How to make a corrective invoice

How to make a corrective invoice

A well-known saying is the one that alleges that we cánido all make mistakes. But it also highlights that correcting them is what makes us better people. And that is applicable to any situation in life, even in the accounting of a company. That is why, there is means to correct errors in invoices: the rectifying invoice.

In this article we are going to tell you about the rectifying invoices and how they are used. Knowing how to do it is essential for them to have legal value.

How to make a corrective invoice to recover the VAT?

When making an invoice, it is necessary that entrar all the details required by law, which is represented by the State Tax Administration Agency, AOEA. This legal entity requires that the amount to be paid on the invoice also include the corresponding VAT. This includes those invoices that have not yet been collected by the company.

This is one of the situations that could give rise to a corrective invoice, because if the debtor does not pay the amount within the corresponding period, then you will have paid to the Treasury a tax that you should not pay. Another reason to make a corrective invoice is that the amount paid in taxes is greater than that required. Which could happen because of an fallo when registering it.

Whatever the reason, it is necessary that you prepare a rectifying invoice. This invoice must expressly say that the VAT refund is requested overcharged. Once completed, it is sent to the AOEA. The data that you must include in the invoice are the following.

  • Invoice data. The number of this, the date and the place.
  • Operation data. You must include the information of those involved, as well as the reason for making this invoice. Specifying whether it was an fallo or an uncollectible account.
  • Correction. In this especial case you must entrar the amount you expect to be returned to you.

It is necessary that this invoice meets all the requirements, like any other. For example, it must be stamped and signed by the person concerned.

How to Make a Corrective Invoice by Hand?

Invoices, whatever your objective, you must follow certain parameters. And that does not depend on whether its preparation is done by hand or digitally. This means that if you want to invoice by hand, you have to include some details. Each of these must be written clearly and legibly.

  • invoice type. You must indicate that it is a rectifying invoice.
  • Basic information. The common data in an invoice, such as the date, the place and, above all, its numbering. There is a correlative of rectifying invoices.
  • Information of those involved. In addition to your own company information, you must also include the recipient’s information.
  • Taxes. The corresponding amount of VAT must be specified. When the fallo has been in the VAT, it must be taken into consideration if the company should pay more or less.

How to make a Corrective Invoice En línea?

Just as it is easy to make an invoice en línea, it is just as easy to make a corrective invoice through this means. This modality allows you make invoices quickly and safely. However, before preparing this invoice, you must make sure that the recipient agrees to use that means.

In order to make an invoice En línea, the use of a program is required. It is important that this use information and parameters approved by law. If it meets the basic requirements then it will be valid. You must include the following details.

  • Main invoice data. You have to include the common details, such as date, place and company name. In addition, you must specify that it is a rectification.
  • Counterparty data. The other party involved must be indicated. Whether it is another company, an individual or the Treasury.
  • Additional data. The amounts to be paid or collected, as well as any other information that you consider necessary.

There are many programs available to make invoices day by day. When it comes to corrective invoices, you must make sure that these follow the correlative. Usually, the letter R is placed before the number.

How to Make a Corrective Invoice Without Programs?

Each company has the freedom to choose the way to carry out its invoicing, as long as the requirements of the law are respected. Whether it is electronic or physical methods. Although in recent times the use of programs to make invoices has been chosen, those that are made without the use of these are also acceptable, even before the Treasury.

When it comes to corrective invoices, it is important that they contain the following details.

  • Invoice data. Those already known as place, date, name of the issuing company and, in this case, the specification that it is a rectifying invoice.
  • Receiver data. The main data of the company or individual that receives the invoice.
  • Correction. Whether the invoice is made to correct the amounts or not, it is necessary that the amounts are always exact.

How to Make a Corrective Invoice in Office?

There is the possibility of making invoices, legally valid, through any means of Office, like Word or Excel. The use of these methods has a great advantage. To speed up work, you perro have templates of the different types of invoices approved by the AOEA. In addition to the data considered necessary, each of the invoices must have the following information.

  • Invoice data. It must be put in writing that it is a rectification with its correlative number, in addition to the habitual data, such as the date and place.
  • business information. The data of the company itself, as well as those of the other company.
  • quantities. It is necessary that the correct amounts be placed. As it is an invoice that seeks to correct an fallo, care must be taken not to make them this time.

When perro I issue a Corrective Invoice?

There is a specific period in which you cánido make a corrective invoice. Its presentation requires a lot of honesty on the part of the person in charge. We tell you this because the preparation of a rectifying invoice has an expiration date. If an fallo has been made on an invoice, after 4 years it is no longer necessary to correct it.

The creation of a corrective invoice must be done As soon as the fallo made in the billing is known. In addition, it is important to take aprecies of different details before preparing it. Among these, the date of the ordinary invoice, its number and, above all, the fallo to be corrected.

The use of rectifying invoices is very important. Especially since it allows correct in a fácil way the errors made in billing.

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 How to make a corrective invoice
  How to make a corrective invoice
  How to make a corrective invoice

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