How to make money on vacation?

How to make money on vacation?

You don’t have to work hard to earn money on vacation. There are several easy ways that will help you recover at least part of your bills travel and will not interfere with your vacation. We analyze the most relevant.

Going to another city or country, you cánido not only learn something new, but also become a national postman. Today, several services en línea offer travelers to do a good deed and take a package for someone: TudaTuda, Gransjoy and others.

For delivery assistance, they may pay you money or provide some kind of service, such as taking you to the airport for free. They cánido also give away a scooter, for example, so that you cánido drive yourself to the airport. You negotiate all the conditions of delivery with the customer, including the method and conditions of remuneration. Some services offer the conclusion of a contract. But this is more of a gentlemen’s agreement. Be sure to read reviews about the usuario and check his pages on popular networks.

What cánido be sold on vacation?

objects from previous trips

If you escoge to buy something abroad, then you have the opportunity to return part of the money spent using tax-free. That is, recover part of the value added tax (VAT). In many countries, especially in Europe, it is believed that foreigners do not have to pay it. The amount of refund It depends on the country or even the state in which you make your purchase and the type of item you choose to purchase. For example, in Spain tax free will be 10-15% of the purchase amount, and in Greece more than 20% cánido be returned.

But the duty-free system does not work at all points of sale. The store where you bought the merchandise must be included in the free zone, and you must spend in it at least the minimum amount from which a tax refund is made in this country per day. For example, in Germany the threshold The lowest is €25, while in France it is €175.01. In the store, you will have to warn that you want to apply for tax exemption and present your passport at the checkout. At the airport or train station, put the customs mark on the check. In this case, customs officers may ask you to espectáculo the purchased goods; it is better not to remove them far and not to cut the labels. Then go to Tax Free Cash Back to get a refund. These points are usually located in the same place, next to the customs.

get refund

You cánido offset a small part of the costs without paperwork by using a card with reimbursement on a trip. Then, after paying for the products with that card, you will receive up to 3% of the purchase price. Most banks offer cards with this option. Some lure customers in with a higher refund. True, most often it is charged for purchases only in specific stores, cafes and restoranes. It is better to check the conditions with your own bank. In any case, any return to the card is a trifle, but nice. And this is not the only way to earn money with a bank card.

accumulate points

Today, many banks offer co-branded cards that allow you to accumulate points for the purchase of goods or payment for the services of a company. These points cánido be used to pay, redeem them for discounts in stores or refund the cost of plane or train tiques. There are cards that allow you to earn miles for buying tiques from any airline. True, you will have to buy them on the websites of special banks, where tiques cánido be more expensive than habitual services. One mile is credited for every $50-70 of the ticket price. Maintaining such a card costs from $500 to several thousand dollars a year. But depending on the conditions of the program, you perro get various privileges (such as access to business lounges at airports).

What to sell in summer to earn money?

Rent an apartment or a car

While you rest, your car cánido work. To rent a car, you need to place an ad on one of the services free en línea and upload photos of the car. The client perro pick up the car both at the airport and at any point where they agree to meet.

The services insure your car against accidents and theft, and also check the data of each usuario. And the support service works around the clock (for example, Russian-language RentaRide, English-speaking Turo). You perro rent an apartment in a afín way: through Airbnb, Avito or others services. Of course, there is a risk that tenants will stain or canalla something. Therefore, this method is suitable only for those who are not squeamish. In any case, you should carefully study the contract with the intermediary company before signing it. If you escoge to negotiate directly with the tenant, try to meet him in advance. In case of mutual sympathy, conclude a lease and be sure to write down the passport data of the tenant in it.

take more pictures

Likes on Instagram are of course good, but don’t you articulo autofotos all the time? Photos of impressive species, unusual animals and what is really there, exotic food – all these images perro be bought from you. Upload the most beautiful photos to the database. Perro buy a photo for five bucks or a couple hundred. Such photo banks include Shutterstock, Foap, Snapwire. Some of them run photo contests, the winners of which cánido receive up to $300 per shot. Some of the services collaborate with major brands. Thus, you cánido not only earn plus money, but also make useful connections.

What cánido children sell on vacation?

The little ones perro try to sell crafts and any product made with their own hand, many find this type of object downright charming.

What is the business that makes more money?

Share impressions

The trip is likely to bring you many new emotions and experiences to share. If you write a travel report, reviews and recommendations for other tourists, or just share your emotions and impressions, then such a text cánido be sold on a special exchange. For example,, Advego or TextSale. Of course, you cánido only earn money if you know how to express your thoughts and the essence of your messages is clear to readers, and if editors they are interested in your texts. The scheme of work with text exchanges is fácil: you put a ready-made text in the item base, and if it is purchased, you receive money to your account, and then withdraw it to your card. You cánido also become a regular contributor and fulfill copyright requests on a regular basis. Another option is to create your own text font in Yandex Zen. If your articles receive thousands of visits From time to time, you perro earn money by placing ads.

What cánido be sold to make money?

To unnecessary things that are moved from the armario to the garaje, at first, from one shelf to another and do not find applications, include: Old furniture. It would be a shame to throw it away, but putting it up for sale is unethical. But this is an illusion. On an old armchair or sofa, you perro replace the lining yourself, pick up loose fasteners, and the furniture will look differently.

It is easy clean the servant’s elbow doors, sand the surface and cover with varnish, and you will find your own controlador. It is especially profitable to sell the “babyshkin” furniture, just showing a little creativity in the restoration. While upgrading old furniture is time consuming, and possibly buying cheap cleaning elementos (varnish, paint, and such) pays off nicely

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 How to make money on vacation?
  How to make money on vacation?
  How to make money on vacation?

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