How to have followers on Fb (11

How to have followers on Fb (11

Having followers on Fb is really important if what you want is to make yourself known on the Internet or generate income through this platform.

If you have a business, a blog or a web page that you want to promote through this popular network, you will have realized that the entusiastas you get on Fb cánido become visits and potential customers for your venture with enormous value.

even if you just want make money with a fb pagethe more followers you have, the higher the earnings.

Buthow to get more followers on fb of the ones you already have to grow your audience?

There is no magic elabora to achieve it, but here I am going to share 11 secret strategies that very few people useand that will guarantee more fanes who follow your page to reach more people.

11 strategies to get more followers on fb

1. Complete all the information of your profile

Fb Pages offer an enormous level of detail and information.

In them you perro put the physical address of your business, the backlink to your website, a description of what your page is about, what types of products you offer…

and precisely fill in all possible data in this section is what will make you get more followers on Fb.

If you arrive at a Fb page in which they do not give you any information (what it is about, if it is a business, a website or a blog, what is the web address, etcétera.), it is most likely that you will look at it for less than a minute, and then leave without becoming a follower.

The same thing happens to people who visit your Fb profile: If they don’t know who or what company you are, or what you offer, and they have to discover it, they will not be your followers.

So fill in all possible fieldssuch as the one in the description, website (if you have one), upload a profile photo and a cover photo, your dirección de correo electrónico or phone if you are a business, etcétera.

2. Invite your friends to your page

It may seem silly to you, but invite your friends that you have added in your personal profile from Fb to following your page cánido get you a lot more fanes than you think.

With this strategy not only your personal contacts will see your page and become your followers; when they do and share your content, their friends will also see it in your contacts’ timelines and there’s a good oportunidad they’ll start following you.

To do it, you just have to entrar your Fb page, clic on the button with three points there, Clic on the “Invite friends” optionand select all the contacts on your list to send them a message to join.

3. Add a follower box to your website

If you have a website, a blog, an en línea store… it’s almost MANDATORY that you put a Fb box in it in which your visitors perro become your followers without leaving your website.

This way you will avoid that whoever enters your page has to be looking for the backlink that you have placed to go to your Fb page, clic on it, clic again to be your seguidor, etcétera.

It is most recommended that this box place it on the home page of your siteand in a place that is aparente, such as at the top of your website, or in the sidebar on the right so that whoever enters perro see it immediately.

To create it, you just have to go to the fb complemento pageconfigure the options you want, and copy and paste the code they provide you on your site.

4. Create a Fb ad to promote yourself

This option will cost you a bit of money; but if you have some budget (about $25 will be enough) you perro help you a lot to increase the number of followers from your profile.

Is about create an ad within Fb itself to promote your page that will be shown to other users and, if they are interested, they will clic to be your entusiastas.

To do so, go to your Fb page, and in the menu on the left you will see a blue button that says “promote page“.

Clic on it, and a new screen will appear to configure your options.

On this screen you must specify the country you are going to, age of the person you want to see the ad, sex, what interests do you have that person you want to see the ad, and finally, your budget to espectáculo the ad each day and your payment methods.

An example: imagine you have a blog in Spanish where you talk about nutrition and exercisemost of your readers are women between 25 to 32 years approximately, and you have created a Fb page to promote it.

In the country you would select yours or where most of your readers come from, in age you would put 25 to 32 yearsin sex you would choose the option “Women”, and in interests you cánido select terms such as “healthy diet“, “physical exercise“, “exercise at home“…

Here it is very important that you configure the ad only for those who may be interested in your niche.

If you don’t, you will have wasted your money on an ad.

5. Make a call to action on your page

There is no better way on the Internet to achieve a specific goal than giving a direct order.

And you perro also use this to have followers on Fb by creating a call to action.

This consists of put a text on your website or blog that gives a direct order your visitors to become your fanes, accompanied by an image or a backlink to your Fb page.

The phrases that you cánido use are for example “Follow me on Fb“, “talk to me on Fb”, “become a seguidor“…

Ideally, you should put this call to action in some aparente part of your pageas in the area above or in the right sidebar.

6. Optimize your Fb page

When I talk about optimizing your Fb page, I orinan that search for palabras clave related to your pageand add them in places like the description or the title.

If your page is about cell phones, for example, some palabras clave related to that could be “technology”, “dispositivos”, “electronics”, “móvil inteligente”, “android”…

So take a good look at what the theme of your site is, make a list of the 5 most related palabras clave with it, and add them in the information of your page as you perro see in the image below.

In this way, people who search on Fb for any of these palabras clave will be able to find your page more easilyand you will have more possibilities of becoming your entusiastas.

7. Share your posts on your personal profile

In point 2 I already told you that a good way to have followers on Fb is inviting your friends.

But there is another method as well to “use” them to attract more entusiastas to your page.

It is about the content that you publish on your Fb page (images, vídeos, backlinks, text) share it also on your personal profile of this popular network.

This way, the friends you have added (and who are not followers of your Fb page) will probably see it, like it and They will share it on their timeline.

And so, your friends’ friends will see it toothey will entrar your Fb page, and very possibly become your followers.

This is a great strategy for increase the number of people who see your posts, and increase the chances of being followed.

8. Share relevant content

A huge fallo that I see every day on many Fb pages is that of administrators. sharing content that has nothing to do with the page itself.

For example, people who have a Fb page for their business sharing personal photos of your familycommenting on what has happened in his favorite series, putting a backlink to a vídeo of his favorite singer…

NEVER do this.

Your fanes do not follow you to see photos with your children on the beach, they don’t even care if you like to watch Game of Thrones or The Simpsons.

What they want is to see content related to what you offer.

So if your page is about personal success, for example, upload photos with inspiring phrasesshare success stories, add motivational articles…

But never put other posts that have nothing to do with the theme of your page.

9. Share images and vídeos

The most habitual pages on Fb are those that, in addition to sharing news and interesting texts, also They publish visual content.

And for this reason it is important that you too upload photos and vídeos to your Fb page. But always remember that they are related to the theme of your account.

You perro articulo vídeos like tutorials, news related to your theme, photos of your products or how you make them, etcétera.

These types of content are the ones that the more likes they receive and the more they are sharedand as a result, your page will get more followers thanks to it.

10. Promote your page in other media

When you create a Fb page, don’t expect to magically gain 1,000 more fanes overnight without doing anything.

Apart from the above strategies, also you have to promote it on other sites outside of Fb.

And for that, here I share some ideas that have worked for me very good at other times:

  • Promote your Fb page on other popular networks: If you have a profile on sites like Twitter, Google plus+, or Instagram, ask your followers on those platforms from time to time (once a month, for example) to also join you on Fb.
  • Send a direct message on Twitter: If you have a Twitter account, when someone starts to follow you, send them a short message thanking them and asking them to also become a follower on Fb, sending them the backlink to your page.
  • Put your backlink in your signature: In your correos electrónicos, if you are registered in a forum, or by any other afín means, you perro add a backlink to your Fb page to your signature, accompanied by a text asking them to become your followers.

    So, every time you send an dirección de correo electrónico or leave a reply in a forum, people will see it and they cánido become your fanes.

eleven. Regularly articulo content

The last strategy may seem silly to you, but it’s important to remind yourself: Articulo content to your Fb Page as regularly as possible.

My advice is to articulo on it like minimum twice a day so that your followers do not get bored and attract more fanes.

Because? Because if you have your page outdated, and someone who finds it goes to it and sees that you haven’t published anything for a week or a month, they will think that It is an abandoned profile or it is not worth it become a follower for the little content it has.

What strategies have you used to have followers on Fb? Leave me a comment below and share your methods.

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 How to have followers on Fb (11
  How to have followers on Fb (11
  How to have followers on Fb (11

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