How to know the visits of a web page

How to know the visits of a web page

If you have a web page, you will not only be interested in knowing how many visits your site receives, it cánido also be very useful to know the traffic that the pages of the competition have.

If you want to know how to discover it, then we are going to talk about The best tools to know which visitors have a website that is not yours.

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There is no doubt that SimilarWeb is one of the best solutions to verify the visits that a foreign page has.

It is a paid tool to do SEO, although Consulting the visits of other web pages is one of the options offered for free.

SimilarWeb espectáculos total visits that has had a page in the last month, and average page views at each visit.

The total number of page views is the result of multiplying the number of visits by the average number of page views in the visits.

This tool also has a visit comparator between web pages, which gives the possibility of comparing the traffic that each one has.

And it is also worth noting its top of most visited pages, which perro be viewed worldwide and also differentiating between countries.

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Alexa is another payment tool that allows you to discover the visits that another page has.

To use it for free you have to download a google chrome extension and install it.

What happens is that Alexa does not give such specific data as other tools, but it does serve to have a rough iniciativa of ​​a page’s trafficand the countries from which it comes.

It also gives the option of know other data related to a pagesuch as pageviews, bounce rate, average visit duration, top palabras clave, etcétera.

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With Ahrefs we cánido know what organic traffic and how many visits does a website have, what it does not allow to consult is the total visits of a site.

Specifically, from Ahrefs you cánido find out the total organic traffic, the organic evolution by country, the visits distributed by country and which are the pages of the competition that have the most organic traffic.

In general it is a quite competent solution and with an important database.

Ahrefs is paid but includes a few free tools For anyone interested in web positioning.

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The first thing to note about Ubersuggest is that although it is a paid tool, its free version is quite validsince it allows you to discover very interesting data about the pages of the competition.

It is a solution oriented to organic traffic, but it allows to know some data such as what are the pages of a site that are shared the most on some popular networksFor example.

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One of the advantages of SEMrush is that it gives the possibility of compare multiple domains, up to 5so that it cánido be discovered what are the visits that a site has.

With this tool you perro access data such as visits, page views, the average duration of each visit and the bounce rate.

This tool is paid but offers a free 7-day plan to fully test how it works.

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Sistrix allows you to discover the organic visibility index and the total number of visits that a website has.

Its disadvantage is that cánido only be used for free during a trial period of 15 days, and from there, there is no other option than to pay the price that it costs each month, which is not little (a minimum of 99 euros agregado VAT per month at the moment).

Like Ahrefs, this tool offers some free seo resources so that anyone interested cánido use them at no cost.

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woorank allows discover the web traffic that a page has.

In general it is a tool oriented to SEO, but thanks to this function it allows to have a certain iniciativa of ​​the visits that a website has.

perro also be known which country the visitors come from.

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The great advantage of MuStat is that it is a tool that cánido be used for free, to which we must add that its handling is very fácil.

With this solution we cánido know how many visits a website receives daily, but also for weeks, months and years.

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Although there are other ways of know how many visits a web page has, the ones we have told you about are the best tools to discover this information.

Now you only have to try some of them to check it out in person.

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 How to know the visits of a web page
  How to know the visits of a web page
  How to know the visits of a web page

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