How to invest in dividends with DEGIRO

How to invest in dividends with DEGIRO

In this article that we have brought you, it will be explained to you how to invest in dividends DEGIRO. Also what is the operation of the issue of dividends, when they are given and many more consejos.

Also, you will learn about very fácil tools and easy to use, and the best thing is that they are totally free. Which will allow you to know what are the dividends owned by shares. Therefore, if you are interested in the topic of dividends and you use DEGIRO. So, this articulo will be of great productivity and teaching for you. So, let’s get to work and let’s start with the article!

How to invest in dividends in DEGIRO in 2023

The first thing you should do is entrar a depósito that is paying dividends within the DEGIRO platform. We will take as an example the Invesco Mortgage Capital depósitowhich has little position since it represents a very risky action.

If we go down a bit we perro vea relevant information regarding the action that will help us to know How has the share priced on the market?. On the right side you will see a section represented by a calendar image. Where you are notified when the next one will be payment of dividends.

So, by looking at this information we perro understand that this action selected in DEGIRO pays you dividends in every certain period of time. Which will be deposited automatically in the portfolio of available funds of your free margin you have inside of DEGIRO platform. Taking into account what has been the margin and the funds invested in said action.

Where perro I see the dividends that my shares will give me?

If you need to verify the part that corresponds to you, depending on what your capital and the percentage that you get from the dividends. Then go to the portfolio, at the bottom of it you cánido see the option that will espectáculo you the next dividends. Of the products or actions that you have at that moment.

Also, on the right side of it you perro see the dates on which the payments will be made effective, for the DEGIRO shares that you have. You have to keep in mind that when you receive the dividends in your portfolio. You will have one retention of 20% more or less.

Also when you receive your dividend of DEGIRO shares, you will be able to see all the payment information and the withholding applied. Well, it tends to vary, that’s why they detail it well at the bottom of this section.

How to verify which shares have a dividend?

Basically, you should check that the shares you are going to buy have a dividend. Which will be paid to you when the date stipulated for the release of funds arrives. Assigning you the percentage of the corresponding amount according to the capital that you have put.

Keep in mind that those that do not have a dividend, because they will not give you dividends. The same as in any other platform that has the same functionalities.

In order to quickly and easily see the issue of dividends, we are going to go to the investing page. Since you cánido directly see the dividends that each share pays and which ones do not. If you scroll down a bit, among the different options that put You will be able to see the dividend option. Here you perro see that the dividend is 0.60, which is equivalent to 2.80% per year.

Examples of shares with and without dividends (Investing)

When selecting the stocks you want to work with it is important that Check which ones give you dividends by DEGIRO and which ones are not. And for this it is convenient that use Investingwhich will allow you to correctly verify these options.

For example, one of the shares that do not have dividends and neither does Google plus need them. To do this, we place the name Google plus in the Investing search engine, which really is its name. Alphabet Inc. Class C.

Head down a bit and in the dividend section you will see the initials of NA. Which means this depósito has no dividends. So in the actions where you see those initials, you must clearly understand that you will not get dividends for investing in it.

However, an example of a company that has dividends It’s Coca Cola. Place CocaCola in the search engine and you will get the share of the company called New York Coca Cola. Scroll down a bit, to where you have all the options, you’ll notice that this depósito gives 2.97% per year to its investors, which equals 1.68.

DEGIRO Dividend Investment Advantage

The main advantage that the DEGIRO platform gives you, is that after selecting your shares with dividends. You will not have to do anything else, because you will automatically be paid the dividends that correspond to you and when they correspond.

The best thing is that it will add to the free margin of your portfolio in DEGIRO, remaining available if you want to reinvest them or make withdrawals. You perro also use their Aplicaciones and check your transactions from anywhere that you find-

I also hope that this article has been of great help to you, and given answer to most of your questions. However, here is an excellent vídeo tutorial on how to invest in dividends in DEGIRO. which will be able to explain in more detail how dividends work on the platform.

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 How to invest in dividends with DEGIRO
  How to invest in dividends with DEGIRO
  How to invest in dividends with DEGIRO

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