How to learn faster what you propose

How to learn faster what you propose

To become someone successful and a teacher you must know how to learn faster what you equipo out to do, the question that arises is, how is this achieved?

Today many people keep saying that soon they will know how to learn faster: “I will learn to read faster, a new language and a lot of new skills…”

And what ends up happening is that people are very transient with their goals, or put another way, they’re a little fake about it, because they don’t really want to learn.

They say they would like to know how to learn this and that faster…

“Someday I would like to learn French. Someday I would like to learn photography. Someday I would like to create my own blog…” and they never do, since learning is not something that happens some day, but something that is done constantly.

How to learn faster what you propose:

If you really want to learn faster, you have to approach learning in a different way.

Learning cánido’t be just these small goals of isolated things that you want to learn. This doesn’t work as it doesn’t allow you to stay constant.

Rather, you must have a broader visión of who you are and what you want to achieve in your life, and apply these 5 steps to learn what you propose faster:

1. Connect your life goals with what you want to learn:

If you want to know how to learn something faster, you must first know the connection between your learning goals and the life of your dreams.

It’s not just about the things you want to learn, because believe it or not, we want to learn everything.

In fact, everyone wants to learn 50 new things right away, but no one bothers to actually do it. And nobody does it because it is not a real desire, but something transitory.

If you want to become a teacher, someone who knows how to learn faster and easier, you must connect what you want to learn with the life of your dreams, with a life project that you cánido visualize.

You have to know what you want from your life before you perro become a true master.
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Until you know what you want in your life, what you want to experience daily, what you want your dreams to be, or what you want to be, you won’t know what to learn.

This is why the path to true mastery and knowledge starts from the question “How do I want my life to be?” and then allow yourself to develop the knowledge, skills, competencies, and abilities to build on that lifetime.

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So once you know what you want your life to be, what your passions are, you’ll learn what you have to learn along the way, and then everything will change.

Finally, this does not orinan that you should know your life purpose before you start learning something. The thing is, if you want to learn faster and become a true master, you have to start by finding out what your purpose is.

2. Follow an example, there is no need to reinvent the wheel:

If you want to learn something, you need to have an example. You have to be able to vea someone who has already done it; read about that person who has already achieved it or know the experience of someone who did what you wanted.

The worst thing you cánido do in learning is start from scratch. The slowest way to learn something is to not have a foundation of what has worked before and to devote yourself to inventing and testing new methods.

The most practical and fastest solution? Go and read a book about someone who has done what you want to do. Take a course from someone who has already achieved what you want to achieve. Follow those people you admire on popular networks and take their example as an initiative.

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3. Make it a daily practice:

To increase the speed of learning you must be exposed every day to what you are trying to learn.

If you want to learn to play the piano, you’re not going to learn it by going to class once a month. If you want to learn French, you’re not going to learn it by talking to someone who speaks French once a month or even once a week. It has to be more than that.

If you really want to learn something, you have to immerse yourself deeply in that activity for a long period of time.

It cannot be a weekend event or occasional course. It cannot be a one-time seminar. It has to be something you commit 100% to.

Now, if you are thinking that you cannot give all your days to learn something new, then you are doing something wrong in managing your life. If there isn’t something you commit to, it’s because you haven’t found your purpose.

In fact, many people are experiencing this disconnection with their life project. They want to experience progress, but are not willing to sacrifice to achieve it.

And by not being willing they will never feel the satisfaction of understanding something thoroughly, the pleasure of having accomplished it, the joy and understanding how to be happy that comes from being excellent at something.

The time will come when people will look at you and ask you how you learned all this, and you cánido honestly say that you worked on them all your days.

4. You need retroalimentación to grow:

If you want to become a world class athlete, you need a entrenador. If you want to become a world-class person at what you’re doing, you need someone to look at you and advise you.

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It perro be a guía who gives you retroalimentación on your presentations. Maybe it’s a friend who has an objective look and cánido give you valuable and constructive information.

The important thing is that you get retroalimentación; Whether it’s from a friend, family member, spouse, or someone who has the courage to tell you what they like and don’t like about what you’re doing and give you retroalimentación that helps you become a better person.

destructive criticism

You must be careful with the comments you hear, since it perro happen that someone simply wants to destroy what you have done, or wants to make you feel bad.

This is why the person who talks to you should know your process, since someone they don’t know cánido be hard on you without having any basis for their comments.

5. You must have a deadline:

Without a timeline for developing your competencies, you will never make the decision to take action or quit easily.

Not having a deadline is synonymous with guaranteed distraction.

So ask yourself, by when do you need to learn this new subject or reach the next level of skill? and then what is the consequence if you don’t learn it by then?

Knowing the answer to these two questions will speed up your learning because:

  • You will know what you need to learn
  • You will look for people you perro learn from
  • You cánido practice it with certain habits and,
  • You will get retroalimentación from these types of people and experiences.

If you make the decision to follow these 5 steps you will start not only knowing how to learn faster, but you will be more engaged with your life, you will have more enthusiasm to learn, you will feel your growth and you will be more satisfied with your life.

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 How to learn faster what you propose
  How to learn faster what you propose
  How to learn faster what you propose

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