How to make an invoice by hand

How to make an invoice by hand

In today’s age of technology, where everything is handled through computers and advanced programa, it is unlikely that a manual invoice will be required.

But it’s not impossible.

Circumstances could arise and you better be prepared for when that happens, of course, if it ever happens.

In this article we are going to help you learn how to make an invoice by hand, respecting the laws of the country.

In addition, we will see how to make the record in the accounting as well with the respective declaration.

What are the requirements to make an invoice by hand?

Unlike electronic or digital invoices, making an invoice by hand requires the use of more tools.

You will need to have a piece of paper in good condition, a pen and, most importantly, the detailed knowledge of each of the elements that make up an invoice.

This will be escencial so that the final result conforms to the laws of the country.

Only then will it be valid.

The good news for you is that each of the invoices, both the model and the details of its main data, they perro be found by searching a little on the internet.

So you should not worry, at least not too much, if you do not know the information required in a legal invoice.

To help you out, we’re going to go through each of these in depth.


The numbering on an invoice is as important as the identification of a person.

If an invoice does not have a number, it immediately ceases to have legal validity.

What number should you put on it? As it is an instrument that is part of the company’s accounting, the number to be recorded must be the one immediately superior to the last invoice prepared.

It is a detail to consider.

If the number does not correspond to the correlative, either because it is repeated or because it leaves a gap between the previous invoice, the content of the invoice that is being made would be without effect.

Date of issue

The date on an invoice does more than simply indicate the day it was created, although that is important as well.

The date Allows you to determine the termof both parties, to comply with their obligations before the laws that regulate taxes.

Given the importance of this data, must be spelled accurately.

Changing the date on an invoice is grounds for its cancellation.

To avoid this, it is requested that the complete date is always placed.

The data must have year, month and day.

Especially in relation to the year, it should be noted in such a way that it cannot be changed later.

Issuer Data

The information of who issues the invoice, in this case the company that issues it by hand, is also very important.

They perro only be included in the accounting records, all those that have the full and exact name of the company.

Any modification of this, or fallo when writing it down, nullifies the validity of the invoice.

When placing the name of the company, it must be specify the type of trade in question, such as a corporation or limited liability company.

The issuer’s name must be the same on all invoices you make, whether electronic or physical means are used.

Client data

As important as the data of the sender, are those of the receiver.

The client must provide all the information that allows to accurately reflect, and without probability of confusion, their data on the invoice.

In the case of a company, you must provide its full name, as well as the number that corresponds to it, as the NIF or CIG.

If necessary, a card or other document that facilitates registration cánido be requested. Entering customer data incorrectly would seriously affect the invoice.


When talking about taxes we quickly think of VAT.

And rightly so, since it is one of the most common and important in the registration of an invoice.

But it also has to take care of the inclusion of any other tax that is required by law, such as withholding of IRFP.

Most of the taxes are directly related to the amount to be paid, hence it is always it is suggested to use a calculator, or other afín means, to calculate the amount to pay as tax.

Once there is security regarding all amounts, it is written on the invoice.


One of the data that validates an invoice is the signature.

As if it were a written letter, the signature of the responsible person must be placed at the end of it.

In general, the same person who wrote the invoice is the one who does it.

It perro also be required that the client place his signature, confirming its receipt and acceptance.

How do you keep the accounting of the invoices at Hand?

The way of accounting does not change if the way of invoicing is by hand or by electronic means.

But it does depend on the condition of the business.

If you are self-employed, you must record invoice information in the revenue ledger.

Book required by tax entities.

The information to be collected in them is mainly informative.

The process is a bit more complicated for those who have a business.

The rules of the General Accounting Plan require the creating an entry in the corresponding ledger.

This record will include the following elementos:

  • base amount.

    It is the amount to be paid, not including the tax.

  • Taxes.

    The corresponding amount, be it VAT, IRFP withholding or both.

  • final amount.

    It is the sum of the base amount agregado the tax amount.

The seat would be as follows:

On the Debit side, you would place the total amount of the operation carried out.

On the Credit side there are two accounts: Income and VAT.

As is to be expected, the amounts on both sides must match.

How do you declare a handmade invoice?

Once the invoice has been completed, it must be stored together with the others for its declaration before the Tax Agency.

For it, You have at your disposal a series of forms, which are used depending on the circumstances.

This declaration is made, within the following 20 days, after the end of each quarter.

  • If you must declare VAT.

    Use the 303 form.

  • If you deliver invoices with withholdings.

    Use form 130 or 131.

  • If you receive invoices with withholdings.

    Use 111.

Making an invoice by hand, following the recommendations explained in this article, has the same legal value as any other invoice.

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 How to make an invoice by hand
  How to make an invoice by hand
  How to make an invoice by hand

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