How to lead a minimalist lifestyle

How to lead a minimalist lifestyle

Have you ever heard about the minimalist lifestyle?

Surely yes, since this lifestyle has gained a dizzying boom on a global scale, especially since every day we are more exposed to excesses, or to extremist popular stimuli, which end up dramatically overwhelming us.

If you have been feeling stressed, overwhelmed or numb from so much pressure from society, take a minimalist lifestyle could orinan an interesting alternative.

When you lead a minimalist life, you discover that you don’t need much to feel full and fulfilled, you will also lose that attachment to material things that causes you so much damage and does not allow you to live the present with pleasure and pleasure.

The importance of a minimalist lifestyle:

The minimalist lifestyle was created by Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburnwho have helped more than 20 million people around the world to live the here and now fully and satisfactorily.

If you are looking to lead a simpler and more peaceful life, in this article we will explain how to achieve it through a minimalist lifestyle.

The first thing you should know is that you have the power and ability to lead a minimalist life, achieve success, and learn how to be happy.

In fact, achieving happiness and personal satisfaction is the essence of this especial and wise way of living, so if this is all you have ever dreamed of, you will surely love changing your habits and thoughts in order to elevate yourself and fulfill yourself. .

Getting to know minimalism:

The founders of minimalism themselves define it as a tool that allows you to get rid of the excesses present in your life, which prevent you from concentrating and focusing on those truly important aspects to achieve your freedom, your happiness and to feel self-fulfilled.

And although this may sound a little hippy, or even somewhat utopian, the truth is that the minimalist lifestyle adds more and more practitioners; so it has shown that it works and that it perro generate well-being.

Do you wonder how minimalism came about? Or what was the main trigger for this style of living?

Basically it is due to the relationship of the human being against consumerism, and a large percentage of people associate happiness with everything that cánido literally be bought.

What does the minimalist philosophy aim at?

Both Ryan and Joshua are convinced that what is culturally linked to happiness is out of step with the very essence of leading a full and pleasant life.

This is why, when you ask yourself what is the meaning and purpose of your life, you do not get an immediate meaning.

And it turns out that these kinds of uncertainties make you feel heavy not only mentally, emotionally or metaphysically, but also on a physical plane.

If this is your case, through the minimalist lifestyle you cánido live in wonder and amazement with your own existence, without even having to give up what you like the most.

We mention this to you because most people consider that to be “true minimalists” they must give up having a house, a car, or a cell phone -just to mention a few cases-, when reality espectáculos us that these beliefs are wrong.

The freedom of minimalism:

On the digital platform called The Minimalists, its founders state that the main objective of minimalism is to help you achieve your freedom.

This implies freeing yourself from your fears or fears, worries, guilt, depression, as well as helping you escape from the clutches of consumerism.

The one that encourages you to excessively buy things you don’t even need, or to believe that to be happy you must have a latest model car, or designer clothes and shoes.

And worst of all, when you don’t get those “objects of desire” you often feel unhappy, frustrated or bitter, and in the long run this ends up making you sick.

The renaissance towards a minimalist life:

It’s time to change your reality.

It is time to give this situation a positive turn since your happiness cannot be contingent on obtaining property or goods, much less you must sacrifice your relationships, passions, your personal growth and even your health to achieve it.

In this “renaissance” of consciousness, you will learn to make more deliberate and conscious decisions that allow you to live a purposeful life, regardless of your tastes or preferences.

Living the present with determination, clarity, wisdom and appreciation is escencial to fully lead a minimalist lifestyle, since only then cánido you maintain it over time without hesitation or regret.

Benefits of leading a minimalist lifestyle

Being a minimalist will help you eliminate distractions, regrets and everything that detracts from happiness and personal liberation.

Below we will list the most important benefits of the minimalist lifestyle so that you cánido discover how this tool cánido change your life.


You will live in the now:

This means that you will not regret past situations or events, nor will you feel anxiety about future events that could arise.


You will disminuye your discontents:

Minimalism advocates fullness, happiness and freedom, which implies that you feel comfortable with what you have right now, without stressing about what you have not yet bought, lived or experienced.

By avoiding expectations, you will be able to enjoy what you have, are, and have achieved, and thus avoid overwhelming discontent.


You will experience real freedom:

This is the greatest reward that the minimalist lifestyle offers you: to experience a freedom of conscience like never before.

By freeing yourself from all that prevents you from growing, evolving and being aware of yourself, you will feel lighter and much more free.


You will get rid of excesses

As we already mentioned, when you lead a minimalist life you get rid of the mental, physical and metaphysical excesses that make you believe that you cannot reach your full potential.


You will be happy

We are not talking about experiencing momentary or ephemeral happiness, on the contrary, by becoming a minimalist you will discover that the key to being happy is not subject to certain things, but to the emotion of life itself.


Less environmental impact:

Minimalism is about living consciously so that your surroundings and interior are not affected by your lifestyle.

Giving an example, Joshua Becker account in your book The More of Less that on average there are more televisions than people in US homes.

Assess your surroundings and ask yourself if you really need those televisions, those clothes you haven’t worn in over a year, and that exorbitant amount of cables.


You will feel less stress:

Imagine that you are at the door of two rooms.

One is messy and with everything lying on the floor, the second has everything in order and with everything in its place.

Which of the two makes you feel less anxious? Which gives you greater peace of mind and space to think? This is what living a minimalist lifestyle is all about.


You will compare yourself less with others:

All your life you have spent making decisions based on what others have, do or don’t do.

How many times do we not see people buy things they don’t need simply to meet a popular estándar? Or even worse, to avoid looking bad in front of your group of friends.

If you think about it, this is what consumerism sells you: The more things you buy, the closer you will get to the life of your dreams.

Buy a house, car and as much luxury as possible because happiness is hidden in these material goods…

The thing is, you won’t be.

So buy everything you want.

How to lead a minimalist lifestyle

Perhaps the first steps are a bit difficult for you because they imply that you make extremista changes in the way you think and act.

However, you will find that as you get further into the minimalist lifestyle, you will feel more comfortable and confident.

Here we leave you a few useful and practical consejos that will allow you to live minimalism in your life, it is your decision to put them into practice in your days and thus transform yourself.

Get rid of the unnecessary:

The minimalist lifestyle invites you to rid yourself of the excesses of the world around you.

Among them are the excesses of consumerism, the accumulation of goods, having too much to do, or too many distractions, or even too much noise or debts to settle.

Minimalism teaches you to detach yourself from the non-essential in order to focus on what is truly transcendental, which is nothing more than what gives meaning, joy and value to your life.

Minimalism is not about having nothing, but about having what is necessary.
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Do not accumulate:

Those who lead a minimalist lifestyle have understood that saving is synonymous with lightness.

The less you accumulate clothes, shoes, properties, goods, products, and everything you cánido imagine, the less money you will have to spend on their maintenance or care.

This way of living will be like a new awakening because your attachment to material things will begin to fade, and very quickly you will have the power to cómputo your finances and use your money wisely.

The less things you have, the more you perro enjoy your freedom.
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Be neat:

This is something that will come naturally to you.

The minimalist lifestyle is closely related to order and this means that the fewer possessions you have, the easier it will be to keep your spaces and your life organized.

For example, if at home you have what you need to live and feel full and happy, then you will see that you will no longer forget where you put your keys, in which drawer you kept your coat, or on which chair you left your reading glasses.

If you are a minimalist, you will put everything in its place without it seeming like a boring imposition; that is, the organization will suit you wonderfully and you will respect it with the greatest pleasure in the world.


Make space so that you perro more clearly glimpse your personal growth.

A good iniciativa is to recycle everything you perro: from the food containers you eat, to the sheets or aprecies from your school or work.

Break free:

Let go of everything that distracts you so you perro create amazing experiences.

Free yourself from the obligations that tie you to distracting elements that prevent you from building memories and sharing quality time with the people you love.

Free yourself from the external and internal noise that deafens you and that does not allow you to think clearly, nor treasure your spirituality and your inner peace.

The result is that you will have the freedom to live and enjoy what fills you and inflates your chest with love, pride, inspiration and devotion, because in the end you will have made room for it by removing what was not important.

Donate what you no longer use:

Clean your house, office, drawers, garaje, basement, your car and even your bag, and select all those clothes that you no longer wear or the equipment that you do not use, as well as everything that is no longer useful to you and dedicate yourself to donating it .

You don’t have to throw them away at all, make sure you help others by providing them with what is no longer really valuable or important to you, and you will be doing double and simultaneous good.

You could even sell them and earn money in your spare time.

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Don’t consume so much information:

Do not be alarmed, you do not have to disconnect from the daily events to adopt a minimalist lifestyle, but instead dedicate your hours to grow, evolve and live in the now with total fulfillment and happiness, instead of spending the whole day immersed in your móvil, computer or tablet.

Consume less information or content on popular networks, watch less television and focus on sharing your time with your loved ones, or taking actions that allow you to feel free.


Don’t worry, to meditate you don’t need to sit cross-legged on a blanket, or listen to audio with sounds of animals or nature.

Meditation is a state of consciousness and in fact you perro practice it wherever and whenever you want.

This relaxation technique will allow you to be in tune with your inner being, with your strength and your peace, which is essential to make your energies flow, and get rid of psychological or emotional charges that you cannot control or change, but that still overwhelm you. .

En línea course: Meditation to strengthen your spiritual being and your intuition

In conclusion…

They sold us the iniciativa that happiness was found in the goods we had; that when we bought a house, cars and how much luxury we imagined we would be happy.

The thing is, this turned out to be false.

If you had all those objects, would you really be happy or would you continue to feel that emptiness in your life?

Many think that living with little is spending needs, but this is not minimalism.

Nor is it about living in the dark or stop buying what we like.

Rather, it is a proposal for you to live consciously, in such a way that you have the space, time and freedom to follow what makes you truly happy.

Start today, adopt a minimalist lifestyle that focuses on your well-being and real, constant and sustainable growth.

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 How to lead a minimalist lifestyle
  How to lead a minimalist lifestyle
  How to lead a minimalist lifestyle

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