How to invest money en línea

How to invest money en línea

At CGD we talk most of the time about earn money through ways and websites that do not require investing money to obtain benefits, but, nevertheless, as the saying goes “Money generates money”, if we know where to invest our money well, we cánido make it grow quickly.

In this section we are going to honor the saying and we are going to espectáculo different sites where we cánido invest money and get huge benefits.

There are so many ways to invest money en líneathe seguidor of pages and investment platforms It’s so big that it’s getting harder and harder to differentiate between the sites that are truly profitable and those that are not.

In this section on how to invest money en línea, we are going to refer to those pages that are considered worthy for make an investmentwe will discuss those investment platforms that have been contrasted previously, that they are completely profitable and that demonstrate and guarantee the security of our investment.

It should be noted that in the world of en línea investment there is nothing completely infallible.

In investments in general, whether in real life or en línea, there are risks and there is practically always a possibility, no matter how small, that the investment does not turn out as we expect.

Taking into account the difficulties involved in how to invest money en líneain this section we are going to expose those sites with which we work in CGD and in which we have previously verified that they are profitable.


To carry out the task of invest en línea It is practically essential to take into account the following points:

  • We have to be aware of the amount total of money that we have to carry out these types of activities.
  • Of the total amount that we have, we must be clear about what part of that money we want earmark for investment.
  • mark yourself short or long term goalsdepending on the personal circumstances of each one.
  • Take into account the website success where we want to make or have made the investment is essential.

    It is almost essential to determine if the website where we will make the investment is having a tangible and demonstrable success, with that we will have much more security when carrying out our operations on these platforms.

  • It’s advisable not use money from our savings to invest en línea, since at any time if we want to have that money, it will not be possible because we will have it in the Investment fund Or in the event that we obtain losses, we would not lose money essential for our needs.

General Basics

Below are a series of key concepts that cánido help us understand a little better the economic jargon when investing en línea.

Action: A share is an economic part of the capital of a company.

These parts are owned by a person, who is called shareholder.

Capital: Amount of money that cánido be invested or disposed of.

Commission: Amount obtained at the time of making a transaction, certain percentage that we receive for an operation.

Dividends: Part of the profit that is distributed among the users.

Liquidity: Money that we perro dispose of quickly or in a short period of time, in other words… cash!

Investment fund: A collective investment portfolio in which money is pooled for profit.

passive income: Ascending income system through which wealth is generated by carrying out an activity in which the effort made is less and less.

Solvency: Indicator of a company that demonstrates the ability to generate profits without complications.

Invest in the short term: Investment in which a short period of time intervenes and we cánido have the money in a short time.

Invest Long: Investment in which a long period of time intervenes, we will not be able to dispose of the money invested until the period of time established by the platform.

Cost effectiveness: Amount of benefits obtained from the investment made.

Risk: Measurement of possible events that may affect the outcome of the investment.

Split: It is a financial operation by which the number of shares is increased and the value of each share is divided by an equivalent amount.

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 How to invest money en línea
  How to invest money en línea
  How to invest money en línea

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