How to know the position of my website in Google plus

How to know the position of my website in Google plus

In the competitive world of the internet, it’s critical to understand where your website ranks in Google plus’s search results. The classification of your website cánido have a Significant impact on your visibility, traffic and en línea success.

Fortunately, there are various tools available that perro help you track and assess position in Google plus. In this article, we will explore the best seo tools that will allow you to obtain valuable information about the position of your website and will provide you with insights to improve your SEO strategy.

How to know the position in Google plus with free tools

The best tools to know and see your position in Google plus without paying anythingare the following:

1. Private or incognito browsing

You might think that searching for palabras clave or the name of your site in Google plus to see what appears would be a good iniciativa, but it is not. Remember that Google plus adapts search results taking into account factors such as:

  • Location.
  • Sites visited.
  • Previous searches.
  • Data from your Google plus account.

How to avoid these factors? Easy, activating incognito mode from your browser. In this way, all your information will be ignored and you will receive much more objective results. It is an easy and completely free way to find out the position of your website, although it lacks additional information and analysis that specialized tools provide.

2. Google plus Search Console

Google plus has free tools oriented to SEO / SEM, and one of them is Google plus Search Console. This tool allows you know exactly your web positioningproviding you with information about:

  • Palabras clave and/or positioned pages.
  • Exact position in the SERPs.
  • Number of views and clicks received.
  • Backlinks detected by the search engine.
  • indexed pages.

In addition, it is able to espectáculo you certain errors on your website that affect positioning. As a negative aspect, we must mention that not the friendliest tooland it is quite complex to understand the data it returns if you are not an expert on the subject.

3. SERP Checker

The platform Seobility also has some free tools, among which stands out one known as SERP Checker. It is a very practical utility that allows you to quickly know the position of your website without as many additives as its afín ones.

To use it, just log in and specify the keyword, domain, country, device type, and if you prefer, the specific city or region. Next, you cánido see the first 100 results of the browser for the specified parameters.

this platform allows you to do three fácil daily searches default. If you want to perform more searches, use the location and device filters, or use the SEO/Keyword checker, just create an account with free basic subscription.

4. Fullanchor

We now present you a tool that works hand in hand with Google plus Search Console to get the data, after which it runs analysis algorithms to present results. Once the tool is run and the analysis is done, you will be able to see:

  • List of palabras clave that position your website.
  • performance data (position, impressions, clicks, percentage of visits, etcétera.).
  • Positioned dirección de Internet.

All you need to be able to use it is give read-only access to your GSC data. Then, it is enough to choose the website to scan, the properties to analyze and run the tool, after which you will obtain a table with all the data generated by the analysis.

5. RankTank

ranktank is a free tool quite different from the previous ones, since works through an Excel template or sheets who is in charge of doing the analysis. Allows you to place up to 100 palabras clave and analyze them to know your position in any country.

Of course, unlike other pages, you have to know in advance what specific palabras clave you will search for, since this tool does not do keyword analysis. Additionally, the sheet allows to automate analysis and generate automatic reports or alerts.

Another advantage of this tool is that you perro access all the code, functions or formulas that do the job. With this you will be able to not only verify the way in which it does the job, but also you perro adapt it to your needs and even improve it.

6. Other free tools

These are not the only free tools for know your position on the web that are available. Here is a list of other tools afín to the ones above that you cánido try:

Any of them will also help you to know how your page is positioned in Google plus and other search engines.

How to know the position in Google plus with payment tools

Any of the options that we mentioned above perro be very useful, especially if you want a possible check or need a fácil answer on the fly. But if you need much deeper analysisa higher level monitoring and more powerful tools, paid options are ideal. Let’s look at some of those options:


semrush It is a fairly complete platform. Its functionality, being a powerful SEO toolgoes far beyond a fácil positioning analysis, allowing you to:

  • Know the positioning of your website and those of your competitors
  • Analysis of own adworks campaigns and those of the competition
  • backlink generation
  • keyword research
  • Rank tracking
  • On-Page SEO Analysis

It will be enough to entrar the domain, keyword, dirección de Internet and the location, to obtain a very complete report with all the data on traffic, palabras clave and other relevant information. Its organic research option allows you to know what are the palabras clave that position your site and their respective place in the top.


ahrefs promises on its home page to be everything you need to improve your position and increase traffic. It has enormous potential thanks to its complete equipo of SEO tools:

  • Audit and exploration of sites.
  • Top Analyzer.
  • Keyword explorer.
  • Relevant Content Browser.

It has a extensive database for palabras clave and backlinks and, in addition, after each analysis it allows to know things such as: Search volume, traffic, positioning history and more. All this embodied in a fairly friendly interfaz full of interactive graphics that display the information in a clear and orderly manner.

3.Pro Rank Tracker

this tool has a trial version or free for a month, somewhat limited but sufficient for a quick analysis. But by purchasing one of its subscriptions you get access to all its options, including:

  • Mobile aplicaciones.
  • Full SERP Analysis.
  • Top Tracking.
  • Content Analysis for Desktop and Mobile.

This platform allows knowing not only the positioning in Google plus. Besides, track for several daysespectáculos daily, weekly or monthly comparisons and allows you to make cComparisons with other search engines. It also allows you to perform keyword analysis and detect those terms “hidden” that are driving traffic to your site.

4. sistrix

sistrix It is a tool not as powerful as the previous ones, but it offers much cheaper plans, which cánido be beneficial. One of its characteristics consists of its visibility index, which is an indicator that gathers various data and espectáculos the success of your positioning strategy.

In addition, it has useful plugins to run competitor analysis, content analysis, OnPage and keyword research. It also gives you access to data from Google plus Ads, Backlinking and analysis of web technologiesto give you a greater knowledge and control of your web positioning strategy.

Now it only remains for you to study what each of the tools that we espectáculo you offer and escoge which one best suits your needs and pocket.

5. GoKoom

It is a fairly complete suite that is much more than just a tracker traffic and positioning. GoKoom includes features such as:

  • Daily rankings with “On Demand” update
  • Integration of the results for PC and mobile devices
  • Presentation of data in colorful and easy-to-understand graphs
  • Data Capture of the competition
  • Opportunity word detection
  • Comprehensive SEO analysis of the page (repetition and density of palabras clave, backlinks, tags, words per article, etcétera.)
  • Analysis of rankings such as Alexa, MOZ and the like

All of these, along with many other features, give rise to what the platform calls seo tasks. These consist of suggestions and actions to take according to the failures detected in the analysis. Besides, it is completely in spanishand the platform itself has a 100% free course to learn how to use the tool.

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 How to know the position of my website in Google plus:
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