How to legally lend money in México?

How to legally lend money in México?

In this article we will talk about how to be a lender in méxico without this implying the performance of an illegal act that could harm the person who has decided to carry out this work.

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  • The truth is that this work is carried out in all the countries of the world, because people need the support of others to be able to solve money problems that arise along the way, taking into account that in these cases we must talk about actions established by means of contracts so that there is no infraction of theft or any type of grievance between the parties that are involved in this process.

    In this sense, it is important that we talk about the way in which how to be a lender and if it is crime lend money with interests in México or dedicate yourself to this both in México and in other parts of the world.

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  • How to be a lender?

    To start in the money lending businessit is necessary for the person to have a high capital that cánido dispose of the amounts of money that people will request in order to become clients.

    In this sense, we must understand that indeed You perro be a lender in México Without this being illegal, therefore, the person who wishes to start in this work environment and who has the capital available, perro create their own page on the Internet to publicize their services and to establish the conditions of the loan.

    We talk about start a legal business in which the lender establish conditions of interests and commissions to be able to lend money, and in this way, work under clear concepts that will not allow the performance of bad actions between both parties, between the lender and the person who has requested their services.

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  • Is it a crime to lend money in México with interest?

    Lending money in México is not a crime, as long as the operations are carried out legally all the time.

    By this we orinan that the lender You must work directly with your money, without using anyone else’s money, this to avoid misunderstandings, in addition to establishing before the contract, the conditions that exist on interest and commissions so that clients are aware of what they are doing and what they are dealing with.

    so no no It is a crime to lend money in México with interestOn the contrary, it is precisely the provision of money that is carried out as a job in which the lender seeks to increase his capital, and the interest is destined for that.

    However, it is also important to take into account that by having the freedom to lend moneythe person should not abuse those who need financial help at any given time, since this would become an illegal act.

    Ideally, the lender work in a linear manner with the precepts of the law of financial institutions, that is, charge interest that is fair and that are those stipulated according to the movements of the lending branches that are registered before the law.

    In this way, it is important to take into account that the collection of commissions of up to a 83% annual interestbeing this amount established by the Bank of México.

    Use legal documentation to avoid fraud

    since we know not It is a crime to lend money with interest in MéxicoIt is important to take into account that there is always evil in this type of transaction, so it is best that both parties protect themselves with the establishment of written contracts where all the conditions of the loan are stipulated.

    We talk about a contract that will not allow either party to be defraudedboth the lender stipulating the legal lines on which he has agreed to lend the money, and the person who receives it, also highlighting in the contract the guidelines that he has accepted to carry out the procedure.

    Requirements to lend money

    Since we have established the main rules to be a lender, it is important to also take into account that there are some requirements to lend money which have been established in a concrete way according to the stipulations of the law as well.

    • The lender must be a person who has enough capital to be able to meet the demands of potential clients in terms of money.
    • In the case of being a private lender, the person must be up to date with everything stipulated by law and with the precepts for independent workers.
    • Of course, the lender must be of legal age to carry out this type of work, and it is also established that he must be of Mexican nationality.
    • Always be aware of the interest rates that are issued by government entities, with the intention of being able to charge what is fair on the interest that their clients must pay.
    • Manage payment guarantee contracts so that customers perro enjoy a fairly efficient and pleasant service.

    These are the main points to take into consideration that you perro be a lender in México without this implying a crime, as long as the person who decides to dedicate himself to this works honestly and is guided by the established legal regulations.

    No It is a crime to lend money in México with interest nor is it a crime to become a lender, on the contrary, the person who wants to dedicate himself to this cánido do so and improve his profession, that is, create the appropriate work and advertising spaces to become one of the most recognized lenders.

    It is also important to take into consideration that you must work under strict legality parametersthat is, with contracts or legal documents that establish the agreement made, this with the purpose of not having to deal with problems about theft of money or lack of cancellation in the stipulated time. The contract allows them Both the lender and the client perro be calm during the process in which the agreement lasts.

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     How to legally lend money in México?
  How to legally lend money in México?
  How to legally lend money in México?

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