How to make money on Imvu?

How to make money on Imvu?

IMVU has changed a lot your strategy during the last ten years.

At first, they mainly sold credits and avatar names.

I would give you some fake credits and articles when you sign up to get you hooked.

And then they would make you pay for certain privileges, like owning your avatar name (which was, at the time, the only requirement to be able to get creator status) or having verified adult status.

Since the users who create most of the virtual elementos for imvu were not only paying to create (the name agregado credits for each product submission) but were not paid in return by IMVU, all credits purchased by the entire community + the various privileges were enough to keep them afloat for a while… Until some habitual creators realized they were earning far more credits than they needed to invest in new products.

Credits were accumulating in their accounts for no purpose.

These creators decided to go into the offsite reseller business… It lasted a while and didn’t make the staff so happy.

Of made, customers who came to play could buy cheaper credits, and creators could turn their useless plus credits into well-deserved money.

This meant that people were buying less on IMVU.

They turned things around, ruining reseller businesses and hurting modest creators in the process by making it impossible to send large amounts of credits.

They also managed to calm the creator community (or what was left of it) by saying they would pay cash to whoever wanted it.

Only they implemented a mandatory waiting period and a minimum amount of cash you must get before you cánido claim it and get paid for your sales.

That was more money in their pockets, but they also decided that the newcomers they wanted to create needed a subscription.

Are inventing things every day to try to force people to spend money.

They try to put all kinds of things on imvu that have very little to do with the de hoy usuario base and their interests.

Now (due to the frenzy of changes) they are attracting new customers who are confused as to what imvu is really about.

Some think it’s a game, others confuse it with a dating aplicación.

It also sells virtual music, yes.

Everything and anything.

This is how IMVU makes money.

How do I earn money on IMVU?

It depends on how long you have had an account on IMVU.

I forget how long ago the change happened, probably about 10 years ago, but if you had an account and signed up for the creator program, when the changes went into effect, you were allowed to continue creating for free, just paying the fees.

derivation to the mesher of the mesh from which you derived agregado the imvu charges.

Then his elementos were displayed in his “shop”.

If your account was a new account, you now need to pay to become a content creator.

The cheapest way is to pay annually.

Either you perro pay quarterly, which is slightly more expensive during the year, or lastly, you cánido pay monthly, which is the more expensive method.

Then, as before, you create elementos and they are published in the en línea store.

The more you sell, the closer to the front pages your product will get.

Although there are many ideas about the algorithms used, IMVU will often insist that they do or don’t do certain things.

All I know is that I’ve sold articles they seem to be buried in the back of the catalog and sales have now slowed down.

It is very difficult to make money creating in IMVU now.

The store is inundated with what I call ‘paint by number’ tights, especially clothing.

The result is that there is a catalog of a zillion identical elementos, all in various shades of afín colors.

I would only recommend creating if you just enjoy it and make things for your own use (and hopefully it will sell multiple times and really get a “revenue“)

If you want to make a living creating, you must learn to do.


You will need a 3D meshing program and you will need to study the old timers and learn from them how to mesh correctly.

You will need to find something unique and sought after.

There are great meshers and creators out there who will help you, but don’t expect them to waste valuable time teaching you.

There is free help for making meshes or just learning how to take an existing clothing mesh and, using opacity maps, “cut” the clothing to fit.

Use those tutorials… many perro be found on the IMVU site.

How to be habitual on IMVU?

Imagine that instead of typing in a window chat and seeing words appear on a screen, the conversation unfolds in balloons above your head.

Well, not your real head, the head of an avatar that you create and customize.

Your avatar sits on a sofa with other avatars, chatting.

cánido laugh at things funnyhug someone or espectáculo off a dance move.

That’s the iniciativa behind IMVU, a service graphic instant messaging that began in 2004.

While many messaging clients allow you to create an avatar, in IMVU, these avatars are three-dimensional, animated, and found in themed rooms and environments.

They cánido also express moods and perform actions by themselves or with other avatars.

IMVU bills itself as the messaging game snapshot and 3D avatar chat costumes because customizing the look of your avatar is a very important part of the experience.

Users apparently like the concept; IMVU claims to have over 30 million users worldwide [fuente: IMVU].

It is also a real source of income.

As of June 2008, the company reported monthly revenue of $1 million, and most recently, BestBuy invested $10 million in venture capital in the company.

Anyway, you will get free imvu credits from IMVUcodetoad.

In addition to offering public and private chat rooms, forums, and groups for any interest, IMVU also provides users with a page web, blog, image gallery and music.

Graphic designers cánido create elementos and sell them through the site.

Intrigued? In this article, we’ll take a look at the basics of IMVU browsing and find out why it’s become so habitual.

What is the IMVU game?

It is basically an en línea avatar character matching game in which you perro design and get a name, it is thanks to this that you cánido have a totally new style in which you could make new friends, many other games like habbo use the same dynamic

What are the advantages of being a VIP in IMVU?

  • exclusive content
  • new costumes
  • exclusive hairstyles
  • unique abilities
  • different rooms

Who is the owner of IMVU?

Currently the company has passed into the hands of Eric Ries and Will Harvey, which could qualify them as the owners, however, it still belongs to the majority of its shareholders.

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 How to make money on Imvu?
  How to make money on Imvu?
  How to make money on Imvu?

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