How to import products from China to

How to import products from China to

When we think about starting a business, the first thing that comes to mind is sell products.

But if we don’t make them ourselves (as in the case of crafts), what do we do?

Where do we buy them? And most importantly, what places sell all kinds of elementos at cheap prices so that we perro resell them?

Before starting to investigate to write this article, I thought that importing products was something only reserved for the rich and government institutions; but with the Internet, this is no longer the case.

How does it work an import business

Before getting into the bulk of this article, it’s important that you understand the basics of importing. How perro you make money in the “buy and sell” business?

Fácil: you buy something (for example, wristwatches) at a low price, and then you sell it for a higher cost to generate profit.

The golden rule here is buy low, sell higher.

Until a few years ago the problem was that if you were the owner of a small business, you had to buy the elementos in bulk from a large intermediary importer who kept most of the profits.

That is to say: a watch factory (for example) in China sold those products to a large importer for $5; this importer sold those watches to a small owner like you for $10, and that small owner, if he sold each watch for $15, only made $5 of profit.

But all that has changed now with the Internet.

Today, an entrepreneur like you perro buy their products directly from a factory in Chinaeliminating the large importer as an intermediary, and increasing your earnings.

The following image espectáculos better what I orinan and how importing from China now works:

whatBecause China?

if you’re wondering because import from china and not from another country, this is the reason: as you already know, today most products are manufactured in Asiaparticularly in China.

Toys, household elementos, computers, cell phones, and even Apple iPads are now made in China.

If you don’t believe me, take 3 or 4 things that you have around you, and look at their labels.

The shirt I’m wearing right now, the keyboard with which I type these words, and my cell phone, everything is made in china.

China is one of the cheapest manufacturers in the world due to its low production and tarea costs.

And as a result, many of the big brands you know (Apple, HP, etcétera.) make their products through factories and contracts in China.

whatHow to sell imported products?

Once you have gone through the entire process and have the merchandise in your hands, you will only have the easiest part left: selling them.

If you already have a physical store, or are thinking of renting premises to establish your own business, you perro do it right there.

But if you don’t have enough budget for that, open an en línea store and sell your imported products over there.

you cánido even open a fb pageand start selling by that means if you do not have any knowledge to open an en línea store, or if you want to equipo up yours quickly.

whatWhat do you need to start importing from China?

To join this new group of entrepreneurs who are already generating great income with imports, you will only need the following:

  • A computer with internet access
  • A correo electrónico address valid and one valid mailing address from your home or your office in your country where the goods will be sent to you
  • A bit of money in your bank account (we will talk about this later in the article)

That’s all! This means that you cánido buy, order and import all the products you want to sell from the comfort of your home or your desk.

Note that a PO Box is not a valid address to have the products shipped to you.

How to import from China: 8 key questions

I am sure that you will be excited and in a hurry to entrar this world of importation; but before you sit in front of your computer and buy what you need, you should learn eight important keys to succeed in this business.

After reading these eight keys, you will know what are the best and most reliable places to buy your elementos, how to confirm the quality of the products, the payment process, and many other important aspects.

1. Where to buy the products?

Alibaba is the largest Chinese website in existence. to buy all kinds of elementos.

Your sales volume per day (and your profits) is monstrous.

In it there are articles of all kinds: coche parts, clothing, jewelry, even health related products like natural herbs, medical devices, etcétera.

It has a version completely in Spanish, so it will be very easy for you to navigate through it, and the best thing is that you cánido change the currency to see the prices according to the country where you are.

It is an ideal page if you want to start an import business because most of their products are sold wholesalein paquetes of different units.

But there are also other web pages where you cánido make your purchases to import from China:

Another good site to import from China is DHGate, where they sell all kinds of elementos at cheap prices.

2. How do you pay for the products?

Through fácil en línea payment systems, the two web pages that I mentioned above offer a wide variety of payment methods.

Perro make a fácil bank transfer or pay with your card debit or credit.

Yes, the same card with which you buy in physical stores or withdraw money from the ATM.

Quick and easy!

3. What if you get scammed?

Scams and fraud have been a major concern in Internet transactions for a long time.

What happens if the elementos you receive are fake or not as described in the ads?

What happens if you pay for them, but they never ship to you? How cánido you make sure you receive the EXACT products you paid for?

Very good questions! The two web pages that I have recommended to you above in this article have a program called “buyer protection” included in the payment process.

This mechanism, called Escrow, works like this: instead of paying the seller directly, Aliexpress and DHgate “freeze” that payment until you receive your products.

Once received, if you are satisfied with the merchandise, you confirm that everything is correct, and your payment is released, thus reaching the sellers.

It’s a fácil process that ensures that the buyer (you) is never ripped off, and gets what they paid for.

4. How to find good products and sellers?

This is one of the great concerns that people have when buying products in China: thinking that these elementos will be of low quality. How do you know if what you buy is of quality and the buyer is reliable? on Aliexpress and DHgate?

Through opinions and the scoring system.

On each product you buy, there is a tab called “Reviews” where you cánido see what other buyers think of that especial item.

So when you find something that you want to buy to sell, I highly recommend that you always look at those valuations, and that buy only from sellers with an average score of 4 or more points, and 90% positive retroalimentación.

5. How will the products be shipped to you?

Some products on these two pages have the included “free shipping” service to many countries around the world.

Although this option is very attractive, it is also the most time consuming: usually between 15 to 60 days to arrive depending on your country.

Apart from all this long time, it may also be impossible to know where your package is when it is sent.

If security and receiving the goods soon do not matter much to you, this is a good option that will increase your profits a bit.

Other common shipping options on both websites is shipping by private companies such as DHL, EMS, and Fedex.

They are more expensive alternatives, but you will have the security of receiving the elementos sooner and more safely.

Although if you don’t want to be surprised when you receive them, and check that you have to pay customs, the safest option of those three is EMS.

6. What products are the most habitual?

So much aliexpress like DHgate have the most habitual and best-selling products on the internet.

Some of them are Clothes and accessories (both male and female), electronics (photo cameras) and cell phones and accessories (headphones for teléfonos inteligentes, chargers, batteries…).

In recent months, the Hair extensions are gaining special prominence.

Although clothes, cell phones and extensions are very habitual, the best thing is that research the market around youand that you analyze what is the profile of your ideal client to know what you perro sell better to that person.

(Read: How to create the profile of your ideal customer to sell more)

7. How much capital do I need to start?

As you will have already been able to verify if you visit aliexpress or DHgate, many of the products they sell are really cheap.

Not all, but most have very low prices.

In fact, the more units you buy of the same item, the cheaper it will cost you due to the advantages of wholesale.

And remember that the less you pay, the greater the benefits you will get.

You don’t need to rob a bank or go into debt to start this business to import from China. Start with products that cost little and are in high demand in your locality or country.

Use this to test the viability of your business iniciativa and gain confidence in you.

For most products you import, you cánido generate between 50% and 75% profit if you find the right buyers to sell to.

As you gradually earn more income, you cánido start trying other merchandise that costs a little more.

Avoid the temptation to invest a large amount of money at the beginning No matter how exciting the iniciativa may seem to you, unless you already have a business with a good customer base willing to buy your imported products.

8. Will I have problems with customs?

One of the biggest concerns that importers have before starting this business is what will happen when your packages have to go through customswhether or not they will have to pay taxes, and what is the best way to avoid problems with shipping.

Since this is a subject that cánido be somewhat complicated to explain (and that in each country there are different regulatory laws), it is best to ask a customs agent in your country to get adequate information.

Still you have doubts about importing from China?

A few days ago I was looking for other alternatives to these 8 steps to import and I found an ideal solution for people who have never started in this business before nor do they have experience selling over the Internet.

This solution is called import from homeand it is a complete vídeo with which you will learn everything you need to import from China: which pages are the best, how to buy in them, what products are the best to import…

You cánido see the vídeo of this course by clicking here below:

It’s a great step by step guide to generate income with this business, and where they will teach you everything that you need to know from start to finish on imports from China.

What do you think of this business opportunity for import from china? Leave a comment belowshare what you think and your ideas about this type of business or ask the questions you have here in the comment section.

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 How to import products from China to
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