How to make money making memes?

How to make money making memes?

In an ever-changing technological world, we see many things evolve with the times.

The music has gone from discs to CDs and now almost entirely to digital.

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  • Sending an informal letter to a friend seems to only exist in the form of birthday and Christmas cards.

    However, a lesser known evolution is the meme.

    The term was coined by biologist Richard Dawkins in his book, “The Selfish Gene,” in 1976.

    In his book, Dawkins describes a meme as a term that “conveys the iniciativa of ​​a unit of cultural transmission, or a unit imitation.” Essentially, the meme was a way that something in pop culture was perceived, transmitted, and reacted to.

    Now, this iniciativa of ​​a “meme” has also changed with the rise of technology in the late 20th century.

    and early 21st century to what is known today as an “Internet meme”.

    So before we talk about how impactful memes are in the 21st century, what is a meme today? A meme of Internet it’s usually an image that pops up almost immediately after any big event happens, whether it’s political, a viral vídeo, a new product, or a celebrity mishap.

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  • These images are classically displayed as an image that the meme is centered on with bold white lettering at the top.

    superior and bottom of the image.

    While this is undoubtedly the most widely used visualization of a meme, they also take other forms, such as vídeos, vines, and GIFs.

    And lastly, while the term “meme” usually refers to how the topic is portrayed in the media: images, vídeos, etcétera., many things perro be considered a meme, such as events, places, people, and things.

    One of the greater examples of something that has more recently become a meme and has practically taken over the internet is the late and beloved gorilla, Harambe.

    This meme has been by far one of the most habitual memes among communities on the internet in the last six months.

    When the western lowland gorilla was killed at the Cincinnati Zoo on May 28, memes about the circumstances of his death appeared within hours in various Applications popular networks like Tumblr, iFunny and Twitter.

    It was a different form of protest and disgust from how zoo officials shot and killed the gorilla seemingly needlessly.

    Harambe will be forever remembered through his legacy as meme.

    Also in the last year, the United States has witnessed one of the most unorthodox presidential races in our history with various memes about many of the candidates.

    Once again, we perro see how memes have served a specific purpose, whether the creators intended them or not.

    In March of this year, Ted Cruz was the subject of many memes due to his uncanny resemblance to the only sketch of the “Zodiac Killer“While these memes’ claims Ted Cruz is the zodiac killer, they are completely outlandish due to Ted Cruz’s birth and active time period of the zodiac killer being a few years apart, a survey conducted in the spring of this year showed that more than 38 percent of voters in Florida believed he could actually be the Zodiac Killer.

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  • The memes, while not entirely the reason, may have played a role in Ted Cruz’s decision to withdraw from the race.


    Finally, memes have a significant effect on society by helping the spread of popular trends in a fast and overwhelming way.

    This perro be seen numerous times in recent years.

    In 2013, the Harlem Shake vídeo took the internet by storm.

    Everyone was eager to create and articulo a vídeo of the dance with a helmet on and when the bass dropped, it wreaked havoc on everything around them.

    How do you make money with memes?

    When you browse and search for dank memes, you are visiting a website.

    Well, that website emplees ads to monetize its content and generate revenue.

    The website owner or en línea marketer may have different goals in mind.

    But they both want traffic.

    Therefore, creating fun and mind-blowing memes is a coveted quality.

    You perro win money selling memes to en línea merchants and website owners in various ways:

    • Contact the website owners directly
    • Creating a digital agency website for your services

    This option takes a long time to find buyers for your memes, but when you do it, you cánido earn a good amount of money.

    Sell ​​things with memes

    One of the advantages of creating memes is that you perro measure their effectiveness.

    In other words, you get to know which ones work.


    Successful memes go viral.

    Therefore, as long as you find a virtual gold nugget, you perro profit from it.

    For example, by printing your memes on numerous elements such as:

    • Clothing (T-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, etcétera.)
    • Accessories (shoes, umbrellas, hats, etcétera.)
    • Consumables (phone holders and cases, seat belt pillows, sun visors, etcétera.)

    When you make money selling memes with the stuff you create, you achieve two goals.

    First, you build customer loyalty.

    followers giving your followers what they like.

    And secondly, the landing page or y también-commerce site receives free advertising.

    As you may know, many en línea services offer you to create your merchandise for free.

    What they are doing is taking advantage of the second goal I listed.

    So if you have some viral memes, you might consider opening a store on Zazzle or CafePress so you cánido sell your memes on a physical product like a coffee mug or t-shirt.

    Memes For Sale

    Did you know that you cánido make money selling memes that aren’t even complete?

    The following consejo works great for promoting collaborations.

    But you may find clients willing to pay for unfinished work.

    In the music industry, rappers are probably the best.


    Many record labels and independent musicians have trouble getting their songs out.

    On the contrary, vídeo memes are often gateways to spread new hits.

    But, in reality, memes are triumphant nowadays.

    Just look what TikTok did for Roses (Imanbek Remix) by SAINt JHN.

    In less than a year, the official vídeo garnered over 140 million views on YouTube alone.

    Eminem threw a song the year before with very little fanfare.

    But once she created a meme-inspired vídeo, her popularity took off.

    When contacting musicians and record labels, please send some examples.

    Or make a page dedicated to some of his previous songs.

    Understand that the chances of you reaching a deal to sell your meme are very low.

    But if you succeed this way, you not only make a lot of money, but you have your foot in the door as you perro prove your success to other artists.

    How much do you get paid to have a Fb page?

    Partner with brands that will pay you to articulo your memes on their popular media channels.

    As long as you have a presence in line With followers, you cánido start making money.

    Most companies and managers will contact you if you have a large YouTube channel or Instagram page with a large following.

    If you find that the brands are not contacting you, you perro contact them directly.

    The money you make doing this varies depending on your followers and what the brand is willing to pay.

    For starters, you’re looking around $100 per articulo.

    But as your profile becomes more habitual and successful, you perro charge thousands for a sponsored articulo.

    There are some Fb groups or pages dedicated to memes where you perro articulo your own memes.

    How do I make money on Fb?

    Just create a meme and upload it to the site.

    When someone looks at your meme, an ad will also appear on the page.

    the site of memes will pay you a portion of the revenue they earn from that ad.

    So, the more times your meme is seen, the more money you will earn.

    To earn decent money here, your memes need to be habitual in order for them to be seen.

    Some users report that they earn hundreds of dollars doing this.

    However, the problem is that they do not disclose how long it took them to earn this money.

    How cánido you earn money en línea?

    If creating memes takes too long, this might be the best way to earn money and stay involved with memes.

    Create a channel Youtube that espectáculos compilations of memes.

    There are a fair number of these vídeos on the site and they all display ads, which is how the creator earns their income.

    To make sure you don’t violate any copyrights, please stick with CreativeCommons vídeos.

    You cánido take parts of these vídeos and mezcle them with your own.

    Since many of these YouTube vídeos have millions of views, it’s easy to tell that the creators are making decent money from this iniciativa.

    How to be a memer?

    with inventiveness, effort, dedication, general culture and very much free time, no one said it was easy.

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     How to make money making memes?
  How to make money making memes?
  How to make money making memes?

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