How to lose the fear of your first articulo ✓ 10

How to lose the fear of your first articulo ✓ 10

Have you just started in the world of en línea marketing and popular media? Do you have a thousand and one doubts about what and how to map out an effective blogging strategy? So friend, welcome, this is your articulo.

Keep reading.

I’m sure my fantastic and useful consejos will make you lose that terrifying fear if you have to write your first articulo and you don’t know where to start.

Perhaps because I myself, at the time of writing these lines (February 2016), am in the same situation as you and it scares me, I have decided to bare my imagination and admit my fears to you, the ones we all have before our first time .

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Start a successful blog with value contentis to be able to succeed in the profession of Community Manager.

Well, without further ado, I will give you 10 primordial good consejos so that you jump into the pool and thus manage to publish your first articulo.


Essential tricks to lose the fear of writing the first article of your blog

Isolate yourself from everything

In this society of consumerism and IoT (internet of things) we tend to want to be constantly connected to everything.

To develop your creativity and be inspired, you must create and foster your own environment.

Disconnect or turn off the mobileforget about do marketing on your popular media, television, etcétera.

It is far from necessary that you go to a cloistered and isolated monastery, just go to a place where nothing distracts you and be sure that nobody is going to interrupt you.

Remember that this is going to be your first time, so try to make it special and intimate.

You have to find yourself.

Listen to the silence…

you are here and now

Since we got up in the morning, we are continuously bombarded with millions of ideas, most of them with negative connotations, be it about work, studies, family, suffocating schedules that suffocate us at every moment,… All this, as far as to foster our inspiration is what in the title I call trashwhich distracts us from what really matters to us: the here, the nowmy first creation with value content.

Overcoming the ‘blank paper syndrome’

You are calm, in your fetish place and with a clear mind, ready to espectáculo the world how good you are and what is better, what they missed all this time ago when you did not exist in the business of Popular media… And now what? I have a blank piece of paper (or text editor failing that) staring at me and the opportunity to break the ice with your first artículo.

It’s time to see the paper as a mirrorwhere you look at yourself, take out from within the things that worry you, motivate you, like you and want to share with the world.

It’s your moment, only yours.

Don’t think like a blogger

At the point where you are, perhaps you are blocked by the fear of not putting into practice the technical concepts that you have learned in the courses you have attended, be it Community Manager or any other 2.0 discipline.

My advice is to forget of all that for a moment.

Do not think about the palabras clave that you are going to use, if they are going to position more or less, in the extension that your articulo has, if it will have more or less visits,… Just dedicate yourself to writingremember that it is your own sheet of paper and once the articulo has been written, you cánido delete, cross out or change what you need according to what you have learned throughout your training.

Don’t think, feel that first articulo

People feel before we thinkTherefore, once you have decided on the topic you are going to talk about, start writing what you honestly feel and think.

But go ahead and write it down, even if it’s the first thing that comes to mind, because if you let a few minutes go by and wait for your cognitive part to process what has come from your soul to write, surely it won’t be so original.

Despite the fact that you finally think that it is not politically correct, what difference does it make? It is your opinion and point, unique and non-transferable.

stay human

In general, whenever you blog, you should use a way to express yourself human, that is, express what you feel or think about the subject with your own words, in a humble and judicious way.

You may have to complejo turístico to technicalities, but try to avoid a form of robotic expression and that it seems that it has been written by a machine.

Before being a blogger, I have been a reader and believe me, humanity and craftsmanship are greatly appreciated.

Take care of the spelling of your first articulo

Perhaps in the previous point the concept of “craft”.

By no means do I want to say that you write in any way and with misspellings.

Of course not.

At the very least, you must be aware that you will have to take care of these aspects so that your ideas are entendible and understood.

But this should not worry you at the moment, since if you are one of those who do not know that there are things called “tildes” or you type “ola” without “h”, there are wonderful spell checkers in our text editors that will do that job for you (one less worry, see?)

Don’t dress up, be authentic

This first articulo, like all those that follow it in the future, will determine your personality in the future.

On-line and this should be afín to your personality in the Sin conexión, as a unique and imperfect person.

There is nothing sexier and more productive Engagement, than being authentic, even in the 2.0 world.

Think that if you copy what others have written just for the sake of writing and filling your blog, it won’t be worth anything, since sooner or later Google plus will penalize you for duplicate content.

Also, lies fall under their own weight and sooner rather than later, you will see the duster.[Tweet «No hay nada más sexy y produzca más #Engagement, que el ser auténtico, incluso en el mundo 2.0.»]

There is no perfect blog

What pressure did I just take off you, right? You were already wondering about a blog with perfect dimensions and proportions, with scrupulously contrasted themes… I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do it as well and carefully as possible, but realize and I want you to understand that people don’t want you to tell them boring theoriesFor that we already have the books.

Tell real stories, flesh and blood, of your day to day, from your experience. Espectáculo the barriers you have encountered and how vulnerable you have felt in the face of them.

Also, the imperfect ways you have devised to overcome them.

Surely someone, also imperfect, will be useful.

In addition, it is not a bad iniciativa to be inspired by something that causes you tranquility and peace, such as one of your favorite motivational movies.

Follow the leading bloggers of En línea Marketing

Although I advise staying as yourself, it is good to be inspired by someone who has already traveled a path afín to the one you are starting, referents of en línea marketing those you admire and even if you write about what you feel passionate about, investigate what are the trends that the “monsters” of the Popular media are talking and give your version, your personal touch, the magic that you and only you have, in order to begin to differentiate yourself from the rest.

5 successful bloggers that you cánido be inspired to write your first articulo

Claudio Inácio

Claudio’s blog is a true encyclopedia on En línea Marketing and Popular Media, as it has some really useful posts, where he explains in a fácil way everything you want to know about popular networks and digital marketing in general.

It is one of the success stories that he has highlighted in record time.

All this obviously with passion in what he does and perseverance.

Miguel Florido (Marketing and Web)

Miguel Florido’s blog is, as I like to define it, a true doctorate in Digital Marketing.

All of us professionals who dedicate ourselves to this profession should replace Google plus with its blog as the home page as soon as we open our browser.

He usually accompanies his very complete posts with vídeo tutorials that make you understand much better the lessons he gives in his texts.

Ernest Bustamante

If what you are passionate about is web design and specifically the WordPress CMS, Ernesto has some super powerful tutorials, where you perro follow step by step, for example, the instructions to follow to install WordPress on your hosting.

eva collado

In Eva’s blog you perro find a multitude of explanations and tricks on how to manage your Personal Brand, to stand out in your specific niche and thus be able to differentiate yourself from other “white label” professionals.

She also has very good articles related to human resources and job interviews.

Luis M.


This very young expert in SEO positioning has very advanced articles on this subject, where he gives very useful tricks and explanations on how to get along with the giant Google plus, in order to appear in the top positions in its search results.

Are you still afraid of your first articulo?

After these tricks, the question is, are you still afraid of your first articulo?… Still? Well, I have good news for you and that is good.

We are all afraid, feeling it is to be alive and infallible sign that you are fully aware of the challenge what you have in front of you

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The key is not not to be afraid, but not to be paralyzed.

Befriend him, stop fighting him.

You are not your fear, you are your content of valueyour passion to fulfill yourself professionally and succeed in Popular Media Marketing.

And now, if you have come this far and you think you are capable of writing your first articulo, you must realize that you will be creating your own Personal Brand.

If you want to learn more about how boost your personal brandgo on this backlink and become unstoppable in everything you equipo your mind to.

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 How to lose the fear of your first articulo ✓ 10
  How to lose the fear of your first articulo ✓ 10
  How to lose the fear of your first articulo ✓ 10

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