How to improve your correo electrónico marketing using the

How to improve your correo electrónico marketing using the

Whether you have an established business, or if you are in the early stages of growing your venture, one of the most important things to keep in mind is how to attract customers and, above all, how to retain them so that your company continues to grow.

There are many tools that you cánido use to achieve this, but without a doubt the correo electrónico marketing and also the advertising vía mensaje de texto (text messages) have proven to be the most effective so far.

However, with the introduction of new technologies such as teléfonos inteligentes and tabletasthe way you should use these marketing tools has changed a lot in the last 10 years.

Your buyers, their customs, and even their personality have evolved over time and with the appearance of these devices in their lives; now, probably anyone who enters your web page you will do it from a móvil or a tablet while sitting comfortably on the sofa at home.

That is why here I am going to espectáculo you the benefits of using these two combined methods in your business, and 3 effective strategies so that you attract more customers and increase your sales with them.

Because I should include mensaje de texto in my marketing campaigns?

I know right now you must be thinking “Text messages…really? But isn’t that something old-fashioned?“.

And the answer is no.

Although it seems incredible to you, in In 2018 the sending of mensaje de texto increased by more than 20%, and 90% of these messages are read within three minutes of receiving them.

This is because mensaje de texto, especially automated ones, are the fastest way for you to be instantly informed.

So the answer is fácil: you should include text messages in your marketing campaigns because they still work, and their effectiveness is really high when it comes to delivering your content.

Also, although mensaje de texto is different from correo electrónico marketing, it is also shares very important similarities that make them the perfect complement for each other.

Combining mensaje de texto with dirección de correo electrónico will allow you send the right message at the right time to all your clients; You will have at your disposal two different means of communication so that your users perro choose the one that best suits them or prefers.

And you perro use each method for different purposes to make your campaigns more effective: correos electrónicos for in-depth content and information (you perro use services such as Mailchimp in Spanishfor example), and text messages to send reminders or alerts last minute.

3 strategies to mezcle dirección de correo electrónico marketing and mensaje de texto

There are many ways to make these two tools available to you so that they become a powerful weapon to attract customers and increase your sales.

But here I am going to teach you the three strategies that are most effective and that large companies use today.

1. Get your message across to ALL your customers

This is a strategy that I have hardly seen in Spain, but that in the United States often use and it is because it really works to optimize marketing campaigns.

The process is fácil: you receive a promotional correo electrónico in your dirección de correo electrónico, and if you don’t open it, after a couple of days an mensaje de texto arrives on your phone with the same message but optimized for this device.

Including this strategy in your campaigns will provide you with a double benefit: on the one hand, your message will be read by the maximum number of people of your audience.

And for another, you will not have to pay more for sending a second message through one of the channels you choose without knowing if it will be read this time, or if your correo electrónico or mensaje de texto will be forgotten again.

How cánido you implement this?

  • First, send your campaign promotional correo
  • Wait about 48 hours since you sent it to give your recipients time to see your dirección de correo electrónico and open it
  • After those 48 hours, review your results and create a segment of subscribers that they have not opened your correo
  • Finally, send an mensaje de texto with the same promotion (adapted to text messages) only to those people who have not opened your correo electrónico, not to your entire database

This way, people who haven’t seen your dirección de correo electrónico will be able to see your promotion or message through an mensaje de texto on their móvil, and you will increase the effectiveness of your campaign.

Although of course, remember that to put this strategy into practice, you must have both correos electrónicos and phone numbers of the clients to whom you are going to send the promotion.

2. Increase your correo electrónico subscribers through mensaje de texto

Your main channel to promote yourself are the newsletter that you send daily or weekly, but hardly get your visitors to subscribe to your mailing list? Attract them through text messages!

A good recommendation that I cánido give you if you see that you cannot get people to subscribe to your correo electrónico list is check well what may be failing: perhaps the subscription form is not in the right place on your page, you do not use a good call to action so that they leave you their correo electrónico…

But if despite this, you have made all possible efforts to improve the acquisition of subscribers, and it has not worked for you, mezcle the power of mensaje de texto to improve your subscriber list with these steps:

  • Instead of putting up a form for your visitors to sign up for your mailing list, get them to subscribe vía text message offering them some benefit such as a discount, offer, or free plus content.

    You perro use a pop up either push notification so that those who entrar your page through their phones, it is easier for them to do so.

  • Create an automatic text message only for the new registered in which you welcome them, and espectáculo them a backlink that they must clic to finalize their registration and be able to see their exclusive offer.

    This backlink should take them directly to your form to sign up for your newsletter .

  • Once they have subscribed to your newsletter vía the backlink in your mensaje de texto, start send them the promotions and the welcome gift (the discount, offer, or free plus content) through your mailing list.

It may seem like a somewhat more elaborate strategy than the previous one, but in reality it is fácil to implement and the most important thing is that with it you will achieve increase your dirección de correo electrónico subscriber base for your dirección de correo electrónico marketing campaigns.

3. Follow some fácil rules to send correo electrónico and mensaje de texto campaigns

Sometimes you may want to send marketing campaigns that are different vía dirección de correo electrónico and text messages to communicate different things through these two channels.

And that’s an excellent strategy that cánido work very well.

After all, correos electrónicos are a better way to give your buyers in-depth information about some aspect of your business, or the benefits of a new product of yours, while mensaje de texto are better to notify discounts last minute, promotions with a deadline, or releases.

But don’t bombard your customers! Notifications received on a móvil inteligente are much more personal than those sent vía dirección de correo electrónico.

And if a person sees that they have too many new direct messages on their mobile phone on a frequent basis, it is most likely that that irritates him, and he ends up getting tired of you.

Therefore, a good way to maintain healthy communication with your subscribers vía mensaje de texto is follow some rules like these:

  • Send only one mensaje de texto at a time: text messages are limited to 160 characters per message.

    It is true that you perro send several chained messages (like those where it says “message 1 of 2, message 2 of 2”).

    But no one likes too long texts in that format.

    So send only one direct mensaje de texto at a time making your message less than 160 characters.

  • Organize and schedule your correo electrónico and mensaje de texto campaigns: If you want to send two different marketing campaigns (one by dirección de correo electrónico and the other by mensaje de texto), organize yourself well and plan them so as not to send them on the same day.
  • Find the right frequency to send your campaigns: messages that add value to your users perro be sent frequently.

    But as a rule, it is not a good iniciativa to send more than two mensaje de texto and two correos electrónicos per week so as not to overwhelm them with so much information.

Both the various marketing channels and technology develop and change rapidly; and that’s why you cánido’t rely on using a single strategy to improve your sales and business.

So instead of just using dirección de correo electrónico marketing or mensaje de texto marketing, It is best to mezcle both methods. (and others that have worked for you so far) to benefit from all the advantages that come with it.

And you, what channels do you use to promote your company? Leave me a comment below and tell me about your experiences.

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 How to improve your correo electrónico marketing using the
  How to improve your correo electrónico marketing using the
  How to improve your correo electrónico marketing using the

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