How to know my CUIT number?

How to know my CUIT number?

Carrying out tax or credit procedures in the Republic of Argentina requires a series of unavoidable requirements, which are necessary to carry out any financial aid process in any bank in the country. Knowing my CUIT number is important to be able to carry them out.

The Unique Tax Identification Code (CUIT) It is one of the most important requirements that a self-employed worker must have to register their credit history and thus access the different credit or loan opportunities offered at any bank in the Argentine region.

If you do not know how to look for the CUIT to start carrying out any procedure of your interest in which you are going to need this identification number. Keep reading this articulo and you will find the answer to this common question.

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How do I know what my CUIT number is?

Actually, find a person’s CUIT number it is fácil and only a few pieces of information are needed to reach it. You should know that this identification key may not be confidential, since there are very easy mechanisms to discover it and, therefore, get to know the history and detailed reports of a person or company. With all this we want to tell you that in the same way as it will be easy to know what is your CUIT number, it will also be correctly finding out someone else’s CUIT. Without further ado or explanation, let’s see how to find out the CUIT.Do not miss any detail of this process!

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Entry to unofficial portals

How to find out what someone’s CUIT number is or your own, it is something that you perro do by accessing unofficial portals that offer you this service. It is worth noting that, although it is a fácil process, it will not always be reliable, however the risk cánido often be worth it depending on how urgent it is to find this identification number and what you need it for.

The network is full of generic pages, so to speak, which offer you services like these, for free. How to find out the CUIT key It is something that you perro do, if you have at hand information such as the DNI, name of the person or company name that identifies it; however, we warn you that these pages are not official nor are they related to the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP), which is the only one in charge of issuing this Unique Tax Identification Code and attesting to and reason for it.

How to know a CUIT? another way to find out!

Know what the CUIT number is perro help you carry out financial procedures of different kinds before any bank in the Republic of Argentina. If you don’t know what yours is, be prepared for you to know the steps to follow to search for the CUIT and get it, in the fastest and easiest way you cánido imagine.

Entrar the AFIP portal

If you have a valid and updated DNI, you only have to entrar and go to the ‘Digital Registration’ section, in which you will first find an icon with the words ‘Get your password and CUIT’, press there and wait for the page to direct you to another tab where you cánido continue with the process to obtain the CUIT.

Put your personal data

Once you have entered the CUIT application page You must entrar your ID number, as well as the gender that naturally identifies you. If your national identification document does not have an expiration date, you will not be able to become a creditor of the Unique Tax Identification Code, nor will you be able to do so if you are a minor or a foreigner in residence procedures. You may also need to attach a digital copy of your ID and a recent postal photograph where your face perro be clearly seen.

Form 184 AFIP

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Validate the information

The data entered must be validated by means of a code sent by text message or correo electrónico, which you will have to register on the page in order to continue with the process. procedure to search for the CUIT. After placing the received code, check and make sure that all the data is correct; Clic on ‘validate’ to continue with the operation.


As a final step, you will be able to see that all the required information is displayed on the screen, receiving your CUIT number immediately, which you must print to save it in your archivos and have it on hand for when you need it.

Many people still don’t know how to look for the CUIT, this brief explanation that we have just given you will be of great help to obtain this identification key quickly and without complications. If for some reason you perro’t request the CUIT en línea, you must go to the AFIP offices (the closest to your home) and process it personally. One of the reasons that may require carrying out this procedure from one of the agencies is when you do not have an updated ID; If this is your case, you must request an appointment on the AFIP portal where they will indicate the date and time in which you cánido go to said headquarters. It is important that you make sure you bring all the necessary requirements so that you take advantage of the time and do not miss your appointment.

whatWhat do I need to find out my CUIT?

If you still do not know or are not sure What are the requirements for the CUITwe explain, below, the requirements that you must have to issue this document.

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Search the CUIT en línea

This is the easiest way to how to get the CUIT, for this you only have to have your digital ID on hand, as well as your telephone number, correo electrónico, tax domicile address and a recent postal photograph, such as the one used in passports. This photograph must espectáculo your face without accessories that could confuse or alter your image; the photo must be sharp and in color. Both your ID and the photograph must be attached in a archivo to continue with the procedure.

Search the CUIT by agency

As we explained to you, this modality is only for those who do not yet have the digital ID. If this is your case, first gather the documents you need for the CUIT request, they are: original and copy of the DNI, both for foreigners and for native Argentines; and personal data such as correo electrónico, home address, fiscal address and telephone number.

If you are a foreigner and still do not have a DNI, you cánido also request the CUIT by agencybut you will be subject to certain requirements that we explain in the following section.

As you already know, the national identity document is practically the only valid document for process the CUITeither electronically or in person, however, there are other ways to look for the CUIT for those who are foreigners and have not yet been nationalized as Argentines. Let’s see, then, what are the requirements for have CUIT as a foreigner.

The legal regulations equipo forth by the AFIP, in its RG 3890/94 DGI conditions, state that foreigners who are not creditors of a DNI have the right to issue the Unique Tax Identification Code, as long as they meet the following conditions:

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National identity document

He CUIT for foreigners It cánido be granted through a face-to-face procedure, where the applicant presents the original and a copy of their current identity card. If you do not have it, you cánido submit the receipt assigned by the General Migration Office showing the archivo number and residence address.

Proof of address

You must submit the original and a copy of this voucher, which must not be older than 60 days after its issuance.

documents, you must present the original and a copy of this certificate. You perro keep the documents filed neatly in a folder to make it easier to review them and the procedure of the paperwork.

Document from proof of residence

Here you cánido take the copy and the original of a rental receipt, which attests to the address you announced. In the same way, you perro present the property title of the property, as long as you own it. Make sure the address is clearly aparente on the document you are presenting, both on the original and on the copy of the document.

bank statements

Have the CUIT for foreignersIt also deserves checking your bank movements, both your accounts and your credit cards. If you do not have a credit card, you will only have to consign the statements of your bank accounts.

Municipal license or authorization

This document will be necessary only if the commercial activity is going to be carried out in a property that requires said permit.

Family home certificate

It must be delivered by the National Popular Security Administration and issued by the State Assets Administration Agency.

Once you gather all the documents, you must go to the agency closest to your home, with an appointment made electronically. Do not come without having requested an appointment, since only people who have made a prior request will attend.

How to search for the CUIT It is one of the easiest and fastest procedures that you perro perform in Argentine territory. well whatever you want request CUIT through the Internet or in one of the authorized banking agencies, it will always be a fácil procedure.

We hope that this article on how to know my CUIT number, have helped you. Do not go, we have very interesting things for you to see in Argentina procedures.

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 How to know my CUIT number?
  How to know my CUIT number?
  How to know my CUIT number?

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