How to know if a check has been denounced?

How to know if a check has been denounced?

We often hear of countless check frauds, where, for example, we realize that this payment document has turned out to be bad.

This type of scam has happened is very common in a society where different types of payments abound, including payment by checkbook.

Illegal transactions with other people’s checkbooks, product of theft or loss, have been responsible, for a long time, for fraudulent transactions.

That is why the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) has made a section available to its users on its website to verify the possible complaint or falsification of checks issued within the nation. How to know if a check has been reported It perro now be done in a few minutes, just by following the procedure that we detail below.

Rejected checks: consult them

Today millions of users, throughout the Argentine territory, prefer to make their payments through checks, and there are even other ways to honor their economic commitments.

There are hundreds of bounced checks every day, since unfortunately this payment tool lends itself to falsifying data, issuing it without funds, among other negative emplees that fraudsters have managed to practice.

Consult reported checks It is not difficult as it seems, in just 4 steps you will be able to carry out bounced check inquiries No procedures that limit your time or exhaust your patience.

Entrar the web portal

Entrar the BCRA website, on the left side of the page, you will find various options displayed, among which you will find the one that interests you in this case, ‘Reported Checks‘.

Clic on this option and wait to be directed to the query page.

Select the issuing entity

In the ‘Issuing Entity’ drop-down, choose the bank or financial institution that issued the check you wish to consult; make sure you choose the right one so that there is no failure or confusion in the procedure. Find bounced checks It is fácil after selecting the issuing entity, with just two more steps that we will see below, you will have the quick answer to your query.

How to know my CUIT number?

It is very important to highlight that, in the event that the same issuing entity appears repeatedly on several occasions, you must consult your check as many times as necessary.

That is, you will have to consult said document, selecting each of the banking or financial entities that appear with the same name in the drop-down of this option.

Entrar the check number

Once you have selected the entity that issued the check, entrar the check number in the corresponding box.

Verify that this number matches all the others that are printed on that document.

Each check has the number that identifies it printedin four different places on this piece of paper, make sure that the four codes are the same so that you perro also discard if it is a legal or fraudulent check.

Validate the recaptcha

To complete the process you must validate the recaptcha and verify that you are not a robot.


Finally, the system will direct you to the page where you cánido see the result of your query with all the information requested.

There are other ways, also fast and effective, so that you perro carry out reported check inquiries.

Let’s look at some other ways to do it, which will surprise you.

CUIT AFIP registration certificate: Find out how to obtain it

How to know if a check is denounced? ‘check’ tells you!

In addition to visiting the official website of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic and check if a check has been reported or rejected, there is another very easy and quick way to find out and it is through ‘Checks’, a mobile application that will allow you to find out the status of a check without having to go to the website, which we indicated in our previous section.

Although consult checks in the BCRA it is a matter of minutes, many Argentines choose to use this aplicación for this purpose, since it is even faster and produces results that are just as reliable as if the query were made through the web page.

How does ‘checks’ work?

This application to know if a check has been denounced allows, in just seconds, to obtain all the information concerning the status of this, through a photograph or capture.

By having the check in your hands, you will be able to open the application, photograph the check and the aplicación will be in charge of analyzing it, issuing a report, of one or two pages, where you will be able to see the credit report of who issued it.

Obtaining this application is very easy, since it is available through Google plus Play for Android, and perro also be downloaded from the Apple Store.

Its web version is also very useful, since it has been designed so that the usuario cánido access it regardless of whether or not they have a mobile device.

When you search on Google plus, you will find the page, where you perro register for free and access 10 queries, free of charge, in trial or demo mode so that you cánido verify the effectiveness and reliability of the application.

Once registered, you must choose the plan of your convenience and add up to 10 devices in which the services of this application will be used from your usuario.

Consult checks by checks It is a great contribution of technology, which you cannot stop trying, because, in addition to saving you time, you cánido also avoid fraud or scams if you submit the check to an exhaustive verification as carried out by this application.

Form 184 AFIP

Check benefits for review reported checks they are multiple; Imagine that you cánido instantly get all the information you need, because in just 5 seconds you receive back the answer you are looking for.

You perro obtain the required information by entering the CUIT or CUIL number to investigate or taking a photograph of the document, if you prefer.

Its different plans allow you to share up to 10 mobile devices so that you cánido work together with other people, if you own a business or company and need verify reported checks daily.

Checks has different plans for you to choose the one that best suits your budget and your needs.

The cheapest plan is the one with which you perro make 100 consultations and it costs 1000 pesos per month.

This plan perro register only two different mobile devices, being able to pay an plus 100 pesos per additional usuario.

It is the simplest plan you will find in this application.

The next plan is the 200 plan and, as its name indicates, it allows you to perform 200 bounced check inquiries for a value of 1800 pesos per month agregado VAT.

This plan allows you to include one more mobile device than the previous plan, for a total of 3 mobile phones and an additional price of 100 pesos per month for each plus usuario you wish to add.

Two other plans come to complete the check plans, such as the 400 plan and the customized corporate plan.

The 400 plan will allow you to make 400 check inquiries per month, for an amount of 3,200 pesos agregado 100 pesos per additional usuario.

This plan includes the registration of 5 phones.

Finally, checks offers you the corporate plan, aimed at businesses or companies that will not have a fixed amount to pay, since the payment will depend on how many inquiries you make during the month.

CENAT Form: How it is, download and MORE

However, it is important that you consider the benefits and drawbacks of both consult checks by the BCRA as by the application Checks.

Searching for checks denounced by the BCRA will always be the safest way to find out if a check has been denounced, remember that this bank is the official entity that controls and has access to the data of the transactions carried out throughout the national territory.

Although the use of the application cánido be useful and very advantageous at times, it will not be as safe as the first option that we share with you at the beginning of this articulo.


How to know if a check has been reported is now very easy through the options offered by the BCRA and the mobile application that we have just presented to you.

Remember that it is very fácil to obtain the report of your application, just by entering the CUIT, CUIL, check number or photograph of it.

Always remember that although both options allow you to easily and quickly access the information you are looking for, this type of query will always yield more reliable results if it is done from portals or official sites.

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 How to know if a check has been denounced?
  How to know if a check has been denounced?
  How to know if a check has been denounced?

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