How to locate a mobile phone?

How to locate a mobile phone?

Have you ever wondered how you cánido get someone just by tracking their móvil? On this occasion I will take care of explaining in the clearest possible way all the means that you cánido use to be able to locate a mobile.

Whatever your location on the terrestrial globe.

With all the information that I bring you, you will learn as locate a phone from another device quickly and effectively.

First of all, keep in mind that there are many methods that we perro use, some more effective than others and even more credible; but making the right decision regarding the choice of one is what really determines the success of our mobile tracking.

First of all, you should keep in mind that there are generally some considerations that you should know before locating a mobile phone:

For example, if you opt for paid programa, you will usually be asked to install the purchased application on the móvil inteligente that will be spied on.

Locate a mobile phone with the phone number

Imagine that you open an application or a website to find your stolen phone, the location of your partner, children or work staff and that you only have to entrar their phone number.

It would be a movie, right? Well, precisely this would only happen in a moviebecause in real life things are not as fácil as we would like.

Although there are some tricks that will not cost us money to try, but a small part of our time; you should keep in mind that the results are not as accurate as we imagine and in some cases they are not even real.

However, for you to try them for yourself and confirm if they are useful tools or not, below I espectáculo you the “best alternatives” for locate a mobile with the phone number.

Google plus Browser

Surely you expected it… The technological giant Google plus has come to us to form an active and important part of our lives; and the location of a mobile is no exception.

Some claim that by entering your mobile number or the number of the device to be tracked in the search bar of this browser; as a result we obtain that all the sites where it has been registered or where it has been recorded in some way and in a public way appear; In other words, if some of you have left a public comment on Fb, Instagram or Twitter with your number, theoretically those pages will appear in a fácil Google plus search.

I have personally tried it I don’t think it’s a very effective method, I tried it and despite the fact that I have left one of my phone numbers everywhere, after entering it in different ways in the Google plus search bar, it did not return any conveniente results.

It may not be a general problem and it may work for some, so I encourage you to try it.

In addition to the aforementioned, it should be noted that if what you want is to have precise data on where is the person who carries the mobile in real time, the only certain thing is that the Google plus browser is not going to help you as you expect.

Fb search

Popular networks are practically an essential part of almost everyone’s life, thanks to them we stay connected no matter how far away we are.

In these portals, we also feel free to comment on the publications made by others in which we sometimes leave information as important as our telephone number.

It is for this reason that entrar said number in the Fb search bar, As a result, all those publications appear where we have interacted, leaving it reflected; as well as the accounts or profiles that are linked to said number.

Instagram search

After you save a mysterious phone number and want to locate its owner, you perro also use the Instagram popular network; by pressing the menu icon, at the top side of the screen to press the “Discover people” option.

Later we select “Connect” and grant the permissions that the aplicación requests to access the contacts that we have saved in the agenda.


Websites supposedly specialized in the subject of locate a mobile phone from another device They abound all over the internet.

However, I decided to test the veracity of the information they offer with my own hand and I cánido say that without a doubt it is a complete fraud.

When accessing one of them, in the first instance, they request the phone number that we want to track, by entering it and clicking on “Track” or “Locate” a loading bar appears and begins to fill little by little, marking a level expressed in percentage, which It is understandable that it is about the progress of the alleged mobile tracking.

When “that tracking” ends, a message immediately appears indicating a series of steps that must be followed to obtain the data on the geographical location of the device.

In my case, indications appeared that said I had to install one or another program so that later a map would appear where I could see the mobile in real time, even if I were to move I would see it in motion.

However, after complying with everything said, I was not able to obtain the location of my mobile at any time; on another afín site, fictitious data appeared, generated I suppose by automatic programa.

According to these experiences, I do not recommend the use of free websites to locate a mobile; Well, almost all of them (if not all of them) are unreliable and, therefore, they are a real waste of time.

So, perro you or cánido’t you locate a mobile phone just with its number?

Despite the fact that the tricks exposed in the previous point cánido help to identify the owner of a mobile phone number that we consider unknown or suspicious; The reality is that with them it is not possible to have access to the information on where the tracking device is located in real time, much less we will be able to have access to the data about its mobility from one place to another.

Let me tell you that if you need to have access to that data, it is necessary or rather It is essential to download and install on the device to track an aplicación monitoring and espionage more specialized in the subject.

Locate your android mobile phone

If you are a usuario of the android operating system and want to locate your mobile phone, you cánido make use of a functionality that is integrated by default among the tools that Google plus offers us, called “Find your Mobile”.

It should be noted that this is a service for solutions on a personal level, since it is only possible to locate your mobile phone from the Gmail account that you have associated with it.

To do so, you entrar here from a computer where you are logged in to the Gmail account in question and the telephone device associated with it automatically appears on the screen.

By clicking on the name and model of the cell phone, a new screen appears that asks us to verify our identity by entering the account password again.

Subsequently, a panel opens where, among other options, are those of “Make a sound” or “Locate”.

If, for example, we choose the first one, wherever our phone is, it will start ringing for 5 minutes, in this way we cánido make sure that it is not nearby.

If you choose the second, a new window opens with an image of a map indicating the real-time location of the phone.

This is a free and very useful service when we have lost our phone or we have been a victim of theft and we want to find the culprits; however it cannot be used to locate a mobile phone of a third person.

Programa or applications to track a mobile

The aforementioned methods may or may not be very useful to you depending on the situation for which you want to locate a mobile phone, whether it is your own or someone else’s.

But what you are looking for is monitor in a real way and with precise data someone’s location vía their phone, you’ll probably run into some issues with them.

The only really effective way to achieve our goal is make use of spy programa or applications; which have functions of highly accurate geolocation.

Many companies and individuals try to sell their products and services by insisting that to locate a mobile phone it is not necessary to install any type of application or programa; but this is a totally wrong statement.

It is not possible to locate someone just with their phone number in a real way, much less possible without monitoring programa; and for this purpose MSpy is one of the best solutions.

This is a spy application that I detail below.

Locate a mobile phone with MSpy

MSpy is an excellent en línea spying tool; on numerous websites they have surely talked about the wonderful functions of this application, among which locate a mobile phone is one of the most prominent.

The application has been providing users with its services efficiently for many years in terms of various issues related to the subject of Hacking and it is precisely this trajectory that guarantees its effectiveness.

How does MSpy work to track a cell phone?

There is one thing that you must be very clear about, and that is that under no circumstances does MSpy promises to help you track a cell phone with just the number used by the device.

This is a tracking or monitoring application that must be installed on the móvil inteligente to be tracked.

According to this, it is in your hands and creativity to find a way to access said phone and install the programa.

Don’t worry! The owner will not notice it, because once installed it disappears, becoming indetectable.

After installation, you perro access a control panel from another device where the geographic activity of the objetivo will be recorded; that is to say that any place that the device visits will be recorded and notified by MSpy.

gps location

You perro access this dashboard from any device, as it operates en línea.

Best of all, perhaps, the results are in real time and are at your fingertips at any time needed.

virtual fence

Are you father or mother? Do you worry every time your children leave the house? MSpy knows so! For this reason, among its functions is the possibility of creating a virtual fence so that when children or young people cross these limitations you will receive a notification.

It is possible that due to daily occupations you cannot be aware of the movements made on the map by the device every second; therefore, Geofences save you that timesince they notify you only when necessary.

listen from microphone

In pure cinematographic style, you will not only be able to know where the tracked mobile is, MSpy also offers you the opportunity to listen, thanks to the microphone, to the environment that surrounds it; that is to say that you will be able to listen to what the people close to the device are talking without knowing that you are doing it.

Not sure what you need?

In order for you to finally convince yourself that it is what you need, MSpy offers its new clients the possibility of accessing its tools with a trial version of several days; If you are delighted with the services then you perro choose between two packages: the basic and the other premium.

It should be noted that the basic is enough for locate a mobile phone by GPS successfully.

What are you waiting for to start having control of the important people in your life? Remember that in order to install a spy aplicación on the phone of someone other than your minor children, you need the owner’s approval.

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 How to locate a mobile phone?
  How to locate a mobile phone?
  How to locate a mobile phone?

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