How to invest in the Depósito Market

How to invest in the Depósito Market

if you’re wondering as Invest in the Colombian depósito marketin this article we are going to explain how to do it successfully.

The first thing you should know is that currently anyone; Whether you are a natural or have a legal firm, you perro buy or invest in the Colombian depósito market.

In fact, in 2020 there was an exponential increase in investments made in the depósito market, and investing has become a trend for many people.

All this is due to the fact that the best actions in which you perro invest in the country are found.

In addition, you cánido make investments and trade them en línea with unbeatable rates.

Types of investments in the Colombian depósito market

The Colombian Depósito Exchange (BVC) is a capital markets organization; which aims to offer a space for the acquisition and sale of instruments issued or made by the companies that are registered there; to which the different types of investors will be able to access.

However, depending on the type of shares you wish to acquire, the minimum investment amount will vary.

You must take into account the budget or capital to invest; Because there are two types of investments.

So, in this article you will learn about the different types of investments that you perro make, what are the minimum amounts and the risks associated when investing in the Colombian Depósito Market.

Fixed Income Investments

Fixed income investments, such as United States Treasury bills, are products that guarantee your money at the end of the stipulated time of the investment; including the profitability of your percentage.

It is said that they have a lower risk compared to investments in variable instruments, and allow you to access debt instruments from both companies and the Colombian government.

Equity Investments

This option is ideal if you want to get involved in the process and evolution of your investment.

In addition, you must be prepared to assume the risks involved in the process of buying company shares.

You will be able to monitor and escoge the best time to withdraw your investment or if, on the contrary, you want to invest more.

It is important that you keep in mind that in this type of investment you have the opportunity to invest in different assets and markets on a timely basis.

What are the minimum amounts to invest in the depósito market?

The minimum investment amount varies depending on the type of stocks you wish to invest in.

Previously we showed you the two types of investments and each of them presents an approximate minimum amount.

If you want to make fixed income investments; such as debt securities or bonds, then you perro make initial investments from 100,000 Colombian pesos.

You perro execute these with complete peace of mind through a collective portfolio offered by financial institutions.

If, on the contrary, you want to opt for variable income investments; You cánido choose to start with amounts of 2,000,000 Colombian pesos.

Although the amount may be lower, this option is mostly for those investors who already have prior knowledge of the depósito market; and that they have a generous capital.

To start, you cánido access different depósito brokerages in the country, or download financial applications in Colombia that allow you to invest in the depósito market.

You perro make investments from 5,000 pesos; However, you should keep in mind that this type of investment is more common in the event that you want to make your money profitable or place it in savings mode as an investment.

How to invest in the Colombian depósito market?

Today, there are at least two ways in which you cánido execute your investments; these are:


Individually (choosing individual actions)

If on your own account and individually you want to invest in the Colombian depósito exchange; The first thing you should do is choose a commission company with which you feel comfortable.

Making use of that company and in the knowledge of an adviser; You cánido directly choose the titles or bonds to acquire.


Collective portfolios

This option applies if you want to invest collectively; that is, with a group of people whose purpose is to acquire shares in the depósito market; allocating the result of the total sum of money among all the people of said group.

They perro acquire different shares with equal shares.

If you want to start investing in the Colombian depósito market, you cánido use the Tyba application, which allows you to invest in collective portfolios from your cell phone with minimum amounts and using the code DIE113437 They give away 20,000 Colombian pesos to start your investment.

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Important considerations before investing in BVC

Like any investment; There are certain risks associated with investing in the depósito market.

Therefore, it is important that you keep these considerations in mind before investing in it:


Be clear about the priorities and objectives of your investment.


Differentiate your investment (short, medium and long term)


Clearly analyze the investment that you will execute (costs and expenses) in order to generate the expected profits.


Create a savings plan in which you do not have to withdraw your investment before the expected time.


Consider possible risks, since depending on the investment you acquire you perro win or lose.

Once this is clear, you have everything you need to start investing in the Colombian Depósito Market and put your money to work for you.

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 How to invest in the Depósito Market
  How to invest in the Depósito Market
  How to invest in the Depósito Market

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