How to improve your sales with the use of

How to improve your sales with the use of

Knowing what your customers and users of the service you provide want is everything.

Selling is about pleasing and giving the customer what they are looking for, right? That is why it is extremely important that we read and listen to what you have to say and with so few people limited in customer service, many messages and calls are lost.

Our guest today, Francisco Serrano, espectáculo you how you perro improve your sales with a chatbot and thus, meet and help all your customers in whatever they need.

Get information about usuario behavior It really changed the game of how to do marketing, now companies and brands know what their customers like and what they do on the Internet.

If you are looking for an engagement ring, it is possible that during the next days keep seeing ads about rings everywhere you go on the internet.

Technology has truly changed the way brands interact with their customers and the media today. have been developed to a level that provides a more humane treatment of consumers.

Popular networking sites, for example, are a very habitual place on the Internet, many people visit these sites daily, which was noticed by brands and started using them to interact and attract customers, because the conversational approach leads to an increase in sales.

In recent years, instant messaging applications have grown significantly, and are the crown of popular networks. if you think of yourselfyou will notice that you spend more time on WhatsApp and Messenger than on Twitter and Fb, because chatting is more attractive.

As a business owner If you want to sell your product, the next thing to do is bring your services to where your customers are spending their time.

This way, you make it easier for them to access them and spend less on marketing.

This is where chatbots play a big role.

The better practices of chatbots


As Chatbots are powered by artificial intelligence, eliminate any possibility of human fallo, which facilitates the creation and conversion of leads.

chatbots too provide self-learning, so they constantly adapt to grow over time and become more efficient.

context based

Chatbots are capable of measuring emotion and modify their behavior based on the customer’s default profile, such as age, gender, and location.


These, replicate everyday human interaction more accurately than real humans.

The vocabulary we use with our friends and family does not intersect in interactions of companies with customers.

One-word commands on FAQ pages like “download”, “login”, “clic here” It’s the way companies get upset of popular communication and lose customers.


They are infinitely customizable, regardless of business or function, from fácil lead generation to automated sales, all thanks to a little popup message at the bottom right of the screen.


Without a doubt, chatbots not only are less expensive compared to their alternatives, rather they are a true alternative to customer support and sales.

In conclusion, messaging applications have become the main destination for brands to reach consumers, and no wonder chatbots have become so habitual.

By implementing a chatbot in your marketing strategy, you will be able to know your audience, tailor your marketing efforts, reach new consumers and monetize your popular media profiles.


The year 2018 has been the year of AI, machine learning, natural language processing and the Blockchain.

However, there are many more, but these 4 technologies have been in the news constantly.

Brands have started using them to grow their businesses.

Chatbots based on a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing They grab attention and have been seen helping businesses generate leads and increase conversion exponentially.

Not yet.

Definitely though are developing rapidly as that more companies and programa developers are more interested in it.

Did you know that the first chatbot was developed in 1966 by Joseph Weizenbaum? Yeah, it’s not really a new technology, but just recently brands began to take advantage of their enormous possibilities to grow their businesses.

Nowadays, you cánido find chatbots in different business departments, from customer service to sales.

And in this article, I’m going to espectáculo you how you cánido use chatbots to generate leads and conversions for your business with real life examples.

The Chatbots disminuye the steps selling

One of the many reasons customers abandon a shopping cart is because the steps to complete an order are quite long. A recent study espectáculos that 23% of customers will abandon their shopping cart because they had to create a new usuario account.

Create a new account usuario takes time.

You have to fill out a long form, go to your dirección de correo electrónico and clic to verify your dirección de correo electrónico.

If your customers know someone who you perro make that process shorter and even more interesting, they will thank you.

For example, the eBay ShopBot, a virtual personal shopping assistant, they help people find the elementos they want (at the price they want) and also make the process of buying the item seamless and interactive.

It is not necessary to look for representatives to explain a field that you must complete, but don’t know what it takes from you.

The chatbot will guide you in a conversational way.

So not just that help eBay sellers You make more sales, but it also improves the usuario experience on the site as well.

Excellent customer service

The customer service department is the most critical in any company. Yes, it is 6 to 7 times more expensive acquire a new customer than keep a current one.

But their customer service team perro only do what they cánido.

Unfortunately, customers want them to do more. Customers are smarter now and of course, they ask for more.

They want immediate service delivery.

Yes, your customers want you to offer them a 24/7 service. You will also be interested to know that 75% of customers believe it takes a long time to reach a live agent.


In fact, I perro vouch for this.

I’ve seen some of the worst agents customer service, especially big brands.

In addition, your customers also want that gives them a great experience and helps them solve their challenges.

To help companies meet the demand of their customers, chatbots are being implemented in the customer service department. to help with useful information that customers might need.

Because customers are more likely to pay more for a service at top client.

No wonder Forrester predicts that by 2022, customer experience will exceed price and product as the key brand differentiator.

There will come a time when companies that don’t use chatbots with artificial intelligence they will be extinct.

However, we are not there yet, every forward-thinking brand must strive for leveraging chatbots to boost their customer service experience and help get their customers to the bottom of the sales funnel faster.

Chatbots get information and use it to cross-sell

AI-powered chatbots are powerful. They not only interact with their customers, they also know the behaviors of their customers.

For example, if a customer buys a shirt through a chatbot, the chatbot perro easily tell them about a shirt that looks like what you have previously purchased or suggest other products that perro match the dress they bought, like a wristwatch or some nice shoes.

This perro also be a great tool for SaaS companies.

For example, you perro remind your customers about updates through a chatbot seamlessly in a conversational and actionable way.

As improve sales in electronic commerce

Today, more and more people are tuning en línea stores for your shopping needs.

The number of visitors to y también-commerce websites is increasing and with chatbots y también-commerce cánido provide a quality and effective service to your potential customers. The better the service, the more you cánido increase your en línea sales.

Add ecommerce chats it is effective due to the amount of en línea shopping that is constantly growing.

All business owners must be up to date to make sure your website y también-commerce keeps up with the growth.

Having said that, a good implementation to improve sales is escencial.

So a guide for a good implementation is essential.

The Chatbots sales increase en línea

For y también-commerce websites, chatbots allow business owners provide en línea services to a large number of customers at the same time.

This service perro help increase en línea sales by providing instant answers to customer questions, removing roadblocks, increasing motivation and solving problems en línea.

These are 6 consejos to optimize the use of chatbots on your commerce site.

1. Learn from your visitors with real questions

An eCommerce website is a lot like a real store: people come to the store, they browse the shelves and look for the product they want.

Whereas in a real store you cánido approach your customers and talk to them, in an eCommerce website You don’t know what your visitors are looking for, what questions do they have or what prevents them from making a purchase.

Ecommerce chatbot opens up a whole new world of information about your clients that you perro use to improve your ecommerce scripts and sales process.

Just like a salesperson in a store, the ecommerce chatbot engages your website visitors and offers help. By reading the conversations of real customers with the chatbot you cánido learn a lot from them.

Use this information to fenezca-tune your eCommerce chat scripts, add answers to new questions you ask your customers, and update existing answers for better performance.

Use the words and phrases your client used in the titles of their responses to help customers find easily the answer you are looking for.

2. Add valuable answers and consejos

Many website owners think that because the ecommerce chatbot is robotic, it must have robotic responses. But the fact that this is automatic it doesn’t make it unnatural.

When a potential customer visits your website, they are already interested in the product you are selling, all they need is real information about it and get answers to your questions.

When you look at the best salesperson in your company, you perro see that every answer he gives to a customer is designed to promote the sale.

Use your eCommerce Chatbot to provide consejos and advice to your potential customers.

People like to buy from professionals and by giving them advice about their products build trust with your customers and present yourself as a professional.

You must verify that the answers you have written they help your customers by reading the chat history and improving their responses accordingly.

3. Elimination of obstacles with precise solutions

Some questions people ask when talk to an eCommerce Chatbot they are the result of a real problem they have.

These questions are hindering the sales process and, without getting a precise answer to your questions, the sales process is stuck.

By providing accurate answers that remove roadblocks, you cánido prevent cart abandonment.

For example: a person asks “Do you send abroad?”, or “Is the refund 100% of the value?”. People won’t buy without getting answers to their questions, so it’s up to you to provide an accurate answer.

4. Using multiple responses to increase motivation

as we said, people like to buy from experts.

Use your chatbot to introduce yourself as one.

When a man wants to buy an engagement ring he will seek the advice of an expert in rings.

The expert will ask questions to find the best ring for him.

This process builds trust with the client that the expert perro find the best solution for your needs. Remember, people like personal advice, they want to buy from experts, and they want to be motivated to buy.

For example, a person asks your Chat “do you have engagement rings?” or “I want to buy an engagement ring.” You perro use this to reply with multiple answers To increase motivation and promote yourself as an expert:

  • “As I choose an engagement ring?”
  • “what diamond ought choose?”
  • “What would you choose? she?”
  • “How much should spend in an engagement ring?
  • “Are there discounts on the engagement rings?

These types of questions will value to your potential customers and will make them pay more attention to your products.

This, in turn, will increase their motivation to buy from you.

5. Professional, short and helpful answers

Nobody likes to receive a lecture in response.

Some website owners want to get their message across to customers offering them a lot of information in the responses of the ecommerce chatbot.

This approach could be good for your blog or landing pages, but these kind of long answers they don’t have retroalimentación with your potential customers.

Chatbots for y también-commerce allow you to hold a conversation with the customer and not just overload him with information.

The professional answers short and useful are one of the essential keys to increase your sales

By reading the chatbot’s conversations with real customers, you cánido easily identify the questions and the points of the conversation in which they are interested.

Focus in These points to find the best text and improve it to keep it short, useful and professional.

6. Continuously improve responses and conversions

Every website owner is aware that you need to check your PPC performance, landing pages and Google plus Analytics.

The chatbot offers you a whole new world of information about the behavior of customers on the website.

You get this information in the words your customers use, which is very effective.

When you read the chatbot’s ecommerce conversations, also read the conversations that didn’t end with a conversion, this will help you understand what went wrong with them.

Use this information not only to add new answers but also to rewrite existing answers that don’t provide the desired results.

Let your customers send retroalimentación about your answers.

This retroalimentación will help you find the answer your client is looking for and how to improve it.

Use chatbot reports to gain even more valuable insights, like which pages your eCommerce chatbot has the best conversion rates on. Which pages have the most of conversations that did not end with a conversion? What are the most frequently asked questions?

The successful ecommerce chatbot for websites is using this information to continually improve performance. You perro take this action regarding the use of this information in the design of your website, the design of the product or the strategy of your company.


AI is here to add to our inefficiency, not replace us.

Contrary to what people think about artificial intelligence, it’s not going to take away our jobs (admittedly it will take some) nor possibly destroy our world.

Author Description: Francisco Serrano is the Communications Directivo of ONL SpA.

He has been active on the web since 2004, editing and writing en línea technology and marketing weblogs.

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 How to improve your sales with the use of
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