How to make money chatting from home

How to make money chatting from home

Currently, earning money vía the Internet has become one of the easiest and fastest ways to earn income without having to leave home.

We already know the classic ways to generate income with paid surveys, earn money with popular networks, etcétera.

Today we focus on a new one, that of getting an plus chatting with other people.

Some web pages allow monetize chatting with other people from anywhere in the world.

Here we espectáculo you how you perro do it.

Perro you earn money by chatting with other people?

It is likely that you have doubts about who would pay you to chat with other people, and the reality may surprise you, this is because Currently many companies require customer service or people who are dedicated to talking to others.

This business model is based on marketing or advertising, and conversations cánido range from emotional attention to fácil friendship.

Now, the type of people with whom you are going to chat to obtain money is very varied, but the objective will always be establish a conversation and meet the number of daily hours of chat.

Next, we will point out the main ways in which you cánido earn money by interacting in a chat process.


Popular chat

In the network many people are interested in encuentro others, so they use various chat platforms that allow them to have a rapid popular interaction process.

Some of these pages even they pay to chat with their usersand their main iniciativa is to attract more people to their service, therefore they offer money to those who create interaction and traffic on their page.

Likewise, other platforms have a subscription-based business modelas a result, its users pay a certain amount to choose who they want to have a conversation with vía chat.

Many foreigners have main purpose of learning a new languagetherefore, they get help from tutors, en línea teacherscourses or people that allow them to practice and correct this dialect, also improve writing or pronunciation.

Usually, these people value the time of others and pay to help them learn more about the languagebut in the event that the communication is carried out through an intermediary web page, it will be this one who will pay you for giving your help to foreigners in their training process.


Customer service

The work is based on answer questions made by the users and clients of the different companies that contract your attention services, through the chat portal that you use to generate income.

In general, the platforms will provide you with a guide that includes the answers to frequently asked questionsIn addition, having access to a registration system and other regulations that may depend on the service and the company for which you work.



If you are a professional person or You have extensive knowledge in a ámbito with high demand, you cánido provide advice en línea to others who want to get assistance in the area.

Generally, many people pay to maintain conversations with real experts on different topics such as:

  • Programming.
  • Seo.
  • Advertising.
  • Sales.
  • Artificial intelligence.
  • Oratory.
  • Personal relationships.


Emotional support

Today there are many people who seek emotional support from others, and even have the ability to pay a certain amount of money for care and support.

Your job will be to listen to their personal problemschat with them, and give them emotional support through chat.


Adult entertainment

Certain chat web pages are only intended to entertain adults and are usually the best paid.

Its main purpose is connect with other people who want to have an erotic conversation.

The type of business of these chat platforms is based on paid subscriptions, however, if you are a woman you will obtain economic benefits chatting with men, since they do not have to pay any subscription.

In the same way, the page will offer you a percentage of all the profits obtained by the users who paid.

All you have to do is chat with men with erotic content for as long as possible.

10 Aplicaciones and pages to earn money chatting

On the net there are a variety of platforms and applications that promise you to get money by chatting easilyHowever, the reality is that if these tools exist, you should be especially careful, as many of them are often a waste of time or scams.

That is why we will mention you below the main pages and applications that will allow you to get money by chatting.

Keep reading!


this platform allows you to work as a chat moderator, you just have to answer messagesIt is also used to give advice on a professional issue or in personal life.

Among the main advantages of this page we perro highlight the following:

  • You have your own hours.
  • There is no geographical limitation
  • Just fill in the form and accept your candidacy



Through this aplicación you cánido get up to $25 an hour for help other people to solve their doubts.

You only have to sign up for the campaigns that are available according to your knowledge, and you will help to solve any doubt that a usuario has.

You cánido download it for Android and iOS.


Givvy is a completely different aplicación, you don’t have to chat to earn money en línea, rather It is based on posting messages in your chats or popular networks in which you help to viralize products and get more income from them.

This aplicación has many users and is currently very stable.

You cánido download it for Android and iOS.


justanswer It is dedicated to the professional field, and any usuario who enters this page perro obtain accurate answers from outsiders in a certain area.

Is an ideal aplicación for lawyers, doctors, veterinarians, plumbers, electriciansamong others.

Regarding payments, you receive them vía PayPal and you perro earn up to 30 dollars per accepted answer.

However, the profit may depend on what each of the clients wants to pay for the given answer.



Cambly is a web page seeks to help students who are learning English. If you want to participate by chatting or through vídeo calls, you perro earn up to 0.17 cents per minute, that is, about $10 per hour.

This alternative is interesting and profitable if you speak English and want to have conversations with other users.


FriendPC it’s found dedicated to people looking for a friend with whom to have a conversation by messages, phone calls or en línea.

In the same way, it is paid for users who want to contract the service, but it is free for those who want to become that virtual friend.

Regarding the remuneration offered by the platform ranges from $15 to $50 hourly.


This website does not make you participate as an intermediary, since here are the clients who hire you to chat as an expert in the area you mark.

Example, if you are a good person in photography or fitness you perro publish yourself as an expert and equipo your rates; later, users will pay to chat with you and answer their concerns.


The platform Upwork It has a wide range of trabajo independiente jobs and companies who are looking for customer service professionals to provide their services as chat operators.

This page is ideal because it is completely safe and used by many people on a daily basis, therefore, you should not fear possible scams or deception.


This popular network pays allows its users to interact with different content creators in exchange for them paying a subscription that allows them to unlock the features of the platform.

Regarding content creators perro provide various benefits to their subscribers among which stand out:

  • Photos.
  • Mentions.
  • Dedications.
  • Vídeos.
  • Contact vía chat.

Perro make money with onlyfans in different ways, however, his forte is the creation of explicit content for adults.

So, if you have enough followers and visibility you perro get a lot of money from your subscribers.


fiveer It is a multiplatform in which you perro find small jobs and offers to get money by chatting en línea.

These offers are in Spanish or English, being the main languages ​​requested by their users.

How much cánido you earn by chatting?

What you cánido earn for chatting with other people perro depend on many factors, some websites equipo hourly rates, while others pay a flat rate for everyone.

In addition, you cánido get paid by the minute, hour, message or rateregardless of how much time you spend chatting with someone.

So, you cánido earn at least 10 dollars or 15 dollars per hour.

Normally, the rates are equipo by the company, but other times it is you who indicates what your price is.

In conclusion, the more chat sessions you do, the higher your income will be.

What are you waiting for to start trying it right now!

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 How to make money chatting from home
  How to make money chatting from home
  How to make money chatting from home

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