How to make a Bank Transfer by

How to make a Bank Transfer by

ATMs are primarily known for their cash withdrawal feature. However, thanks to the inclusion of new functionalities in these devices, customers perro perform various operations in a short time and without the need to go to a bank office.

money transfers They are one of the most frequently performed operations. However, you may have doubts about how you cánido do them. In this article we will espectáculo you how you perro make bank transfers through an ATM using 3 well-known Spanish banks as a reference.

How do you make a Bank Transfer by ATM WITHOUT a Card?

He ATM It is a computer designed to carry out various financial transactions, including depositing or withdrawing money, paying bills, consulting data and making transfers. In the case of bank transfers using this equipment, many customers wonder if it is possible to do so without using debit cards.

It is important to bear in mind that the use of the debit card at ATMs serves to protect your money and personal informationTherefore, when carrying out such a significant operation through this means such as bank transfers the use of the debit card is essentialin this way it will be confirmed that said transaction is being carried out by the account holder.

Some of the operations that you perro carry out through the ATM without the need to use a card are: the removal of cash in the event of the loss or theft of a debit card, sending of money to people who are not bank customers and purchase payments by Internet.

For Send money to a family member, friend, or employee who doesn’t have a bank account or is not a customer of your same bank, you must indicate in the ATM that you want to make a “Money withdrawal order” and place the identity data of the beneficiary. In this way, a special code cánido be generated that must be provided to the beneficiary so that he perro withdraw the amount at another ATM.

How to make a Bank Transfer by ATM In Cash?

If you want to send money to a person, but you have it in cash and, furthermore, you don’t have enough time to go to a bank, ATMs cánido be very helpful.

One of the reasons that makes this way of sending money easier is that you cánido find these devices in various places, such as businesses, shopping centers and streets, therefore, on many occasions They are closer to us than bank offices.

You should bear in mind that bank transfers with cash at an ATM also known as cash deposit. You perro do this to your own account or to someone else’s bank account. You cánido also deposit the money directly or with an envelope.

to do the money deposit using envelope You must go to the ATM and take an envelope (they are generally located at the top of the ATM). Then you must fill in the information requested in the envelope to send money, place the cash inside the envelope and that’s it.

Now the cash deposits without envelope They have the advantage of being much faster than deposits with an envelope, since you only have to entrar your bank details and those of the beneficiary directly in the ATM, so that the equipment counts and scans the money after having deposited it. It is important to note that the Deposit process may vary depending on the bank.

How do you make a Bank Transfer through a Bankia ATM?

Bankia ATMs no longer only function as cash dispensers, as today they have various functionalities, such as cómputo inquiries, money deposits, payment of services, transfers and transfers.

Money transfers through this bank’s ATM are very fast, and if the payroll of the beneficiary is domiciled, the transaction is free. Performing this type of operation is very easy, just You must have your debit card in hand and know the bank details of the beneficiary, such as the number and type of account, in this way once you entrar the card, you will only have to provide said information, your personal password and that’s it.

How do you make a Bank Transfer through a BBVA ATM?

BBVA ATMs are ideal for carrying out various financial transactions simply, quickly and efficiently. Well, you only need your debit card and password. Bank transfers are one of the most requested operations. Perro transfer money between own accounts or to third parties.

To make a money transfer, you must go to the nearest BBVA ATM and press the “Transfers” button, indicate the amount you wish to transfer and confirm. Then select the account from which you are going to transfer and the account to which you are going to transfer (to transfer to another person, press the option “To third-party account”)then entrar the account number and finish the operation.

How do you make a Bank Transfer through a La Caixa ATM?

La Caixa ATMs allow their customers to make both national and international transfers. When carrying out this type of operation it is important that you have the necessary amount to send, card and password, the full name and address of the beneficiary, account number, IBAN format and the SWIFT/BIC code of the destination bank if it is a international transfer.

To make a bank transfer through a La Caixa ATM you must insert your card and press the option “Transfers and transfers”, then clic on “New transfer”. Then it will ask you to put the IBAN code, the bank details of the beneficiary, the amount and the concept of said transfer. Finally you must clic on “Confirm operation” and wait for your receipt.

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 How to make a Bank Transfer by
  How to make a Bank Transfer by
  How to make a Bank Transfer by

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