How to have more energy during the day in 20

How to have more energy during the day in 20

If you are one of those who wakes up tired, sleepy and wanting to go back to bed immediately, this 20-minute routine in the morning will teach you how to have more energy

Before I tell you how to do it, ask yourself if the following routine describes your mornings, and you’ll understand why you cánido’t get up early without feeling tired:

You’re sleeping comfortably in your bed until the maddening alarm on your phone starts ringing.

You escoge to put it off for a few minutes (since a few plus minutes of sleep doesn’t hurt anyone). This usually translates into half an hour more sleep which eliminates the possibility of exercising in the morning, as you had promised yourself the night before.

After repeatedly postponing your alarm, you escoge to get out of bed still sleepy, and the first thing you do is look for your phone to check your popular networks and dirección de correo electrónico.

Most likely, this is your morning routine, like many other people’s.

The problem is not that you are sleeping too much, but that you are losing the possibility of preparing yourself to be successful, have better health and learn how to have more energy.

The 20 minutes to learn how to have more energy:

If your goal is to improve your physical condition, feel full of energy and have better results in your work, all you need is 20 minutes in your morning to practice the following four habits.

If you want to learn how to have more energy, you should practice them for 5 minutes, once you get out of bed and start your day.

1. Five minutes of exercise:

What better way to learn how to have more energy during the day than to get up and move?

When you move, this generates emotion and energy throughout your body, thanks to the release of endorphins, which improves your mood and even your mental capacity. In fact, exercise is one of the keys to learning how to be smarter.

Now, when you feel energized from exercise, you begin to radiate positive energy to other people, which improves your environment and positively influences the lives of others.

In case you are thinking that you do not have time in the morning, or that you do not have access to a gym nearby, you perro do it in your own room: you perro do push-ups, squats and sit-ups.

2. Hydrate your body and express gratitude for something you have in your life:

Does gratitude influence your search for how to have more energy? The fact that you get up and express gratitude for all that you have, allows you to start your day with an abundance mindset and not one of scarcity.

Once you are grateful for at least three things that you have in your life, you must hydrate your body. As you know, most of your body is made up of water and after sleeping for 7 hours or more, your body will wake up dehydrated.

Contrary to what many people think (in their search for how to have more energy), it is more important to hydrate before having a coffee, or any type of caffeine.

What are the effects of hydrating in the morning?

Hydration is essential to deliver nutrients to the brain, flush out toxins, and help with creativity, among other things.

So give the necessary importance to the glass of water once you get up, since you will be influencing the increase in your productivity throughout the day.

3. Take five minutes to meditate:

We all know the benefits of meditation, but few of us give ourselves the opportunity to try it. Among its benefits, beyond learning how to have more energy, it helps you with mild depression, insomnia, relieve stress, tiredness, and even in making your decisions.

When you give yourself the opportunity to meditate in the morning, you are not only accessing the aforementioned benefits, but you are able to connect with yourself, see how you are, what you need to improve and what you should focus on.

4. To finish, read your daily affirmation, be clear about your goals and visión:

What is the goal for which you get up to work every day? If your goal is to learn how to be a millionaire, you must remind yourself every morning that this is your goal and equipo tasks that will help you achieve it today.

The importance of this exercise lies in the fact that today’s world is full of distractions, which tend to divert you from your goals, or people who seek to disorient you.

Finally, before finishing this 20-minute routine, look for a phrase or statement that reminds you of what you have done or that motivates you, here are more than 100 success phrases.

Taking the time to repeat these affirmations each morning has a great effect on your happiness and inner peace. This is why you should not only read them, but write them down and say them out loud.

In short, every morning you have the oportunidad to learn how to have more energy. It is in your hands to practice these 4 habits that only take 20 minutes.

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 How to have more energy during the day in 20
  How to have more energy during the day in 20
  How to have more energy during the day in 20

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