How to identify mistakes and learn from them

How to identify mistakes and learn from them

No one is above mistakes, but how we identify and respond to them makes all the difference. To make a mistake once is human, but making the same mistake the second time espectáculos the need to improve. Being able to handle your mistakes starts with quick identification. In order to grow, you must be able to identify mistakes and learn from them. These are the main types of errors that you should be aware of.

beginner mistakes

This category of fallo is easy to identify and is made while learning something. A good example is learning to drive a car. You will definitely make some mistakes before you get used to it.

Just for humor, a new controlador started his lesson in a park with a car that had a manual transmission. After driving a few meters, the instructor told him to change gear from 1 to 2; the controlador just walked the car around and the instructor asked why. The controlador said: “I want to go back to the starting point to change gear!”. Although the controlador is now an expert truck controlador, he never forgot the foolish rookie mistakes he made while he was learning to drive.

Careless/lazy mistakes

These are mistakes made out of negligence and not out of ignorance. They perro be typical productivity errors, such as typos, omissions, and misspellings. These are real errors, but could have been avoided if more time had been taken to correct before submitting. To underscore the importance of the hotfix, consider the following scenario.

Antes de CristoShoes is a company that sells all kinds of footwear wholesale. The company has several distributors. According to its policy, Antes de CristoShoes issues depósito to its dealers on credit, with dealers remitting money when depósito is depleted.

A distributor, Brown Co., requests depósito from his office, but has yet to send the money for the first shipment. You are the manager of the inventory team. His director ejecutivo, on his way to the office, calls him and tells him not to provide any depósito to Brown Co. before he arrives. He quickly correos electrónicos his team to that effect.

Here is the intended dirección de correo electrónico: “You must NOT supply shares to Brown Co. before the director ejecutivo arrives«. This is what you actually sent: “You guys should supply shares to Brown Co. before the director ejecutivo arrives.”

whatCánido you discern the difference? You left out the word “NO” and sent the exact opposite of the message you intended to send. These kinds of mistakes always have consequences.

ignorant mistakes

These mistakes are made out of ignorance. Although they are afín to beginner’s mistakes, they are different from them. Beginner’s mistakes happen when you’re learning something new, like how to use an aplicación. Ignorant mistakes are the ones you make out of ignorance. An example of an ignorant mistake is targeting grandparents vía Instagram. whathow many of them use it?

Another example of ignorant mistakes is tipping a Chinese man after wonderful service in China. The Chinese do not accept consejos. They believe that advice is given to people who are suffering. But in many other countries, such as the UK, US and Canada, tipping is a way of showing gratitude/appreciation after a great service.

overexertion errors

This type of fallo occurs when you push yourself beyond your limit. Of course, it’s a great iniciativa to keep pushing yourself to do more; however, do not overdo it as it often fails and becomes a pyrrhic victory for you in the long run. When you push yourself too hard, you will push yourself out of your comfort zone and into a danger zone.

A good example is an athlete who tries too hard to win a race, but collapses and passes out a few minutes later. His body couldn’t match the speed and length of the run. Sometimes when a boxer is knocked down and doesn’t get up before the usual count of ten, it’s not because he perro’t hear the count, but because his body isn’t strong enough. He could stand up and win applause, but still lose the match or his life.


mistakes are ineludible. If you’re not making mistakes, you’re probably not trying new things. But always, you need to identify mistakes and, more importantly, learn from them. He fear of mistakesnew experiences and changes have prevented many from reaching their goals. Accept those mistakes but learn from them..

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 How to identify mistakes and learn from them
  How to identify mistakes and learn from them
  How to identify mistakes and learn from them

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