How to know if a card is debit or

How to know if a card is debit or

Debit and credit cards cánido be afín naked eyeThis is because, aesthetically, the shape and material with which they are made are the same. Next, we will tell you how you cánido differentiate a debit card from a credit card.

How to Differentiate a Debit Card from a Credit Card?

Although both cards are for financial transactions, they are different in many ways.

➤ The debit card is associated with an account checking or savings, so you cánido only use the money you have in them.

➤ With credit cards, you perro have a credit account from which to make payments without having the money in the account.

These cards have a payment limit.

The emplees, such as withdrawing money at ATMs, cánido be the same.

The difference is that for debit cards there is a record of the transactions in your account and you perro only request the amount of money you have available.

On the other hand, you cánido use credit cards also to request a withdrawal at ATMs, with the difference that the amount will not depend on the amount of money you have available in your account.

both cards have a limit.

The credit card comes with management agreements that include a payment limit, like the debit card, but this depends on the amount of money available in your account.

A very used way to differentiate the cards is by the way they are recorded data and numbers on the card.

On the credit card they usually have a relief.

Another piece of information that may appear on the card is the VISA ELECTRON denomination, which means that the card is a debit card.

How to know if a Card is Debit or Credit only with the number?

Every number that appears on debit or credit cards it has a meaningwhich perro be the type of card, issuer, country where it was issued or control digit.

These numbers serve to create a base for data transmission through networks and the coding of financial data.

A fácil way to know if your card is a credit or debit card is through the common relief that the dialed digits on a credit card.

Even so, these numbers have intrinsic meaning.

These numbers will help associate a specific card with the checking account and the owner.

➤ The first number on the card represents the rank of the issuer.

For example, a card issued by an airline company will start with 1.

➤ The first 7 digits of the card correspond to the issuing bank number of the company or financial institution and the country.

The first number is included as part of the issuer for the card type, as in the example above.

For security reasons, the full ranges of issuers and countries are private.

An example of how to identify these numbers It cánido be that of the VISA card, which begins with the Number 4.

Instead, MasterCard cards begin with the number 5.

➤ The other numbers belong to the entity’s internal code to associate the card with the customer.

The total number of digits that a card cánido have is variable, being able to oscillate between 13 and 18 digits.

Although the most common cards have 16.

NOTE: There are exceptions, such as the American Express card, which has 15 digits, Dinners Club, which has between 14 and 15 digits, and the others, from 16 digits (with a maximum of 19).

How to know if a Card is Debit or Credit without the Number?

If your card number has been deleted or you cannot identify it to see if your card is a debit or credit card, you perro vea other traits that will help you differentiate the card.

One of them cánido be the logotype that appears in print on your card, such as VISA, MasterCard or American Express, among others.

Some cards have printed if they are credit or debit, which helps to identify much faster what type of card it is.

You cánido check with your bank what type of card you have, and when you use the ATM it tells you what type of card you have.

How to know if a Card is Debit or Credit en línea?

Each bank has a en línea support that perro help you identify which type of card is yours.

You cánido do it througha mobile application or on the web page, selecting the word “card”, where the card number should appear and what type it is.

Other information to take into account

Apart from the numbers, to identify what type of card you have, you cánido use the cardholder’s name, expiration date, the security code needed to make en línea purchases (CVV), the name of the bank or the provider’s logotipo.

You perro too consult by phone or in the contract what type of card is yours.

All this information is printed on the card application papers, where you will find all the necessary information to identify if it is debit or credit.

We hope this article has been of great help to you in differentiating a debit card from a credit card.

You perro also check directly with your financial institution to find out what type of card you have.

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 How to know if a card is debit or
  How to know if a card is debit or
  How to know if a card is debit or

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