How to make a Passport Appointment at the

How to make a Passport Appointment at the

As well as many other documents, the passport appointment is one of the legal procedures, which cánido be validated in its entirety, which allows the citizen to certify each of the data of the same citizen.

Similarly, this is one of the documents that allows people to entrar legally, in the migration section in each of the other countries.

This means that the passport is currently the only legal document, which, in addition to providing an identity to citizens, allows them to obtain international validity, in turn granting an issuer of entry and exit from a country.

If you want to know how to get a passport appointment at SAIME Venezuela, just keep reading!

How to make a Passport Appointment?

Over time, the same Venezuelan citizens have sought ways to expand each of their options in the future.

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Where they have given themselves the task of looking for various options that today serve as a method to widen each of their stakes and thus emigrate to different parts of the world, as long as they comply with the permits granted by law.

First of all, people must find a way to apply for a passport either in person or en línea.

Therefore, the same people must search for the purpose of performing each of the usuario registrations, looking for the home section.

After that, people cánido request some of the appointments to give them the passport legally.

Once the process has been carried out satisfactorily, the same system will give the person the option to make the payment for the passport appointments.

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With respect to costs, everything will depend on the requests that each of the individuals wish to carry out.

To do this we have the following steps:

first time passport

People who are going to apply for a passport for the first time, because what they should keep in mind first of all is the cost of it.

Today the passport for people who are going to do it this way, must pay approximately 2 petros.

After the payment has been made, it must be accompanied by proof of payment, it must be presented the same day that the appointment has been assigned.

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IMPORTANT: For people who are doing this procedure from abroad, the cost will be higher, that is, it will cost approximately 200 dollars or its equivalent in the local currency of that same day.

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express passport

This is one of the options that today are no longer available on the SAIME pages, so those people who were in the process of this process will no longer be able to continue it.

Since in the system that were previously installed, it stopped working; Now the people who were in the middle of this must formally present their claim.

Said claim perro be made by people at each of the SAIME official offices or by telephone through 0800SAIME00.

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For people who have carried out this procedure from abroad, each of these claims must be made through the frozen ones or the embassies where the appointment is made.

In the same way, people must present each of the requirements that is established in the SAIME fiscal page with respect to their procedure.

Passport extension

The extension of the passport is one of the many requests that people tend to make for which it itself costs 1 petro.

But although it is true that the value of the procedure is stipulated in petro, people must take into account that if they are in Venezuela the cost of the procedure must be carried out in bolivars.

People should keep in mind that the petro is one of the units of measurement for which, at the time the person is going to pay, they must do so in bolivars.

In the event that the contribution still has blank pages, then they must or it is recommended that you request the extension, but in the event that they no longer have blank pages, then you must renew it.

For people who have made this request from abroad, they should keep in mind that the cost is 100 dollars or otherwise, its equivalent in local currency.

IMPORTANT: People who want to make a request for passport extension that are made in Venezuela, because they must request it within the national territory.

children’s passport

The cost of the passport for children who are minors is the same as that of adults, that is, 2 petros.

In general, people should keep in mind that children usually have to present some other documents in addition to the requirements that are usually established.

Likewise, people must present 2 forms that are printed on both sides, and for the same reason they must have an original and a copy of the child’s birth certificate.

In cases where the boy or girl is over 9 years old, they perro present their identity card, although if they are under 9 years old, they perro present the birth certificate accompanied by the identity card, either of the mother of the father or some representative.

As another important piece of information, children who are older than 9 years of age must present some of the blank photographs, which in turn are in passport size.

And therefore it must be accompanied by the form of the Authorization for the Issuance of Passports to minors.


For people who want to request an appointment, once they have entered the system, what they must do is entrar the official SAIME page and clic on the option “Application for Passport in Venezuela”.

After that people must select the button “To ask for a date”in one of the options found in the main menu.

It is here where people must fill out each of the parts of the form with their corresponding data and finally they must enable each of the options that are to pay for an appointment.

So they must clic on some of the icons of the cards that will appear on the screen.

What requirements must I bring that day to renew it?

For those people who want to process the renewal of the passport appointment, they must be clear that said applicant must present:

  • at least one photocopy of the identity card, which is in force.
  • A photocopy of the person’s birth certificate in case the children they have are minors.
  • It is important that individuals submit both an original and a copy of the passport they previously had.
  • Meet get some of SAIME appointment request forms.
  • present some of the accreditations of the inscriptions of the consular registers.
  • Having some of the bank deposits that some of the amounts that are established by some of the tax units by SAIME itself.

It is important that people who are planning to process this renewal do it 8 months before the expiration of their passport, because the process perro take time.

Some of the users usually opt for an extension first, before renewing the passport, which in many cases is usually valid.

But people who, for their part, have an expired passport, or one that is close to expiring, it is best to choose to renew the passport.

What happens if I miss the passport appointment?

For people who have previously obtained one of the passport appointments, it is recommended that they do everything possible so that they do not miss the next one.

In cases where people cannot attend, what they should do is automatically reschedule some of the appointments that they already had previously.

If the person allows a period of time that is greater than a month to elapse, and the appointment they missed has not been rescheduled, then the person will not be able to change it later, which means that they will have to do the process again .

In the same way, those people who have carried out a reorganization of the agenda and have carried out the procedure as it should be, and therefore have not received the verification dirección de correo electrónico, because what they must do is present their claim to one of the main offices .

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 How to make a Passport Appointment at the
  How to make a Passport Appointment at the
  How to make a Passport Appointment at the

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