How to invest in a2censo from 200 thousand pesos

How to invest in a2censo from 200 thousand pesos

Would you like to invest in a2censo? This financial platform with its innovative scheme has become a great growth option for companies and investors in Colombia.

So, if you are passionate about the field of investments in the Depósito Market, then this information is for you, because in this article we will explain how you perro invest in a2senso and what its advantages are.

In short, first of its kind, is a collaborative financial platform.

Use financial crowdfunding to promote the growth of SMEs, large companies, private projects, money from investors with and without experience and of course the development of the country.

What is Financial Crowdfunding?

To start, fundraising, is its así meaning of English.

That is, HE They raise small amounts of capital from various people, in order to finance projects of different kinds.

You as an investor through the a2cneso digital platformyou invest in the campaigns available from companies that require some type of financing.

Investors’ savings grow by investing in one or more of the available projects, and from time to time they will obtain a refund of their capital agregado the profits generated.

How to invest in a2censo campaigns?

With a2censo, Colombians have the possibility of growing financially despite the hard times that they are experiencing due to the pandemic, with this innovative investment and financing proposal that is combined with each other, using the platform as a legal mediator.

Here are the steps to invest in a2census:


Disclosure of the campaign in the showcase

The first thing is that a2censo makes the company requesting financing aparente.

Then it must meet certain requirements before the campaign cánido be published.

Once it is published, it is evaluated and if it meets the parameters, it is approved.

Once approved, it will be published in the showcase.

At this point it is important to clarify that the company seeking financing must agree with the legal aspects


Showcase for investments

In this second point enters the participation of the different types of investors; natural, legal, with or without experience.

Here you cánido choose the campaign in which you want to invest your money, which is done through a debt issue and not through the purchase of company shares.

In order to make this investment you must meet certain legal requirements for both qualified and unqualified investors.


Collaborative investments

Once you choose which campaign you want to invest in, you have the option to do so from a minimum amount of 200,000 Colombian pesos.

Remember that this is done through debt bonds, which are a fixed income investment instrument.

Depending on the amount invested, you will receive a share of each plus.

In the case of qualified investors, they do not have a limit amount, unlike unqualified ones, who may invest up to 20% of their annual income and assets.


Closing the campaign successfully

Once the campaign is over, the company receives the money raised by all the investors interested in the project.

From this moment the money will be used as working capital in order to achieve said objective.

At this point it is up to the company to consolidate the investment and carry out the project.


Delivery of profits

To finish this investment process, the people who invested in the platform receive the payment of their interest corresponding to the debt acquired by the company.

In this way, both parties benefit, since companies raise capital to invest in their projects and capital investors manage to invest their resources in profitable Colombian projects and diversify their portfolio.

Benefits of investing in a2censo

Below we leave you the benefits of participating in this collective investment platform:

  1. Brings together Colombian companies and people wishing to invest in their country
  2. Growth of your money with investments with a low amount, from 200,000 Colombian pesos
  3. Minimum investment risk due to having a diversity of allies (National Guarantee Fund covers up to 70% of the money invested), the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, the Colombian Depósito Exchange, among others.
  4. You perro invest in companies in sectors such as: agribusiness, information and communication, technology, research, energy…
  5. The investor manages to diversify his portfolio

How parties benefit from the a2censo digital platform


With a2censo, companies have the possibility of generating campaigns and publishing them in the commercial showcase.

With this, small, medium and large companies seek that both in Colombia and in other countries, their projects are known and more people are interested and invest in them.


People with or without experience in the world of investments, have with a2censo the option of making their money grow by investing with a small amount of money in Colombian companies.

In this way, it supports large or small Colombian projects and therefore contributes its grain of sand to the progress of the country.

To start, investors to invest in a2censo they must create and register on the platform.

Provide all the information requested in order to get to know them better.

They perro review the campaigns in the showcase and select the project in which they will invest their resources.

To make investments on this platform, three cambiantes must be taken into account:

  • Payments are totally digital (payment gateway).
  • Compliance with the maximum amounts to invest required by law is mandatory.
  • You will not pay any fee for using the a2censo platform.

Take advantage of these consejos to invest your money in Colombia:

Information is your best tool to start investing, however you must put these recommendations into practice so that you cánido espectáculo the benefits.

Remember that this is a process that requires patience and perseverance.

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 How to invest in a2censo from 200 thousand pesos
  How to invest in a2censo from 200 thousand pesos
  How to invest in a2censo from 200 thousand pesos

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