How to make money creating fácil games

How to make money creating fácil games

Buildbox is a powerful game development engine that allows you to create mobile games without coding. Founded by Trey Smith in 2014, Buildbox aims to simplify the game development process. It does this by offering a fácil drag-and-drop usuario interfaz, making it easy for anyone without programming experience to use.

It is also worth mentioning that Buildbox cánido easily export a game to multiple platforms including; Android, Mac, Apple televisión, Windows and iOS devices. This means that your game will work on most major platforms, increasing your revenue exponentially.

How exactly does Buildbox work?

There are many different types of game engines, and each has its own way of working. In this section, we’re going to go over the basics of how to use Buildbox and what you need to know before you get started.

  • First, go to and download the programa. Buildbox offers 2 different versions: classic 2D and 3D. The version you choose will depend on the type of game you are interested in creating. I personally love using Buildbox 2D classic because it allows me to build fácil and addictive 2D mobile games. I also find it easier to use and faster in deploying ideas and games.

On the other hand, Buildbox 3D is extremely powerful. You perro create immersive 3D games without any programming knowledge. (Note: Whichever version you choose, Buildbox offers a afín experience, with a robust usuario interfaz.)

Access these helpful guides on other types of businesses you perro start.

  • Once the web page opens, clic “Get Started” at the top, and select Buildbox 3D or 2D Classic. Choose the free version to be able to test the programa.
  • Buildbox is available on both Mac and Windows, so make sure you select the correct version.
  • Once the programa finishes downloading, open it and sign in with your Gmail account.
  • Please take a few seconds to familiarize yourself with the usuario interfaz.

Do I need to have knowledge to use Buildbox?

Just no. Buildbox has a very easy learning curve. The platform also has an active community with tutorials to help you out when you’re stuck. Additionally, Buildbox has a plethora of tools and templates that you perro use to design your game. If you don’t want to start from scratch, these templates give you the option to select a game that you cánido tweak, add art, levels, and create something of your own.

Before using Buildbox, I recommend that you watch all the vídeo tutorials, as this will benefit you in the long run. Clic on this backlink to see all tutorials.

How do you make money with Buildbox?

Like any other aplicación on the AppStore, Buildbox allows you to easily integrate Google plus ads and add in-aplicación purchases for upgrades, levels, or whatever you see fit. Or you cánido just sell the games you make. However, most people tend to prefer to place ads and offer in-aplicación purchases.

How much money cánido you earn with Buildbox?

The potential is limitless, but there are many caveats. If you create a runaway success, like flappy bird, with millions of downloads, it is obvious that it will change your life. Realistically though, the mobile gaming industry is competitive and it’s all going to come down to what you think. But do not be discouraged, if you want to try this route, it is worth trying. Lots of people make money doing this, and $1,000 a month in income is easily achievable if you put in the effort.

(Note: In the world of aplicación development, $1,000/month of revenue is considered little. Try to aim higher by setting yourself quarterly goals.)


  • Buildbox 2D Classic has 3 pricing levels. A free version, a agregado version for $9.99 per month (or $89.99 per year), and a Pro version for $224.99 per year.
  • Buildbox 3D also has 3 price levels. A free version, a agregado version for $19.99 (or $189.99 per year), and a Pro version for $499.99 per year.

(NoteThese prices are those in force at the time of writing this document. clic this backlink to see the updated prices and the characteristics of each level).

Where perro I get assets for my projects?

Game resources are anything you use to create your game. They cánido be as fácil as a character sprite or as complex as a full 3D model of a house.

The most common types of gaming assets include:

  • artistic assets: Art assets are the visual elements that go into the creation of the game, such as backgrounds, characters, sprites, and other elements. They are usually drawn by hand or generated with programs such as Photoshop. There are also countless resources to buy or download free game resources.
  • sound resources: Sound effects and music make up the sound part of your game, so they are also an important part of creating your game. You cánido create them yourself with tools like GarageBand or Audacity, or buy them from websites like AudioJungle or Epidemic Sound.

How do I publish on the Play Store?

To be able to publish an application in the Google plus Play Store, it is necessary to have a developer account with Google plus. Sign up for a developer account at This will cost $25 for one aplicación.

The process of publishing an application on Google plus Play is quite fácil. Here’s a quick overview to guide you through the process of publishing an aplicación with Android Studio and the Google plus Play Console.

  • Configure the information of your request by filling in the field «Name» and pressing the button «Create«.
  • Check that all the details are correct by clicking on the gear icon located in the upper right corner of the screen and selecting «project settings«.
  • Add screenshots and descriptions.
  • Upload the APK archivo to the developer console and submit it for review.
  • Make sure you have checked the option “Publish this APK» in “Compile«.
  • Wait for the review and make any changes required by the Google plus Play review team.

For more information on how to publish an aplicación on the Google plus Play Store, clic this backlink.

How do I publish to the iOS aplicación store?

To enroll in the iOS Developer Program, visit and follow the on-screen instructions to enroll in the Program. Purchasing a developer account would cost you $99 per year.

Apple has strict guidelines for publishing aplicaciones on its Aplicación Store. If you want to publish an aplicación on the Aplicación Store, you must first understand these guidelines.

Apple’s main goal is to provide a secure experience for users. Therefore, it will reject any aplicación that does not comply with these rules.

Here are some of Apple’s guidelines for publishing an iOS aplicación:

  • The aplicación should not have any functional issues and perro be easily used by people who have never used it before. Since your game will be designed vía Buildbox, this won’t be a problem. Just make sure the navigation is consistent.
  • Your aplicación must not contain offensive material, such as explicit sexual content or hate speech (racism, etcétera.). This means that your application cannot include images or vídeos of people performing sexual acts or showing their private parts, even if they are adults over 18 years of age. Additionally, your aplicación may not include any hate speech or racist comments related to race, ethnicity, gender identity, etcétera.

In case you don’t have an Apple ID. It is used to enroll in the iOS Developer Program, purchase an Aplicación Store Distribution Certificate, and purchase a Push Notifications Certificate. Visit and follow the onscreen instructions to create an Apple ID.

For more information on publishing an aplicación on the Aplicación Storeclic this backlink.

Are there others stores that I perro send correos electrónicos to?

Aside from the Play Store, iOS Aplicación Store, and Mac Store, are there any other stores you cánido use to get your game out there?

Are there alternatives to Buildbox?

There are many game engines out there, including the most habitual ones like Unity and Unreal Engine. However, what attracted me to Buildbox is how easy it is to use through its robust drag and drop usuario interfaz. However, this simplicity perro be its Achilles heel, as experienced developers complain about its lack of in-depth features and functionality compared to other professional programa.

Is Buildbox worth it?

Absolutely, especially for anyone thinking of getting into the gaming industry. As in any other career, you have to have an open mind, learn from your colleagues and adapt to changes. Buildbox may have an easy learning curve, but there’s a lot more to learn in the world of aplicación development. From browsing and publishing on different aplicación stores, to SEO and marketing, there is always a need to move forward.

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 How to make money creating fácil games
  How to make money creating fácil games
  How to make money creating fácil games

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