to obtain it you must collect 10,000 tiques, which is what $10 represents.




This application is in Spanish and its interfaz is extremely easy to use.

Here you cánido play and earn money by trying some games that are inside the application.

But apart from these, you cánido also answer some surveys or do any additional activity.

It is a very complete application.

You cánido make the exchanges through PayPal.

Although it is important to note that you are not going to generate an entire salary, the truth is that, if it is used for a good plus, and best of all, you will have fun while you try it.

You perro give it a on Android:

Also if you have Apple:

Best games to earn money in PayPal

As you have noticed, you have a large number of options to earn money through games installable on your mobile or computer.

Although some of these pages already presented, give you the possibility of managing it En línea, that is, without having to install them, this is more comfortable.

With so much information that is handled on the Internet, it is escencial to be careful with what is installed on electronic devices, which is why we recommend you earn money with the games that we present to you above, either with the browser, or by searching for the application in the verified stores, that is Google plus play or Aplicación Store.

Each of the options that we have already broken down in this article has been verified by a large number of users who have generated plus income in a fun way.

In fact, games are a smart way to train skills and analytical skills in the face of difficulties.

An interesting fact is the realism that is handled in this type of recognized pages.

The best games allow you to earn money with PayPal.

And it is that PayPal, is one of the most used wallets in the world of the Internet.

For this reason, we recommend that you open an account in this wallet, since it is the one that is used in almost all the games that we explain in this Articulo.

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 How to MAKE MONEY Playing Vídeo Games
  How to MAKE MONEY Playing Vídeo Games
  How to MAKE MONEY Playing Vídeo Games

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