How to make a website step by step

How to make a website step by step

If you have reached this page it is because you want to know how to make a web page and what types of websites exist; but maybe all the tutorials you’ve found so far on other pages have only left you more confused and lost.

You have come to the right place.

Today I am going to teach you How to make a web page step by step in less than 15 minutes.


All the instructions that I will give you in this tutorial are completely detailed and step by step so that ANYONE cánido easily follow them.

You will learn to make your own web page or blog, with your own domain, in just 15 minutes and without the need to know complicated computer codes.

with this tutorial even a child cánido create their own web page!

A web page is the first basic step to start earning money en línea. Through a website or blog you make yourself known to the world, offer your products and services, espectáculo your skills, and manage to generate recurring income for your home AS YOU WISH.

Are you ready to build your first website in just 15 minutes and start earning money with it? Let’s start then and do not forget these essential elements to create a website.

How to choose a good domain and a hosting that is CHEAP

What is a domain and which one to choose?

The domain is the web address that you will use on the Internet. For example, the domain of this page is

There are many types of extensions for a domain: .es – if your page is from Spain -, .co – if it is from Colombia -, .pe – if you are from Peru -.

But I I recommend that if you want to have a professional web page with which to earn money, you choose a .com domain or .net since they are the ones that give a better and more professional image.

Also, if you want to appear in the first results of Google plus, you must choose a domain name that contains the palabras clave of the main theme of your website.


Example 1: If you want to make a website where you cánido sell cheap books, you cánido choose the domain

Example 2: If the topic of your blog is to lose weight without a diet, choose a domain such as or

What is a hosting and which one to choose?

Hosting is the service provided by a company so that you cánido host archivos, images, vídeos, etcétera. from your website.

So that you understand it better: hosting is like a virtual “armario” in which you store all your archivos and the information that make up your web page.

That is why it is important to choose a good hosting.

To start, I recommend that you buy the most basic hosting with 1 GB of space because with that amount of storage you will have plenty whether you want to create a habitual web page or if you are going to create your en línea business and upload images of your products.

My recommendation for you to buy your hosting and your domain name is the website GoDaddy.

It’s the best place to buy out there, and the cheapest: you perro find domains from $1 and up.

That is where I buy all the domains and hostings for my web pages and en línea businesses.

And this is the best part:

Today I’m going to espectáculo you how to buy your hosting at GoDaddy and get your domain name for FREE!

How to buy a FREE hosting + domain in GoDaddy

Go to the page of GoDaddy by clicking on the following blue button:

Once you are on the website of GoDaddyyou only have to follow the following vídeo tutorial that I have created for you and, in less than 5 minutes, you will have your hosting purchased with your free domain!

If you cánido’t see the vídeo above, follow the written tutorial below With Images:

Go to the GoDaddy website by clicking here. In the gray menu above, choose your country.

In the white square where it says “Entrar a domain name”, Write the name that your web page will have. For example: if your website will deal with nutrition, and it will be called “Get lost without diets”, you must write in the white box “” all together without any space.

Once you have written your domain name in the white box, clic on the “Search domains” button to see if it is available or not.

If your domain is not available, type another name in the white box and clic the “Search again” button.

When it appears that the name for your page is available, Clic on the green “Select” button.

Clic on the orange button “Continue to cart” to go to the next page.

In the next page, leave the first box gray with the option “No thanks” since you will not need that option, and if you select it, making your web page will be more expensive.

In the next gray box below called “Options”, check the box next to the phrase “Site Builder + Hosting”.

This option is the cheapest and by selecting it you will be buying your hosting (the storage to upload the archivos of your web page) and a free website designer that will allow you to design your page if you do not have knowledge of web page design.

Leave the bottom menu option “Personal” checked because this way your website will be cheaper when you buy it.

In the next gray box called “Dirección de correo electrónico” do not mark anything either, leave it as it is.

Next, Clic on the orange “Continue to cart” button.

On the next page that appears, you perro review your purchase and check if everything is correct.

Once you’ve reviewed it, Clic on the orange button “Proceed to payment”.

Now you must register in GoDaddy in order to finalize your purchase. Clic the orange “Continue” button under “New Customers” to open your new account.

Fill in all the information requested on the next screensuch as your first name, last name, the nombre de usuario and password you’ll use to log into your GoDaddy account, and lastly, your payment information.

Once you have filled in all the requested information, Clic the orange “Continue” button at the bottom of the page.

Ready! You have already bought your hosting (the place where you will save the archivos of your web page) and your free domain name (the name of your website).


How to backlink your domain with your hosting in GoDaddy

If you have bought both your domain (the name of your page with the .com) like your hosting (the storage) at GoDaddy, you don’t have to do anything else!

Your website will already be working and you will only have to start changing the design options you want and configure it.

But if you have bought your hosting on another page and the domain on GoDaddy (or vice versa), for your website to start working you will have to backlink your domain to your hosting, and then I will espectáculo you how to do it too.

REMEMBER: if you have followed the tutorial above and both the hosting and the domain have been purchased from GoDaddy, YOU DO NOT NEED TO FOLLOW THE STEPS BELOW.

Let’s put as an example that you bought your hosting in GoDaddybut you have bought your domain on another page; entrar your correo electrónico and open the correo electrónico that was sent to you when you bought your domain Web page. You should have an dirección de correo electrónico afín to this:

I recommend you to Save this dirección de correo electrónico in an important dirección de correo electrónico folder you have, or write down all the data on it and keep it in a safe place.

Now sign in to your GoDaddy account and, in “Domains”, Clic on the green “Manage” button.

On the next page, look at your domain name and clic on the arrow that appears downwards.

You will see that there are several options: Clic on “Manage DNS”.

On the next screen, clic on “Settings” and, In the “Name servers” option, clic on “Manage”.

In the new screen that will appear, clic on the “Add nameserver” button and in the window that appears, write the nameservers (nameservers) that they sent you in the correo electrónico and that begin with “NS” with four numbers after it.

Save all the changes and you’re done! You already have your domain linked to your hosting and your page will start working in a few hours!

Congratulations! You have already created your own website

How long did it take to create your website? Has it been less than 15 minutes? If so, congratulations! Leave me a comment below telling me how it went the process by following the steps in this tutorial or any questions you have about it.

Now is your turn: Start configuring your website, write quality articles or sell your products and services, and start receiving visits that will become your most loyal readers.

I would like to ask you a favor: if you liked this article about How to make a web page or blog Step by Step, Please share it on all your popular networks. This will reach those people who also want to create their own website and you will help them with it.

This is an excellent iniciativa to generate income, but if you need money now, there are other ways to earn money that you cánido use

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Andrés Gananci is an entrepreneur and adventurer with a passion for life who founded his first en línea business at just 17 years old. 12 years later, he is still traveling the world while working from home.

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 How to make a website step by step
  How to make a website step by step
  How to make a website step by step

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