How to Invest in Cryptocurrencies in Skrill

How to Invest in Cryptocurrencies in Skrill

If you are one of those investors who do not like to deal with a lot of complicated orders, but prefer to hold for the long term, then Skrill is an excellent alternative for you.

With the simplicity that characterizes it.

But the question is, How to invest in cryptocurrencies within Skrill? We will espectáculo you the answer in this article.

But before log in to your Skrill accountthen you could start the step by step that will be shown below.

Access Skrill Cryptocurrency investment options

Like any financial platform, Skrill puts tools at your disposal so you perro invest in cryptocurrencies within herself, doing it in a fácil and comfortable way.

To access these tools, we will detalla the following procedure below:

  1. Within your account home screen, in the left sidebar, find and clic on cryptocurrencies.

Important: It is likely that when you entrar this section, you will be asked to accept some terms or afín.

  1. Once there, you are presented with different options in terms of cryptocurrencies.

    From among these, you will select invest nowclicking on this option.

  1. Once you access that section, you will be shown an extensive list of existing cryptos in Skrill.

    In each of which, you are given a choice Trade.

    If you clic on any of these, you would entrar their trading options.

  1. When you have entered the crypto you chose, you will see a panel of Buy and sell.

Ways to trade cryptocurrency on

In the present buy-sell panel or trading boxyou will have some options that will allow you to perform these operations:

Steps to buy cryptocurrencies within Skrill

First of all, speaking of the purchase of cryptocurrencies in the modality Snapshot (which is the usual one), you will be able to do the following:

  • select currency in which you want to buy cryptos.

  • equipo the amount to spend which, for its purposes, must be a minimum of 10 EUR (You are also shown the cómputo you have available).

  • Select the cryptocurrency in which you are going to invest.

  • See what you will receive in cryptos in equivalence for what you have invested.

  • See the commission what you will be charged for that transaction.

When you have everything ready, then you perro clic on Following.

After this, you will be able to see the summary of the entire operation; You will be shown everything you have added, such as the amount and what you would receive, and also the commission charge, which will be added to the total amount to spend.

If you agree with everything, you cánido clic on Confirm.

Steps to Sell Cryptocurrency within Skrill

There is not much to comment on in the case of selling your cryptos within Skrill, since they are basically the same steps as in the case of buying:

  • You equipo the type of crypto that you are going to sell (and that logically, you must own).

  • You indicate the amount of cryptocurrencies to sell directly or, if you prefer, using the percentage indicators.

  • Select currency in which you want to receive the funds in equivalence.

  • See how much you will receivein the same way as the previous case.

Having this ready too, would you clic on Following.

Following this, you should also clic on Confirm in a summary afín to that of the purchase case, where you will see important data with which, if you agree, you perro proceed to the respective confirmation.

Some other options that Skrill gives you to trade

The options you have in Skrill to trade are very practical and easy to use.

And for your greater comfort, they are not numerous.

Here is what you cánido find on Skrill for when you want to trade on it:

The Portfolio section

In this section you have at hand some useful things for your negotiations, such as:

  • The alerts and orders.

    With these options you are given the possibility of marking an index within the cryptocurrency, which, if the price reaches it, will be notified to your correo electrónico or mobile, depending on what you have configured.

  • Recent activity.

    It is the section where you will get your latest financial movements, in the case of purchases and sales, of course.

The Trade section

Within this section, you cánido do the following:

As you perro see, the trading system within Skrill is not complicated.

There are few and fácil options, but with the same usefulness for people like you who do not want to get too involved in the depósito market, but play it safe, but in a fácil way.

This tutorial summarizes it for you so that you have a general iniciativa when it comes to invest in cryptocurrencies within Skrill.

Vídeo about How to Invest in Cryptos in Skrill in 2023

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 How to Invest in Cryptocurrencies in Skrill
  How to Invest in Cryptocurrencies in Skrill
  How to Invest in Cryptocurrencies in Skrill

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