How to improve a bad posture to be more

How to improve a bad posture to be more

If you work in an office, you no doubt already know how painful prolonged sitting perro be on your neck and back.

When you finally leave your job or move to another place, you may even feel pain in your shoulders and lower back.

Poor posture, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, perro genere a number of serious health problems.

It’s time to take action because poor posture negatively affects productivity, health, and well-being.

The real problem of bad postures

Recent studies have determined that a sedentary lifestyle has replaced smoking.

This claim is obviously exaggerated, given how dangerous smoking is, but it serves the same purpose of highlighting the growing problem of sedentary lifestyles.

Sitting for an extended period of time without moving your body leads to all sorts of physical problems.

Even if you exercise regularly, there won’t be much benefit from exercising if you don’t engage in any physical activity during the long hours you’re at your desk.

It’s not just about possible weight gain: sitting for hours ends up ruining your body’s ability to make good cholesterol.

In addition, such inactivity increases the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Obviously, most people don’t sit all the time, but sitting adds up when it comes to your physical and mental health.

Sitting at work, sitting during the trip, sitting when you relax, etcétera., you cánido also spend most of the day sitting! Chances are you have bad posture all this time sitting: constantly hunched over and slowly inducing more and more pain in your back, neck and joints.

Physical discomfort will also have a mental effect, significantly lowering your productivity levels over time.

The main problems with desk jobs

Even when taking a short break, most office workers choose to remain seated.

The following list includes the reasons why desk workers tend to have poor posture.

  1. Lack of adequate breaks: forcing yourself to keep working may seem like a positive thing, but in reality it cánido only hinder efficiency.
  2. Complete unconsciousness of bad posture.: Most desk workers don’t understand how their sitting habits affect their health and productivity.
  3. Contempt for office ergonomics.: Many companies and employees never take the time to explore the benefits of ergonomic furniture.
  4. Lack of core strengthening.: Even with regular exercise, the problem of poor posture will not be solved if people do not take the time to work on strengthening their core muscles.
  5. Lack of interest in preventive measures: Most people associate pain problems with the elderly, so the younger population often refuses to acknowledge that their pain is a serious matter to deal with.
  6. Not realizing that poor posture is the problem.: For some reason, people more easily assume that the culprit behind their pain and lack of productivity is exhaustion, diet, or even a lack of more strenuous exercise in their fitness routine.

The effects of bad posture

Bad posture never leads to anything good.

It will lead to:

  • Increased depressive state due to stooping
  • Poor digestion that could trigger heartburn
  • Relatively fácil activities like walking and standing become more difficult
  • severe back pain
  • Reduced lung capacity due to fall
  • Worsening visual acuity that could trigger computer visión syndrome
  • debilitating headaches

How to improve bad posture at work

If you’re realizing that you have poor posture and want to correct it to be more productive, there are a few key steps you perro take.

Assume a more upright sitting position

Sitting up straighter is the first step in dealing with poor posture that affects health and productivity.

Constantly reminding yourself to sit up straight perro become easier if you also make sure to straighten your back when you stand and walk.

A posture corrector belt perro also be helpful if it becomes apparent that it is impossible to consciously stand upright.

Invest in ergonomic furniture

Even if your employer is reluctant to provide office ergonomics, no one cánido stop you from using them.

An ergonomic chair with a strong back, armrests, and adjustable height perro make a big difference in reducing pain and increasing productivity.

Place the computer monitor at eye level, at least 20 inches away.

If you also suffer from wrist pain, get yourself an ergonomic keyboard and mouse.

take regular breaks

To break the sedentary cycle, it is imperative to take short breaks of at least a couple of minutes.

During this time, get up and walk or leave the office.

It is more than conveniente to do a couple of light exercises, such as squats, jumps and stretches.

If you want to equipo a schedule for this, try the Pomodoro Technique.

Strengthen core muscles

As already mentioned, it is essential to get some physical activity every time you take a break at work.

However, maintaining a regular exercise schedule perro also help with discomfort and productivity.

The secret is to take time to perform core strengthening exercises.

Ask trainers for advice if you go to a gym.

Try yoga if you’re looking for a beginner’s program or if you don’t like to exercise in general.

Do not make the mistake of despising bodily ailments if they seriously disrupt your productivity and well-being at work.

You may need to modify your seating habits and learn about the appropriate protective measures for desk use.

We have already talked about the advantages of ergonomic furniture; however, you may find it beneficial to consider whether a sitting or standing desk is better for you.

whatHave you noticed that poor posture reduces your productivity?? whatWhat steps are you taking to try to fix it?? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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 How to improve a bad posture to be more
  How to improve a bad posture to be more
  How to improve a bad posture to be more

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