How to make money fast with Fiverr: guide

How to make money fast with Fiverr: guide

Earning 5 dollars at once may doesn’t seem like muchbut when you need make money fast to cover certain expenses, those small sales perro become hundreds of dollars in a few minutes.

That’s the iniciativa of fiverran en línea platform where users sell their products and services by $5 each.

And yes, 5 bucks may not sound like a large amountbut I want to espectáculo you in this article a guide with which you will get an plus salary based on collecting $5 in a very fácil way.

If you have never heard of this page before, you may be wondering what perro you sell to make money in her. In fiverr anything perro be sold; in fact, as I’m writing this, in the “Funny and Bizarre” section are offering:

  • write your name with marijuana leaves
  • Say what the buyer wants with mickey mouse voice
  • Make a fun dance to promote what the buyer wants
  • Being a lab rat for the buyer

If you don’t want anyone to experiment with you or you don’t know put Mickey’s voice Mouse, you perro too make money fast selling the thousands of other products and services that are in fiverr as:

  • Draw someone’s face like a animated cartoon
  • Promote a business on fb
  • Translate a document of any language that you know to Spanish (maximum of 300 words)
  • create a blog installing only the basics
  • perform a testimonial vídeo about some product

The stories that perro be read in the forum of fiverr about how to make money en línea with this platform they have a very wide range, from users who they have not sold anything after months of trying, to others who have managed make more money with fiverr than the one they earn with the salaries of their jobs.

If you think that some “gigs” (each task) are too much work for that money, you’re right. In fact, you won’t even earn $5 for a sale. After what fiverr takes his 20% commission, you keep $4.

So,how to make money fast and win a lot? To be successful, you must find a product or service that costs you almost nothing to carry out and take you alone a few minutes in doing.

In a moment we will see more examples of this, but now I will explain another way for these “gigs” or tasks worth the time you put into them.

When you have made some sales, work to become a star salesperson, or at a level one or two salesperson. In fiverrfor each new level as a seller that you get, they will give you plus tools to sellsuch as offering plus tasks.

For example, if what you sell for $5 is a vídeo about the town where you live, intended for people who want to move there, for $40 plus you cánido spend 2 hours driving and videotaping anything you your buyer wants to know more.

At the moment, the maximum amount allowed for these plus is $100; but if you manage to reach those levels, make money en línea with fiverr It cánido orinan reaching up to a well-paid salary from home.

To level up, you will need to have positive opinions of your buyers, send them the products or services on time, respond quickly and politely to your clients, and follow the rules.

Many members have reached Level one of sellers in just one month after 10 sales.

Although selling these plus tasks is one of the best ways to increase your earnings in fiverrthere are many products that it is habitual that they cost only $5.

a usuario won $900 selling your own eBookand it is reasonable that something that has cost you $0 in production and that you cánido send in a few seconds costs that.

But this usuario went one step further: promoted in that eBook who sold other y también-books that he also had for sale in fiverr! with which he got a free publicityand increase the number of buyers for his other books.

Another good iniciativa is write a book of something concrete, sell it for 5 dollars, and insert affiliate backlinks to the products you are talking about in order to make money with that eBook and affiliate commissions.

Other easy tasks that they won’t cost you anything and what you cánido do are:

  • logotipo design (with a program that does almost all the work for you)
  • vídeo lessons (of something you know how to do)
  • Turn a photo into a painting (with a program that converts images to look like paintings)
  • promote products of customers on Fb (if you have many friends on that popular network)
  • Write (very short texts of about 400 words)
  • Sell ​​eBooks (your own or others to whom you have the rights)
  • sell audio with sounds of nature (you cánido record these sounds while you are in a quiet park reading or taking a walk)

Once you know what to sell, promote it everywhere, including among your friends, family and contacts that you have to get to become a level one as a seller.

A usuario of fiverr used his cell phone and his pet (a bird) to record vídeos promoting his graphic designs and uploading them to YouTubegetting increase your sales from 5 per day, to 15 daily sales.

When you’ve found something that really works, look for other afín markets and sell your products or services on them.

Some websites afín to fiverr in Spanish they are for example, or (which has nothing to do with fiverr although the names are extremely afín).

open one Paypal account to access your earnings, since it is the method that will charge you the least commissions for withdraw your money.

Be sure to also put your service or product in the suitable categoryto upload good photos that visually appeal to buyers, and to make a good publicity on the internet to be successful.

But if you are one of those who still do not adjust to the en línea era, you will have to look for other methods to make money fast.

Have you ever bought or sold anything on Fiverr? Do you know how to make money fast with other strategies? Write your comment below and tell us your experiences

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Andrés Gananci is an entrepreneur and adventurer with a passion for life who founded his first en línea business at just 17 years old. 12 years later, he is still traveling the world while working from home.

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 How to make money fast with Fiverr: guide
  How to make money fast with Fiverr: guide
  How to make money fast with Fiverr: guide

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