How to make money in Venezuela

How to make money in Venezuela

Are you from Venezuela and looking to make money en línea? Well let me tell you that you are in the right place.

Surely you are tired of looking for methods that allow you to earn some money and finding obstacles since many of these do not accept users of your nationality, well, that’s over.

The economic crisis in Venezuela is obvious and has been plaguing the country for too many years.

Families are having a really hard time coping with their day-to-day lives and it is logical that many go en línea to alleviate this situation somewhat.

In this article, I am going to espectáculo you the best and most reliable pages that perro be found right now for make money en línea from Venezuela.

Most of these sites are free, so you will not have to worry about making any investment, anyone cánido work on them, since we are only going to need an correo electrónico and the determination to want to generate plus income.

All these pages have been tested by me personally, I am not Venezuelan, but they are sites that accept various nationalities and I have verified one hundred percent that they perro be used without any problem residing in Venezuela, therefore you will not have to worry in this regard.

Sites to earn money in Venezuela

There are many sites that will allow you to earn money from Venezuela, the most reliable I will espectáculo you below.

They will be separated according to their categories, since in all of them we will be asked to do totally different actions, in this way you will know what type of work you will have to do in them to earn money.

viewing ads

The first section is the simplest, it is about pages that are going to pay us to view advertisements.

We will have to accumulate the cómputo until we reach the minimum stipulated on each page, then we withdraw the money to our favorite payment processor that is accepted on said website.

neobux Assessment Details
You pay us to view ads and fill out surveys More information
Heedyou Assessment Details
You pay us to view ads the minimum payment is $1 More information
BTCClicks Assessment Details
You pay us to view ads the form of payment is Bitcoin More information

In this section, perseverance and patience are escencial, since the remuneration per ad seen is quite low, generally it usually ranges between $0.001 and $0.05, all this will depend on the page in question, the type of ad viewed and if we have invested in any plan or membership of the web itself.

One of the Neobux payments

These pages have been paying for many years, so their reliability is more than proven.

Above you cánido see one of the many payments we have received from them, specifically it is a Neobux voucher.

Taking paid surveys

Although it is a method that tends to make many lazy, the truth is that it is one of the most lucrative and safe.

There are platforms that pay very well for each completed survey and although many of them have a somewhat high minimum payment, it is very satisfying to receive payments for our effort and dedication.

ySense Assessment Details
Page that pays us to do surveys and tasks More information
SurveyRewardz Assessment Details
Surveys for all countries with an affordable minimum payment More information
marketagent Assessment Details
€1.5 just for registering good referral system More information
GreenPanthera Assessment Details
Many daily surveys available start with $5 free More information
Myiyo Assessment Details
Although it does not stand out for sending many surveys, it is very reliable More information

It is very important not to lie either in the information provided when registering, or in the answers when filling in the studies, we may have problems when it comes to charging and it is not very ethical to lie to do a job.

Payment received from Myiyo

All the survey pages that I teach you pay, what’s more, it is the method that you will find less fraudulent platforms by far.

For sample, the proof of a payment received in Myiyo by Paypal.

Earn free money in Venezuela by solving captchas

This practice is very fácil, anyone cánido do it without any problem.

The only thing you will have to do is solve captchas correctly and for this we will receive a small amount of money.

If you are interested in this way of earning money, I recommend you visit the articulo where I espectáculo you how to do it.

All the pages you will find are for Venezuela. Earn money solving captchas for free

The negative of this type of pages is that the profits are not very high, so they cánido be used to complement other types of businesses.

On the other hand, the good thing is that you earn based on the time you dedicate to it, the more time the higher the earnings.

We must also speak positively of the minimum payment of these platforms, since they are quite low.

In some of them we will be able to withdraw our money when we barely reach $0.50, that is undoubtedly a agregado in your favor.

Performing different tasks

In the tasks section, I personally include pages that pay us to do jobs that are totally different from the previous ones, that opens up the range a lot, so we cánido find websites that have nothing to do with each other.

In any case, we are talking about the most lucrative sites, since the possible profits are much higher than those of the other categories.

RemoTasks Assessment Details
Page of mini-jobs that, well worked, cánido bring us more than $200 per month More information
honeygain Assessment Details
You pay us for our excess megabytes, they give away $5 free for signing up More information
pre-search Assessment Details
We earn Presearch (Ethereum-based crypto) for our internet searches More information
picoworkers Assessment Details
It is a very addictive website.

It allows us to earn money doing different tasks

More information

Some of these pages, such as RemoTasks, require significant dedication, you cánido earn a lot of money with it, but it also needs to be worked on properly.

Earn money being Trabajo independiente

Finally we take a look at the Trabajo independiente category.

For this you will have to dedicate your full time, since it is a job where you will have to put all your talent and effort to succeed.

If you have a talent or a profession, there are platforms where you perro make your services available to users who need them in exchange for financial remuneration.

This is the case of Fiverr, where you perro offer graphic designer, SEO, application designer, editor, etcétera… services to people who are looking for such services.

Fiverr users who provide SEO services

To offer this type of work you must be as professional and neat as possible, since competition is fierce and clients are your greatest asset, the happier they are, the better their reviews will be, the more work you will receive and therefore the more money you will make. to win.

Collect and exchange dollars for bolivars

It is useless to try these types of websites if we do not then have a payment processor through which to withdraw the profits that we are obtaining from them.

Not all electronic payment processors accept users of all nationalities, some countries are restricted or withdrawals to bank accounts or cards are not available.

Without a doubt, the best wallet for this is Paypal, it is the most used, safe and reliable of all wallets.

It also stands out for its ease of use and for not charging commissions for transferring our cómputo to our bank account.

If you want to know more, I advise you to go to how to create a Paypal account.

The problem is that not all websites have Paypal among their payment methods, so we will have to open accounts with other payment processors to withdraw the money. that we are winning

Other payment processors for Venezuela

· AirTM: Change money between processors and withdraw them to your bank account.

· Skrill: Payment processor with own card and withdrawals to bank accounts.

· Payeer: Exchange different currencies and cryptos.

Opinion and advice about earning free money in Venezuela

When trying pages where you cánido earn money on the Internet, you have to be very careful, there is a lot of cheek on the loose that tries to take advantage of people’s desperation, which is why it is always convenient to read what the topic is about before trying it. anything.

Although there are a large number of sites where you cánido start earning money from Venezuela, I will present here the most reliable of all the ones I am testing.

I will constantly update this article, as there will be pages that over time will earn the right to entrar these lists and others that will unfortunately lose that privilege.

In any case, they are all free, so we do not lose money in the attempt, and many of them are giving me exceptional results, yes, you have to work on them, I am not fooling anyone, without effort and perseverance you will not earn anything or in these, nor in other pages.

We hope you liked our article How to make money in Venezuela
and everything related to earning money, getting a job, and the economy of our house.

 How to make money in Venezuela
  How to make money in Venezuela
  How to make money in Venezuela

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